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Wolf Cut Women Hair Trend 101: 23 Trends To Try In 2023!

Want to try some of the best wolf cut women hairstyles in 2023? If yes, then you have reached the right place for a guide!

There are a number of haircuts that have made it to the list of trendiest hairstyles. However, if there is one thing that needs a special mention, it has to be the wolf cut. If you are looking for the best ways to get a wolf cut done, you will find this article to be of help.

Keep reading till the end to learn more about the same…

23 Best Wolf Cut Women Hairstyles To Try In 2023!

While a lot of people think that wolf haircut is exactly the same as layers, it is not. It is rather a great blend of the mullet and a shag haircut. However, unlike the mullet that needs very short hair, wolf cut is best suited for slightly longer hair.

With a shorter choppy style in the front and a longer choppy cut at the back and the sides. If you are someone who wants to try out this hairstyle, you have reached the right place.

Take a look at some of the best wolf cut women hairstyles that you can try in 2023:

1. Slicked Straight Wolf Cut

Slicked Straight Wolf Cut

The first one on the list is the wolf cut on slicked straight hair. We all know that wolf cut is mostly famous for the messy look that it gives. However, you can also have extremely straight hair, like the one in this image, and still rock the wolf cut trend. It gives a confident and unique look that most of you might be craving for! This style looks best on small and oval faces. So if you are someone who has that, this is something that you need.

2. Wolf Cut Women Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Wolf Cut For Curly Hair

Do you have extremely curly hair that almost looks like noodles? Well, if that is a yes, you can try to have a wolf cut for that as well! While it is true that most of the images that you find on the internet show the picture of a woman with wolf cut hairstyles where the hair is either wavy or straight, there is no rule that you cannot have this style with curly hair!

3. Shaggy Wolf Cut

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Next one on this list is the shaggy cut mixed with wolf cut. If you are looking for the haircut that is as true to the shaggy haircut for women as it is for the wolf cut, then all you need to do is combine them both. And that is all! You will get one of the best hairstyles that is comfortable and easy to style. And the best part is, it looks great on all faces. So, what are you waiting for?

4. Messy Wolf Cut

Messy Wolf Cut

Wolf cut is known for being the best messy hairstyle available on the internet and fashion world at present. In case you are done being the good girl with a cleaner look, and want a total transformation, you can do that by having a messy wolf cut!

5. Do It The Way Miley Did

wolf cut like the pop singer

Want to try the famous look that Miley Cuyrus is known for these days? Well, that is the wolf cut. But no one carries it like Miley does. So, if you are someone who wants to give out the inner bad b*tch vibe, try to style your wolf cut like the pop singer!

6. Wavy Wolf Cut For Women

Wavy Wolf Cut For Women

If your hair is naturally wavy and you want to put more emphasis on that style, you can do that with a wolf cut. The wolf cut adds more volume to your wavy hair making you look drop dead gorgeous.

7. Unique Wolf Haircut For Women

Unique Wolf Haircut For Women

Well, there are a number of ways in which you can make your style unique, but nothing beats this wolf cut look! Want to make sure that people turn their heads as you pass by them? In that case, you might want to try this style for a change.

8. Textured Wolf Hairstyle

Textured Wolf Hairstyle

A wolf cut women hairstyle is all about textures. If you are someone who wants to try a new and messy look, try the textured wolf cut for a change. This looks gorgeous on all skin colors and face cuts.

9. Short Wolf Cut With Fringe

Short Wolf Cut With Fringe

Do you have short hair and want to try a wolf cut for women? Well, you can do that with grace! Take this one for example. Get yourself some fringes and make that cute little hair of yours pop.

10. Straight Hair Wolf Cut Women Hairstyle

Straight Hair Wolf Cut

While it is true that most wolf cut pictures that you come across on the internet are the ones with shaggy and messy hair, you can also go for the straight hair look with a wolf cut. Take a cue from this one, for example.

11. Black Wolf Haircut

Black Wolf Haircut

Who said wolf cut needs to be brown? A true werewolf is always black! So style your virgin black hair like a true wolf and keep the world at your feet as you strut the streets with confidence.

12. Style It Like Camila Cabello

Style It Like Camila Cabello

Camila never disappoints. Be it her songs or her style, she has always been spot on. And when she tried the new wolf cut, the internet went all gaga over how great she looked! With a balayage hairstyle, she looks like a diva. You agree with that, don’t you?

13. Soft Curls For Wolf Cut

Soft Curls For Wolf Cut

Soft curls can never go out of style! And this statement holds true even in the case of wolf cut. Take a cue from this image right here and style your hair like so that you can be one with the spirit of the forest!

14. Cute But Fiery Wolf Cut Like Selena

Cute But Fiery Wolf Cut Like Selena

If you want to try a wolf cut to make yourself look fiery and a badass woman, but also do not want to let go of the cute side of yours. You can do that by trying out this soft curl look like the Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself singer did!

