Jersey Twist Dress

The jersey twist dress is comfortable and it complements your silhouette. Also, the twisted tailoring near the waistline flatters your figure.

Pleated Midi Dress

This is the ultimate outfit for women with a heavier waistline. The midi length and pleated skirt are great to make your waistline appear less bulkier.

V-Neck Wrap Dress

In a V-neck wrap dress, you have two elements that flatter the silhouette of a curvy woman. The V-neck makes your neck appear elongated. The wrap style always complements different body types.

Tank Maxi Dress

It's time to celebrate your sensuality with a tank maxi dress that suits your curves. You can also layer it with a blazer or jacket to put your best foot forward.

Ruffled Gowns To Look Pretty And Confident

When you can't decide what to wear for a party, choose a ruffled dress. The ruffle detailing will create a camouflaging effect without leaving proper definitions to your curves.