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15 Classy Funeral Outfits For Women In 2023

With  Her Majesty, The Queen’s unfortunate demise in September and the subsequent royal funeral procession, classy funeral outfits have suddenly become a thing. So while the Princess of Wales, Meghan Markle, and the current Queen Consort wore outfits that were dissected in tabloids for weeks, we have been left hanging in search of some somber inspiration. 

Traditionally, people wear black to funerals, with some going for a simple black dress and others opting for pantsuits or even one with a skirt. It’s fine if you experiment with a hat just like the former Duchess of Sussex. You could also take tips from the Princess of Wales and opt for the hat and black veil. 

You don’t always have to wear a black dress to a funeral – you could do so much more and still keep things simple. We are here to help you out! Scroll down and stick around for some inspiration! 

What To Wear To A Funeral? 15 Classy Funeral Outfits For Women In 2022

While there’s nothing more simple than a black funeral dress, there are more options if you are planning to break the black dress chain. So without wasting any time, let’s check out some classy funeral outfits – just scroll down for the style inspiration you have been looking for!

Anything But Black:

In search of funeral clothes, you might just decide to say ‘no’ to all classy funeral outfits available in shades of black. What then? Of course, you can say no to black. It’s not mandatory to wear black to a funeral until and unless the family of the deceased requests you to do so specifically! 

Also, the deceased’s religious faith or culture might also dictate you to wear black. In that case, you really do have no option. But if there’s no such obligation, you can always wear black to a funeral. Here are a few classy and chic outfit ideas that are anything but black.

1. Nothing Better Than A Pantsuit:

Pantsuits are trending, and we absolutely adore these. So why not wear a pantsuit, except ditch black, and go for some other dark shade? Here are a few pantsuit ideas.

A Pantsuit

2. Skip The Pants And Opt For A A-Line Skirt:

There’s nothing more chic than an A-line skirt. Instead of black, opt for grey or brown. Here are a few ideas!

A-Line Skirt

3. Patterns Are Good To Go (As Long As You Keep It Minimal):

Yes, you must avoid bold patterns or even loud colors. But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to patterns forever!


4. Hats Are Never Out Of Fashion, And So Are Your Accessories:

We mentioned Meghan Markle and her stunning black hat or the chic hat that the Princess of Wales wore with a black veil. Hats are timeless, and here are a few options!


5. Layers Are Timeless:

Yes, they are, and that’s exactly what you need if you are looking for winter classy funeral outfits! It’s cold, and you need a funeral outfit – layering is your best friend!


When it comes to funeral attire, custom metal pins offer a discreet yet meaningful way to personalize and honor the memory of a loved one. These pins can be designed to represent a special symbol or image that holds significance to the deceased or their family. Whether it’s a religious symbol, a favorite flower, or a sentimental phrase, custom metal pins allow mourners to subtly incorporate a personal touch into their funeral outfit. These pins can be worn on lapels, collars, or even discreetly pinned inside a pocket, serving as a quiet tribute to the departed.

6. Experiment With Shades Of Blue, Brown, And Grey:

Ditching black doesn’t mean you can wear random colors. It’s a memorial event at the end of the day – so experiment with dark shades like grey, brown, and blue.

Experiment With Shades Of Blue, Brown, And Grey

7. Fitted Jackets And Flared Pants Are Always Chic:

So you are someone who prefers looking chic even when you are grieving. And you are done with black. So, say ‘hi’ to flared pants and fitted jackets!

Jackets And Flared Pants

But What If Your Invite Says, ‘All Black?’

While classy funeral outfits can be in different shades, what if your invite says ‘all black?’ In that case, you don’t need to type ‘black dress for funeral’ on Google and look through 100 options. And who said all-black could only refer to black funeral dresses? There’s more to a black funeral outfit than just a dress.

And that is precisely why we are here to help! So stop the ‘funeral outfit women’ google search and just stick around! You have to check out our top all-black funeral outfit ideas for women – simply scroll down for some style inspo!

8. Make Things Classy With A Blazer Pant Suit:

We have already admitted pant suits are chic, but what if we told you adding a blazer can only elevate your look? Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!

A Blazer Pant Suit

9. Don’t Skip The Black Veil: 

Veils are incredibly elegant, and there’s something so mysteriously beautiful about these. Perhaps because the idea is to cover your face. Here are a few ideas!

10. How About A Black Hat With Your Black Semi-Formal Suit?

An all-black semi-formal suit paired with a casual black hat? One of those classy funeral outfits people will remember you for!

The Black Veil

11. It’s All About Loving Your Body:

If you are looking for classy plus-size funeral outfits, then you have come to the right place. Here’s what you need!

