avocado toast
avocado toast

7 Best Avocado Toast Ideas That Go Way Beyond Basic

You must be tired of people constantly posting pictures of their avocado toast on Instagram, while you don’t even know how it tastes. Well, there is an easy way to solve your problem. 

Here are a few great avocado toast ideas and recipes that you might wanna try out for yourself. So if you wanna check out these avocado toast recipe ideas, then all you need to do is scroll through the article below. 

How To Make The Best Avocado Toast?

How To Make The Best Avocado Toast

“If you are a stranger to avocado toast, you’ve been missing out and we must remedy this situation as soon as possible.”

“If you’re well-familiar with the joy of avocado toast, I hope you find some helpful tips ans some fun new ways to change up your toast.”

  1. Pick Great Quality Avocados

“You want ripe but not over-ripe ass avocados. Look for avocados that yield a bit to a gentle squeeze, but avoid using avocados that are mushy or stringy on the inside. If you run into any bruised or brown bits when you cut them open, scoop those out and discard before mashing the rest.”

  1. Buy Good Bread And Toast It Well

“I think sturdy, thick-sliced, whole grain bread makes the best avocado toast. Golden, well-toasted bread offers a sturdy base and a crisp, shattering contrast against the creamy avocado.”

  1. Mash Your Avocado Separately 

“Mashed avocado is more creamy and luxurious than sliced avocado (think guacamole vs. plain avocado). But don’t mash it on the toast! You risk poking holes in your toast or smashing it. Cut your avocados in half, remove the pit, scoop the flesh into a bowl or onto the side of your plate, and mash it up with a fork.”

  1. Add Salt As Per Taste

“You’ll want to mix in at least a pinch of salt per avocado half. Bonus point? Finish your avocado toast with a light sprinkle of flaky sea salt.”

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Classic Avocado Toast Recipe

Classic Avocado Toast Recipe

Now, before I show a few great variations of avocado toast, here is a classic avocado toast recipe that you can definitely get behind and try out for yourself. So, if you are making avocado toast for the first time, then you can surely try this recipe out for yourself. 

Prep Time 3 mins
Cook Time2 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Yield1 slice
CategoryBreakfast, Snack


Here are the ingredients that you will require to make this classic avocado toast for yourself. So, add this list to your shopping list and buy them fresh from your local farmers market.  

  • ½ ripe avocado
  • 1 slice of toasted bread
  • A pinch of salt


Now that you have bought all the items that you will require to make this avocado toast then it’s time to make the toast as delicious as possible. So, all you need to do is scroll down the article to see the cooking instructions for the avocado toast. 

  • Toast the slice of bread you have until firm and golden.
  • Remove the pit of the avocado from the avocado you have. “Use a big spoon to scoop out the flesh. Put it in a bowl and mash it up with a fork until it’s as smooth as you like it. Mix in a pinch of salt (about ⅛ teaspoon) and add more to taste, if desired.”
  • Now spread the avocado on your toast, add a pinch of salt as per your taste, and enjoy your avocado toast. 
  • If you want, you can add a few add-ons on top of your toast, such as veggies, egg, bacon, and tuna.  

Nutritional Facts 

It is important to know the nutritional value of everything you are consuming, especially if you are on a diet or have certain dietary restrictions. So here are the nutritional facts when it comes to avocado toast. 

Saturated Fat2.4gPolyunsaturated Fat2g
Trans Fat0.3gMonounsaturated Fat10.3g
Cholesterol0mgDietary Fiber8.6g
Total Carbohydrate21.4gProtein6.1g
Vitamin A1%Vitamin E15%
Vitamin D0%Vitamin B60%
Vitamin C11%Vitamin B120%
Calcium3%Vitamin K29%
Zinc 11%Phosphorus10%
Riboflavin (B2)16%Niacin (B3)20%
Thiamin (B1)13%Folic Acid (B9)24%

7 Best Avocado Toast Ideas 

“Avocado toast has just the right amount of good-for-you fats and energizing carbs. Plus the fact that putting it together takes less than five minutes makes it pretty much the perfect breakfast. And as we’ve learned over the past couple of years, avocado toast recipes are here to stay.”

“Ahead, you’ll find all kinds of variations on avocado toast recipes. Whether you’re looking for easy breakfast recipes, weekend brunch recipes, or a good ‘ole midday snack, you’ll find a new favorite or two (or three!) in these 15 avocado toast recipes. You can thank me later.”

