Top 10 Butterfly Locs Hairstyle Ideas That Elevate Your Looks
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Top 10 Butterfly Locs Hairstyle Ideas That Elevate Your Looks

“Life is too short to have boring have.” So by that mantra, it is important to have fun and exciting looking hair. And if you are someone who is blessed with beautiful long, and thick hair, you can basically do anything with your hair and have any hairstyle that you want.

If you are looking for exciting hairstyles, one of the most exciting of those hairstyles is the butterfly locs. If you don’t know much about these, then keep on scrolling through this article to learn more about the butterfly locs.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about all the styles you can do with beautiful butterfly locs. So if you wanna know all the styles that you can do, keep on reading through this article.

Half Up, Half Down Butterfly Locs  

“Do you have naturally curly hair?” If you have beautiful natural curls and also want that perfect butterfly locs, then this style of half up, half down butterfly locs are perfect for your hair.

This bun style of hairdo is great for any occasion or event you are going to since it’s very trendy and chic at the same time.

Butterfly Faux Locs Hairstyles  

“Missing some fun in your life?” In case you have shorter hair, then you can attach or weave faux hair with your original hair and make it longer. That way, you can also add colored hair butterfly locs to your hair to make it shine and pop.

While you are matching color with your hair, make sure that it is a color that matches with your skin tone and not a color that looks bad with your skin tone.

Butterfly Locs In A Ponytail  

Now if you are working, then you might wanna have butterfly locs that will look great with formal wear and professional environments.

Leaving your hair open for such situations might not be the best thing that you should consider. So tie up your hair in a beautiful butterfly locs ponytail style to make it work appropriate. These ponytails will look great on anyone, no matter their age.

Long Butterfly Locs Hair Idea  

If suppose you have beautiful long blonde hair and if you decide on having butterfly locs, then then the locs would look very beautiful.

You can then styler the hair in any fashion you like, either leave it open or tie it in a sleek ponytail hairstyle.

No matter the hairstyle, your locs are gonna look great, even better if they have yellowish undertones to the blonde color.

Red Butterfly Locs For Women  

“Look cute and sexy at the same time with these fiery locs!” If you are willing to get colored butterfly locs then get them in something a bit brighter. So if you are up for it, then you should definitely go for a fiery red color on your butterfly locs.

Goddess Braids Butterfly Locs  

“TURN ON your Goddess mode with this butterfly loc idea!” To turn on the inner goddess, then turn your butterfly locs into different looks and a head turner. Butterfly locs are very versatile in their styling, and that’s why you can do anything you want with them.

Distressed Butterfly Locs In A Bohemian Style  

The distressed hairstyle is getting more and more fan following since this type of hairstyle can be done on any hair.

That is why if you are getting butterfly locs, then get them a little bit distressed. The distressed texture actually protects the ends of the hair from getting damaged.

Beautiful Blue Butterfly Braids  

“Do you want a lolita or anime-inspired hairstyle?” Well, it is possible that you don’t want red butterfly locs.

In that case, you can take a huge risk and color your locs a beautiful blue color.

That way, you will look like a beautiful fairy with beautiful blue hair.

Shoulder Length Butterfly Locs  

“Not into either short locs or long locs?” It is quite possible that you don’t like to have too long hair or too short hair, so in that case, what are you going to do?

Well, why not compromise and get shoulder length hair, but get them I’m butterfly locs. That way, your hair will look beautiful and not at all like any shoulder length hair looks.

White Jumbo Butterfly Locs  

Sometimes people like to mix and match hair textures and colors, so to do that, the safest bet would be to add white to your hair color.

White butterfly locs look good with any hair color. And to make it look a bit wild, get them all distressed and fluffed out.

Wrapping Up!  

Now that you are aware of what exactly butterfly locs are, so now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to have these beautiful locs braided into your hair. As you have seen on this list that there is a lot of these butterfly locs styles that you can do.

So if you like any of these looks, then try them out for yourself. And if you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below.

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