What Is The Body Positive Movement?

In the world of fashion, body positivity is a burgeoning movement that promotes appreciation and acceptance of different body shapes.

Misconceptions And Criticism Related To The Movement

#1- It paves the way for an unhealthy lifestyle #2- Body positivity excludes certain body types! #3- It associates body positivity with narcissism

Is Embracing Our Own Body A Must?

Absolutely, unless we are not accepting ourselves in the most organic manner, nothing can be done much about body inclusivity!

How To Embrace Ourselves More?

– Beginning with positive affirmations – Surrounding yourself with optimistic thoughts and people – No comparison, no competition is the motto – Communicating with others and building a positive network

How Do Professional Trainers Help In The Overall Scenario?

Apart from maintaining our physical well-being, professional trainers create a personalized fitness plan for us and help us celebrate the uniqueness among us.