1. Sunday Night Avocado Toast With A Jammy Egg

Sunday Night Avocado Toast With A Jammy Egg

“This may look basic at first glance, but there are a couple of elements here that take these toasts to the next level. First: you’ve got to get your eggs just right. I prefer an 8-minute egg that results in a jammy yolk that’s not too runny.”

  • What We Love

“This recipe is basic avocado toast kicked up a notch. With those juicy tomatoes, you’re getting incredible flavor throughout that’s enhanced by that mouthwatering jammy egg and everything bagel seasoning. I mean, just look at it.”

  • Key Ingredient

The eggs are definitely the selling point of this avocado toast. Eggs are the most common topping that is often added on top of avocado toast to add a little more flavor to it. 

Eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious foods to incorporate into your daily diet. Here are 9 Creative Ways To Incorporate Eggs Into Your Everyday Meals.

2. Avocado Toast With Kale Pesto And Crunchy Veggies

Avocado Toast With Kale Pesto And Crunchy Veggies

“This recipe is super simple, it doesn’t require any complicated tools. However, if you’re looking to make the kale pesto from scratch a food processor is recommended.” 

“If you don’t have a food processor on hand, not worry, any blender will do the trick! We recommend making the kale pesto on your weekend meal-prep and having it handy to make this recipe a breeze.”

  • What We Love

“The recipe is avocado toast but with an upgrade that’s welcome and appreciated. You can use any herbs you have on hand, but basil, mint, chives, and cilantro are some suggestions.”

  • Key Ingredient 

The flavor of the kale pesto surely elevated the taste of this avocado toast. The pesto is a bit garlicky and nutty at the same time, which adds a lot of flavor to the toast. 

3. Avocado Toast With Egg & Frisée

Avocado Toast With Egg & Frisée

“Breakfast is a very special meal in my home and not just because I have a fondness for eggs.  I love a lazy Saturday and Sunday brunch, leisurely eaten at home with countless cups of fresh coffee.”  

“As much as I try to vary my meals, my go-to is always avocado toast with an egg.  It’s a combination that never gets old and has countless combinations.  This time, I added frisee, and a great whole-grain mustard for some extra tang.”

  • What We Love

“It takes all the familiar avocado toast components and shakes them up with peppery frisée and spicy stone ground mustard. Plus, a classic fried egg laid over top gives this toast the perfect amount of ooze to warm your soul.”

  • Key Ingredient

The addition of mustard is definitely the key ingredient. The stone ground mustard gives that additional klick that was needed to this avocado toast. 

4. Tuna & Avocado Toast With Oven-Roasted Tomatoes And Pesto

Tuna & Avocado Toast With Oven-Roasted Tomatoes And Pesto

“This tuna and avocado toast is summer on toasted sourdough, and I’ve been devouring it weekly these days. Hope you give it a try, and let me know in the comments how it goes! And if you share on Instagram, be sure to tag me so I can see your creation.”

  • What We Love

“Toasted sourdough gets smeared with kale pesto, mashed avocado, crisp cucumber, garlicky roasted tomatoes, oil-packed tuna, and a handful of fresh basil to create something truly magical.” 

“On top of all that flavor, this recipe is packed with healthy fat and protein, which will help keep you satisfied longer. This one is on my weekday lunch calendar, and I highly encourage you to give it a try. You won’t regret it.”

  • Key Ingredient

With the tuna and avocado toast, the fresh basil definitely takes the crown. Add the basil just before serving it that way, it will stay fresh and aromatic. 

5. Avocado Toast Bar

Avocado Toast Bar

“From a bagel brunch bar to an Instagram-worthy flatbread party, this type of interactive meal makes things easy on the host and gives guests a fun activity that gets them chatting with each other.”

  • What We Love 

“ Make it a reality at your next brunch by choosing your favorite toppings, setting the stage, and having everyone dig in to craft their own creations.” 

“A few fun topping ideas are watermelon radishes, chickpeas, beets, sprouts, fresh lemon juice, and red pepper flakes. Only half of the fun lies in creating your own—that other half is reserved for finding out what your guests made.”

  • Key Ingredient 

The best part is you can easily customize the ingredients and toppings of the avocado bar. It is a great party snack since you can customize each of the toppings and make it interesting. 

