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Do You Want To Pick The Best Plus Size Sports Bra For You? (Make The Right Choice)

The best plus size sports bra can make your workout sessions more comfortable and convenient. Further, if you have a perfectly fitted sports bra, it will also boost your confidence level. 

Further, the right sports bra will offer full coverage to your breasts. It will not hurt or pinch your skin. In addition, wearing the right sports bra is important during workouts to avoid major problems like pain and strain in the back and tissue damage.

So, do you want to have the best sports bra for you? Know how you will choose them and explore some sexy styles to celebrate your femininity. 

How Does The Best Plus Size Sports Bra Ensure A Proper Fit?

While choosing the best plus size sports bra, you need to be sure that it fits you well. An ill-fitted sports bra can be the most uncomfortable thing during your exercise sessions. So, let’s explore how you will pick the right fit for you.

The Sports Bra Should Not Fit You Tightly

The Sports Bra Should Not Fit You Tightly

While picking the best sports bra for you, you must go for a snug fit. To be more specific, the band in your sports bra supports your boobs. So, go for a trial whenever you buy a sports bra. 

The band should not be loose or tight. If you wear a tight sports bra, you will face difficulty in breathing. Also, there will be painful creases or marks on your skin. 

How do I know whether a sports bra fits me properly or not? Wear the bra and check whether you can insert two fingers between your chest and the bra. If you cannot insert your fingers, the bra is tight and uncomfortable for you.

The Cups Must Offer Proper Support To Your Boobs

The Cups Must Offer Proper Support To Your Boobs

You need to choose a plus-size sports bra that will offer maximum support to your boobs. A bra only offers the right support when you choose the cup sizes perfectly.

If you pick a cup size that is bigger than your boobs, there will be wrinkles and gaps. At the same time, if you pick a smaller cup size for your boobs, those will overflow. Wearing a bra with a smaller cup size has many other disadvantages. 

The best plus size sports bra will cover your boobs fully. Further, when the boobs are covered properly, there is no unwanted bounce, and that’s the primary function of a sports bra.

The Shoulder Straps Must Ensure A Proper Fit

The Shoulder Straps Must Ensure A Proper Fit

You have to consider two aspects while checking the right fit for shoulder straps. First, you have to make sure that the straps do not sit very tightly on your shoulders. If this happens, wearing a sports bra will be a painful experience. 

You can go for a double finger test to ensure that the bra you wear does not dig into your shoulders or create marks. Try inserting your two fingers between your shoulders and the bra straps. If the fingers get inserted properly, the bra is a good fit for you.

At the same time, the bra straps should not fall off your shoulders. Now, why do the bra straps fall off? There can be multiple reasons behind it.

  • You have not done a proper trial.
  • There is a problem in adjusting the fitting of the bra straps.
  • You have picked a bigger cup size for your bra. If the boobs are inside the bra cups, they will cause the bra straps to fall off your shoulders.

In addition, we often fail to pick the right sports bra for us according to our body shape. For example, you can be a plus-size woman with a short torso and narrow shoulders. The bra straps will tend to fall off more frequently.

You can choose a racerback-style sports bra or a convertible one to ensure that the straps do not slip during workouts.

The Underwire Of The Bra Needs To Be Comfortable

The Underwire Of The Bra Needs To Be Comfortable

The underwire of your bra will be truly comfortable for you if you pick the cup size right. If the cup size of your bra is smaller than ideal, the underwire will sit uncomfortably on your lower breasts. This is going to pose a massive or painful problem with skin creases and peskiness. 

At the same time, if you choose a sports bra that has bigger cup sizes, the underwire will not sit properly. In such cases, the underwire can break out and become pokey. 

You Can Wear The Bra With Its Loosest Hooks

You Can Wear The Bra With Its Loosest Hooks

You have to understand that your daily fitness regime will put a lot of strain on the sports bra you wear. When you especially take part in high-intensity or strenuous workouts, there are chances of wear and tear.

Wear and tear is not much of a problem if you are investing in a good sports bra from a renowned brand. However, you cannot avoid the stretch the bra will face. With the bra getting stretched, there will be a change in its fitting. 

The smartest way to choose a well-fitted plus size bra is to go for the one that offers you the best fit on the loosest buttons/hooks. When the sports bra is stretched and becomes loose, you can adjust the fit with tighter buttons/hooks.  

In this way, a sports bra will remain eligible for use on a long-term basis. 

There Should Not Be Any Chafing

There Should Not Be Any Chafing

Even if you buy the best sports bras, chafing can happen. Chafing is a painful experience, and it can lead to severe skin issues. 

To avoid chafing, you can follow the things mentioned below.

  • Pick the right bra size. 
  • Go for the encapsulation style for the part of the sports bra that separates your boobs and offers support to each boob properly.
  • Choose a seam-free band that will prevent rubbing or skin irritations.
  • Finally, try getting the best plus size sports bra made of a moisture-wicking fabric. You are going to shed some sweat after every workout session. If you are wearing a bra that keeps sweats away, there will be very few chances of chafing. 

