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What Could Be Causing My Breakouts?

Puberty hits, and so do a bunch of acne and breakouts. We often blame hormones for a skin breakout. But is that all? We have devised a range of reasons that might contribute to the growth of acne on your smooth skin

Acne can strike anyone at any time. Various factors cause it; some, like genetics, that you can’t control, and others that you can. Understanding those factors can help you develop a solid skin care foundation to get acne under control. 

Make sure you go through this blog till the end and discover the factors that make your skin a home of acne. 

Not Having Clean Pillowcases & Phones

Not Having Clean Pillowcases & Phones

Think about this: You put both of these items against your face for hours every single day. That leaves plenty of opportunity for dirt, oil, bacteria — and a whole lot of other gross stuff — to get on your skin. All of those contribute to acne. 

Washing your pillowcases at least weekly, if not more often, is generally recommended. If you regularly go to bed with makeup on or without washing your face, you may want to wash them every few days. Using a hot water setting can help kill any pathogens lurking in the material.

Your cell phone is a whole other story. If you are like most people, it probably goes everywhere with you. That includes places, like the kitchen and bathroom, where germs are prevalent. Make it a habit to wipe it down daily using an appropriate cleaner like an alcohol-based disinfectant.

Skincare Products You Are Using

How you care for your skin makes a big difference in how it looks, feels, and ages. Proper care can help limit breakouts and reduce the severity of the ones you do experience. Additionally, the sooner you develop a healthy skincare routine, the sooner you begin taking control of acne. Here’s what you need to know.

Do not use soap on your face. Daily cleansing with a gentle product designed for your skin type is crucial to keep your skin happy and healthy. 

A daily moisturizer will help keep your skin soft and help reduce the amount of oil produced. As a result, you’ll have fewer clogged pores and breakouts. 

Products such as 14 azelaic acid and niacinamide can help control acne that does pop up. This lets you get it under control quickly before it develops into a full-fledged breakout. 

Poor Dietary Habits

Poor Dietary Habits

There are a lot of myths about certain foods causing acne and others that help clear it up. Specific foods don’t universally contribute to breakouts; however, certain types of foods may aggravate flare-ups.

You are most likely to have issues with acne if your diet is high in the following items:

  • Ultra-processed foods
  • Refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, etc.)
  • Dairy products

Not Getting Enough Water

Poor hydration contributes to dry skin, which can cause the body to produce extra oil. As you probably know, excess oil leads to more breakouts. The simple way to eliminate this is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You’ll know you are drinking enough to stay hydrated if your urine is pale yellow or straw-colored. 

Acne affects people at every age and can be caused by a number of factors. Knowledge is power when it comes to fighting breakouts. Learn more about common causes and how using products such as a daily moisturizer with niacinamide can help keep your acne at bay. 

Removing Facial Hair 

You are not the only one who wants to pick out the excessive hair on your face. Removing facial hair is a complexion problem that everybody has to deal with. Topical cosmetics applied to your face and skin during hair removal might end up clogging the pores. Also, remember that itchy bumps after the hair removal process is not truly acne. 

You might take a warm compress and soothe your face if you experience acne or rashes. Our suggestion is to quit removing facial hair if it keeps bringing breakouts and acne to your skin. If you wish to reduce bacteria on your face, make sure to get rid of hairy areas. 


Traveling also causes breakouts

Yes, you heard it right! Traveling also causes breakouts on your skin since you are exposed to a wide variety of environments and climates. If you are someone who usually has smooth skin, sudden breakouts may be caused because of traveling to dry places. A classic instance includes when your skin starts looking like the moon’s surface on vacation. 

The tip here is to carry all your essentials when you are moving out to such a place. Avoid excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen rich in zinc oxide. These are proven ways to reduce sudden breakouts on the skin. Also, resist piling on epidermal stress by bringing new products to your vanity case. 

An Unbalanced Diet

Believe it or not, an unbalanced diet causes a lot of skin breakouts. The skin has a direct connection with your gut; the healthier you keep the gut, the smoother your skin. Dairy products, as well as processed sugar, cause an increased level of insulin in the body. It can worsen or trigger acne breakouts. 

What you can do is cut back on chips, ice cream, or any other snack that might lead to oil accumulation on your skin. Instead, you can rely on plant-based snacks, veggies as well as high-protein foods. If things worsen, stop intaking pastries and other refined sugar products immediately. 

Wrapping It Up

Acnes are a common occurrence, whether you are in your twenties, thirties, or forties. But stop picking out on your breakouts, as it might simply make your face a house of holes. 

Take note of the breakouts occurring on your skin to determine the pattern. This is the initial step to getting all your blemishes under control without having the skin go through rigorous skincare routines. 

We hope this article helped in solving your queries. Make sure you follow our suggestions to get smooth, glowing skin forever. 

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