Social Media: A Really “Fake World”

Instagram is literally flooded with 10 million hashtags, and pictures captioned “Body Positive.” Yet, we get to hear body-shamming comments everywhere we go.

Body Acceptance: Things That Make It Complex?

Conditions like body dysmorphia make it very difficult to accept our body as it is. Then, of course, there is the media effect which feeds our minds with negativities.

Did We Champion Body Acceptance?

It takes so much time to build our personalities and to wait for somebody to thrash it in one go. This is definitely not the kind of body positivity we talked about.

The Body Positive Movement Coming Into Context

The movement certainly impacted the fashion industry by sabotaging negative body images. Brands like Chi Chi London, ASOS Curve, and Mango started working on plus-size fashion.

Self-value and self-worth are interrelated terms we often come across daily, and they have a relationship with each other. As self-worth increases, an individual is focused on eating and thinking more healthily.

Studies Link Self-Worth With Body Positivity