“To make things easier on yourself, you can prep all of your toppings ahead of time so all that’s left to do when you’re ready to serve is slice those avocados and toast some bread!”

6. Avocado Wasa Cracker Breakfast Toast

Avocado Wasa Cracker Breakfast Toast

“Enjoy the crunch of Wasa with a tasty combo of egg and avodado. A tasty breakfast or lunch!”

  • What We Love

“All you have to do is lay out a few multigrain crackers of your choosing, top with eggs and radish, and finish each cracker off with olive oil, fresh dill, and red pepper flakes.” 

“Once you’ve done that, you’ve got a crunchy and sustainable meal or snack for any time of day. The best part? It only takes about ten minutes.”

  • Key Ingredient

Add a few sprinkles of red pepper flakes on top of the avocado toast; it will give an additional kick to your avocado toast.

7. Smashed Avocado Toast

Smashed Avocado Toast

“This recipe does not yield your average, #basic avocado toast. It’s chunky, whole avocado spread across deliciously toasted whole wheat bread, drizzled with olive oil and topped with chili flakes.” 

“This is a Two Hands NYC brunch staple, and for good reaso. Seriously, New Yorkers will wait an hour plus line for brunch at this laid-back Aussie joint smack dab in the middle of NYC. Cheers, mates!”

  • What We Love 

“At its core, it’s just like any of the other avocado toast recipes you know and love, which start with a base of thick-sliced, crusty sourdough bread smeared with mashed avocado. But as we advance to the toppings, things get interesting.” 

“In addition to perfectly poached eggs, this toast houses pickled red onions, pickled or fresh Fresno chiles, salty pepitas, and a handful of mixed fresh herbs. It’s a combination you won’t want to miss.”

  • Key Ingredient

The key ingredient that makes the difference is the red pepper flake being swapped with thinly sliced Fresno chilies. For those who love hot food, the chili will give extra heat to the avocado toast.

Tips For Your Avocado Toast

Tips For Your Avocado Toast

When it comes to avocado toast, if you wanna make your avocado toast a bit different, then here are a few things that you can add to your toast to make it taste better.

  • Put An Egg On Your Toast 

“I personally love to top my avocado toast with a fried egg for extra protein. You can do a poached egg or scrambled egg if you prefer.”

  • Add Fresh Herbed Sauces Or Leafy Herbs

“Chopped fresh basil, cilantro, dill or parsley are all good with avocado. So is a drizzle of pesto, zhoug sauce (spicy cilantro sauce), or chimichurri.”

  • Add Garlic to your Avocado Toast

“Lightly rub a peeled raw garlic clove over the top of your toast before adding the avocado, or mix a tiny pinch of garlic powder into the avocado.”

  • Extra Toppings

“Quick-pickled onions or radishes or  jalapeños, your favorite hot sauce, or a sprinkled of sliced cherry tomatoes”

Avocado Toast Variations

Avocado Toast Variations

When it comes to my personal favorite avocado toast variations, here are a few ideas that come to my mind. If you wanna try these variations out, then be my guest.

  1. Everything Bagel Avocado Toast

“Add a generous sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning on top of your avocado toast. Make your own with my everything bagel blend recipe, or buy it at Trader Joe’s or Williams-Sonoma. These seasonings tend to be salty, so be careful not to over-salt your avocado.”

  1. Loaded Avocado Toast

“Mix chopped fresh radish, green onion, jalapeño (seeds and ribs removed) and toasted sunflower seeds. Sprinkle generously on your toast.”

  1. Tomato-Basil Avocado Toast With Balsamic Drizzle

“If you have great tomatoes on hand, this is delicious. Top your avocado toast with sliced tomato, add a light drizzle of high-quality thick balsamic vinegar or designated balsamic glaze, and some torn fresh basil leaves.”

  1. Cafe Gitane-Style Avocado Toast  

“This NYC café supposedly started the avocado toast trend. Spread a thick layer of mashed avocado over your toast, spread it so it’s smooth and mounded, then drizzle with 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and a generous sprinkle of red pepper flakes and flaky salt.”

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go; these are a few of the avocado toast ideas and recipes that you can try out for yourself. 

I don’t have to tell you how popular avocado toast is becoming everywhere right now. So it’s high time that you try these recipes out for yourself; now, if you liked this article, then give this article a like and comment down below as well.

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