15. Wolf Cut For Brunettes

Wolf Cut For Brunettes

Whether you have a round face or an oval face, wolf cuts can do justice to you! And there is no point in arguing if you are a brunette. This color tends to be on the browner side and hence makes the entire look very natural.

16. Pixie And Wolf Cut Combined

Pixie And Wolf Cut Combined

While we all know that pixie haircut has been trending for a few years now, this style combined with the wolf cut is an absolute favorite of most people on tik tok these days. It not only makes you look confident and a total badass. This hairstyle is one of the best options for choppy short hairstyles for thick hair.

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17. Add Volume Like Jeniffer Aniston

Add Volume Like Jeniffer Aniston

No matter what you say, our Rachel did it first! Add volume to your wolf cut hair like Jennifer Aniston did in her younger days. This looks great on almost all face types and hair length. All you need to do is ensure that you part your hair the right way!

18. Auburn Wolf Cut

Auburn Wolf Cut

If the color of your hair is naturally dark chocolate or auburn, you might want to try the wolf cut as well. As the color of the hair comes very close to the actual color of a wolf, this looks great on almost all face types.

19. Cute Fringes With Jenna Ortega’s Wolf Cut

Jenna Ortega’s Wolf Cut

Jenna Ortega and her style has become popular these days. So if you are a fan and want to try to be like her in terms of hairstyle, you can try her look from the Met Gala. This hairstyle looks great with long or medium length hair. And to add to the cuteness meter, just style it with some colorful clip ons!

20. Short Bob With Wolf Cut

Short Bob With Wolf Cut

Popular in the eastern countries, wolf cut women hairstyles on short bob haircuts are currently trending and how! This hairstyle looks great if you have a small and round face. And did I mention that you will look super cute in this one?

21. Long Hair Soft Wolf Cut Like Ciara

Wolf Cut Like Ciara

Ciara knows how to style her hair like an absolute queen. Take a cue from her if you have long hair and want to have a wolf cut. This soft wolf cut look is everything that one can ask for.

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22. Tousled Wolf Cut For Short Hair

Tousled Wolf Cut

The Wednesday star did it again! Ortega flaunted her new hairstyle in her Instagram post. And does she not look great in this tousled wolf cut? If you are someone with short hair, this becomes a must-try!

23. Symmetrical Wolf Cut

Symmetrical Wolf Cut

The last one on this list of the best wolf cut women hairstyles to try is the symmetrical wolf cut. While this trendy hairstyle is often only thought of to be shaggy and messy, you can also style it your way and ask your hairdresser to make the cuts symmetrical.

Is Wolf Cut Women’s Hairstyle Same As A Shaggy Cut?

Oops! I just heard a woman at the salon last week arguing that a wolf cut and a shaggy cut are the same.

I was there for a haircut and had to convince her that both were not the same. She got annoyed. But I can’t help! These two are related but different.

Nevertheless, let’s get to the point without much ado. 

Similarities Between Shaggy Haircut And Wolf Cut Women’s Hair

The shag haircut has inspired wolf haircut for women to a great extent. At the same time, both are great for adding texture and volume to a haircut.

These hairstyles add a lot of volume to the hair with layers, and the crown also looks voluminous. Toward the end, these hairstyles lend a thinning finish.

In addition, both hairstyles are very versatile and can make a sea of difference to your appearance with the right styling. 

Difference Between These Two Cuts

Despite these similarities, these are different as you assess the final outcome of the cuts. I find wolf cuts more defining, and there is more clarity in the overall pattern. 

In a shaggy haircut, you will notice that sometimes it’s hard to separate the hair at the top and bottom. But in a wolf cut, there is a clear distinction between the lengths of the tresses at the top and bottom.

At the same time, a wolf cut for women, thanks to a close association with a mullet hairstyle, is choppier toward the end. 

How Can You Style Wolf Cut Women To Make A Statement?

Want to make the most of a wolf haircut? Keep the following tips in mind. 

Go For Texture In Your Wolf Cut

The beauty of the wolf haircut for women lies in its carefully kept messy look. So, the more you embrace the texture or play with it, the merrier it is for the overall appearance.

In other words, optimizing the natural texture of your hair is very important if you want to go for a tousled or shaggy wolf cut.

If you already have wavy or curly hair, you have an edge. You can enhance them with a wolf cut. For the best effect, try a hair styling mousse. The mousse will also make your hair look voluminous. 

Choose The Bangs That Complement Your Face

You should choose the style of bangs according to your face type. Got a square face? Go for curtain bangs. Side-swept bangs will look great on round faces.

Wrapping It Up!

In case you were in search of some of the best wolf cut women hairstyles to try in 2023, I hope that this style guide has provided you with enough options to choose from. If there are any other things that you would like to try and want to know about, do not hesitate to comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

Do not forget to share what you felt about this guide and what other options you would like to add to the list. I will be ready with all the answers! Till then, stay in style!

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