12. It’s All About Black Lace:

We are all big fans of black lace, and if you are wearing black, then why not wear some lace – it’s elegant, it’s stylish, and it’s funeral-friendly!

Black Lace

13. Keeping Things Traditional:

Yes, it’s absolutely all right to keep things simple, minimal, and, most importantly, traditional. So here are a few ideas!

14. Classy But Not Conventional:

And it’s also absolutely okay to keep things classy but not conventional. So here are a few classy outfit ideas that are anything but traditional!

15. Looking At Celebs for Inspo:

While going through classy funeral outfits, there was no way we could miss out on celebrity looks. So here’s a glimpse at our favorite celebrity funeral outfits.

16. Stay Comfortable With A Knitted Button-Down

Stay Comfortable With A Knitted Button-Down

Funerals are, of course, not a fun and exciting event to attend, and they can be uncomfortable as well. So it is important to wear something is quite comfortable and you can keep on wearing it for long hours at a stretch.

And the best outfit for that purpose is a knitted button-down dress in the color black. A black knitted button-down dress is a very type of outfit to choose for classy funeral outfits.

17. Look Sharp In Black

Look Sharp In Black

Wearing a black dress is quite common to a funeral, but what if you wear a gorgeous black suit dress, then your fashion game elevates to a new level? If you have a suit dress, then you don’t have to look for any other alternative to wear to a funeral.

This is both a conservative and a fashion-forward outfit at the same time. And since you are wearing the color black, it is a slimming color as well, so you are gonna look great in the outfit.

And in order to keep things classy and elegant, keep your accessorize to a minimum, that too in the color scheme platinum or silver.

18. The Trenchcoat Look

The Trenchcoat Look

If you are someone who wants a clean and classic look when it comes to classy funeral outfits, then I would recommend that you go for a  trenchcoat look for a funeral.

A trenchcoat is a very classy and classic look at the same time, and for funeral attire, it is evergreen for both men and women. Now you might ask how to style a trenchcoat look, then you can either wear a shirt or a dress underneath a trenchcoat to create that perfect funeral attire.

Now remember one thing accessorizing is the key to a perfect outfit, so if you wanna wear a wide-brimmed hat with your trenchcoat, then no one is gonna stop you. Along with that, you can add gorgeous pearl studs, a handbag with muted tones, and matching black heels or boots if you want.

19. That Statement Look

That Statement Look

Even though you have to dress a certain way when you are attending a funeral and maintain a certain level of modesty while dressing. But you can create a statement look with a modest dress as well.

So if you are wearing a long-sleeved dress, get a puff sleeve dress that is body hugging at the same time. And it is normal to go for kitten heels but to mix things up.

You can opt for a nude-colored boot to go with the outfit and create a contrasting look altogether. To complete the whole look, wear long statement earrings either in gold or silver to go with the whole look.

20. Sexy & Classy With Red Lips

Sexy & Classy With Red Lips

Just because someone died, that doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy. To look all sexy and classy at the same time, wear a gorgeous black wrap dress that is perfectly figure-hugging, but keep the sleeves long since you don’t want to expose your body too much at a funeral. If you want to make yourself look sexy yet classy, you can add a bright red lip to your whole ensemble. A gorgeous red lip can elevate any look to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions about classy funeral outfits mentioned below! 

1. What Is Appropriate To Wear To A Funeral In 2022?

➥ Wearing deep blue or dark grey is appropriate if you want to ditch the standard black. You could also experiment with light grey and brown. However, it’s best to avoid bright colors like oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows unless requested specifically by the family of the deceased. 

2. How Do You Look Classy At A Funeral?

➥ Follow the tips mentioned below for looking classy at a funeral.
• Dress modestly.
• Keep your accessories simple.
• Be comfortable.
• Avoid bold patterns and loud colors.
• Don’t forget to iron your outfit. 

3. What Do Women Wear To Funerals Nowadays?

➥ For women, a safe choice would be wearing a suit along with pants or a skirt in solid, dark shades. You don’t have to turn up in all-back until it’s requested by your culture or the family of the deceased. 

4. How Should You Wear Your Hair To A Funeral?

➥ It’s best to keep your hair simple. People with short hair should indefinitely opt for a minimal, clean look. Those with long hair can also check out those half-down, half-up hairstyles or even a modest updo. Just like most aspects of your look, keep your hair decent – you don’t want to grab attention at a memorial event. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So now you have some inspiration for classy funeral outfits. What next? What do you think about these outfits? Do you like them? Do you think these are elegant choices for wearing to a funeral? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and opinions on these outfits! So tell us today! And don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments mentioned below.

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