What Is Body Inclusivity?

Body inclusivity simply means celebrating every distinctive body, whether it is overshaped, has stretch marks, or comes in a different color.

Inclusion of Different Body Representations!

Nowadays, with the increasing concerns about body issues, curvy models, petite-figured girls, and even voluptuous females are getting recognition in various realms of life.

What Role Does Social Media Play?

With people of all ages actively seeking the definition of perfect body types, social media actually has a lot of influence on our perception of body type

Some Ways In Which Social Media Impacts Our Notion Of Body Inclusivity

– Setting unrealistic beauty standards – Paving the way for too much comparison and competition – Cyberbullying and spreading hate through the Internet

Becoming more body-inclusive is…

– To start following people with diverse bodies – To lead towards a positive approach – To start embracing your own body type