You Need To Be Particular About Washing The Bra

You Need To Be Particular About Washing The Bra

How you wash your bra determines how its shape is going to be maintained. An incorrect washing pattern can ruin the elasticity of a sports bra. With deteriorated elasticity, the bra will not be able to offer your bust proper support.

To ensure that the washing mechanism does not impact the quality and longevity of the bra, you can follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Cool water and mild detergent should be used to wash all sports bras. Further, those should be dried flat in partially shaded areas for better color and shape retention. 

Between Your Breasts, The Bra Should Remain Flat

Between Your Breasts, The Bra Should Remain Flat

If you wear an underwired sports bra, it should sit flat on your torso. When the bra sits flatly on your torso, it is an indication of a great fit. If the bra does not sit on your torso properly, it means that you have an ill-fitted bra.

If the cup size of your bra is bigger, its underwire will have a loose fit. At the same time, when you pick a bra that is too tight to wear, it will dig deep and will not sit flat. 

Now that you are aware of how you will choose the best plus size sports bra for you, let’s explore some different design variations and how to style them. 

What Is The Best Plus Size Sports Bra For You?

What Is The Best Plus Size Sports Bra For You?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your present sports bra? Do the straps fall off or sit very tightly on your skin? You definitely need a change in the sports bra you are wearing. 

Here, I have curated the best plus size sports bra variations for a diva like you.

Best Plus Size Sports Bra With A Full-Coverage Neckline And Wide Band

If you want complete support for your bust, you must choose a sports bra that comes with a full-coverage neckline. You can pick a sports bra in this style, tailored with spandex or polyester fabric. These fabrics will lend your sports bra some much-needed moisture-wicking properties

The wide bands of the sports bra will further ensure a snug fit. There will not be ugly lumps or bulges overflowing. 

You can check out a sports bra in a similar style in SuperFit Hero’s collection of plus size sports bras. For extra comfort and convenience, you can especially explore this brand’s plus size sports bras with a racerback style. 

Plus Size Sports Bra With Molded Cups

Brands like Under Armour are now designing the coolest plus size sports bras that offer medium coverage. I especially love the ones that come with molded cups and a full-coverage neckline.

The molded cups maintain the shape and full coverage of the bust. So, you will not have to be bothered about overflowing bulges or the bra sitting tightly on your skin. 

Further, when you pick a sports bra with these features, you have your go-to outfit for medium-intensity exercises. You can comfortably attend your Zumba sessions or do light jogging by wearing these sports bras. 

Another great thing about this sports bra is that you can integrate it into your casual staples. Layer the sports bra with regular button-down shirts or shrugs while heading for a casual hangout. You can team your sports bra and a button-down shirt with compression leggings or sweatpants to look sexy and stylish. 

Plus Size Sports Bra With Encapsulated Cups 

Do you know why is getting sports bras with encapsulated cups a great choice for you? Encapsulated cups reduce the chances of chafing. Further, these cups offer full coverage and support to your boobs. 

Also, thanks to the encapsulated cups, these sports bras are suitable for wearing during intense physical exercises. 

However, keep one thing in mind while picking the best plus size sports bra with encapsulated cups. These cups may be slightly smaller. So, it is always a smart practice to choose a sports bra with one size up cup size. 

The Best Plus Size Sports Bra With Convertible Straps 

Do your bra straps tend to slip off when you do boxing and lift weights? You can choose the best plus size sports bra with convertible straps. These convertible straps with adjusting properties will ensure a snug fit of the straps on your shoulders.

So those straps will not fall off, and they will not pinch your skin. Further, sports bras with convertible and adjustable straps get easily integrated into your activewear collection.

You can wear it as a standout essential during workouts. At the same time, thanks to the tailored fit it offers, you can wear it beneath any regular or workout top. 

In addition, if you love layering, you can wear the sports bra with convertible straps and later it with an open-front shrug or jacket.  

Are you looking for similar designs? You can always check the plus size sports bra collections of Lane Bryant. You will especially love the ones that come with convertible straps. 

Cropped Bra For Plus Size Women 

If you want a snug fit and full coverage for your boobs, you can choose a cropped bra with racerback design. The racerback design of the bra will ensure that the straps will not fall off your shoulders. 

Also, thanks to the full coverage of your bust, this bra will offer proper support. This sports bra will double as a loungewear and casual staple. Wear it with jeans, sweatpants, pajamas and absolutely anything you want. 

Final Words 

Wearing the best plus size sports bra during your workout sessions is not just a fashion statement to make. It’s about convenience, comfort, and proper support for your bust. 

A sports bra that offers full coverage and stops your boobs from bouncing during workout sessions. It will also reduce the chances of back pain and strain. 

To cut a long story short, choose a plus size sports bra that offers a snug fit and has moisture-wicking properties. To have the best ideas, you can check out our collection of sports bras. Do you have other bra collections in your mind? Don’t forget to share!

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