Costa Rica family vacations

Costa Rica Vacations: Enjoying The Magnificence With Your Family

Diverse and magnificent, Costa Rica has a lot to offer to every traveler. This Central American country has the best of both worlds. You can be adventurous during your Costa Rica vacations with families as it has diverse “rainforest wildlife,” water sports, and mountain hiking. 

Do you want a rejuvenating experience in Costa Rica? The tree houses will lull you to sleep. Further, a stroll around the city and gorging on local delicacies will give you the most fulfilling experience.

Are you eager to know what are the best things to do during Costa Rica family vacations? Here are some cool ideas for you. 

What Are The Best Things To Do During Costa Rica Vacations?

Costa Rica is well-connected to the world with Juan Santamaría International Airport and Tobías Bolaños International Airport. 

Further, many Costa Rica vacation reviews label it as an expensive country to visit. However, it is very economical compared to the UK, USA, and Australia.

However, the cost will be on the higher side if you are comparing the cost against the visits to Central American countries like El Salvador. 

Still, because of the experience this country offers, every penny spent is worth it! And let’s have a look at the things to do during Costa Rica vacations for families without much ado. 

Bird Watching: Connecting With The Nature 

Did you know that Costa Rica can make you interact with hundreds of bird species? Yes, you read it right.

Everywhere you look, there is a colorful beauty with wings waiting to grab your attention. However, you will need a local guide to tell you where to look for the most exquisite birds.

Pay a visit to Parque Nacional Carara to visit the Scarlet Macaws. Dota region and Monteverde are the regions if you want to spend some time in the company of resplendent quetzal. 

Resplendent Quetzal And Scarlet Macaw

Further, Boca Tapada is where you will find the endangered green macaws. Lineated Woodpeckers, Crimson-fronted Parakeet, and Grey-capped Flycatcher are other species you must watch out for.

Enjoy Your Family Time At The Waterfall

Montezuma Waterfall
Montezuma Waterfall

If you have a gorgeous cascade and can swim there, you have found the best place in the world to spend with your family. 

Montezuma waterfalls in Costa Rica greet you with a breathtaking view and a serene experience.

Yes, reaching there is a little bit of toil. However, once you reach there, you will know that your effort is worth it. The water falling from the cliff will take all the fatigue of a tough hike away.

El Chorro Waterfall 
El Chorro Waterfall 

Further, if you are in Montezuma, don’t miss a visit to the El Chorro Waterfall. 

Take A Cruise Ride In The Lagoon

National Park Tortuguero 
National Park Tortuguero 

Do you want to witness the best of wildlife in Costa Rica? Do not miss a cruise ride at Tortuguero. While enjoying the cruise ride in the lagoon, you can find over 400 bird species, different types of fish, three types of monkeys, and crocodiles.

However, the exquisite animals to watch out for during this ride on Costa Rica vacations are the West Indian manatee and freshwater turtles. 

Wetlands Of Cano Negro 
Wetlands Of Cano Negro 

Another great place to enjoy the wildlife of Costa Rica is the wetlands of Cano Negro. From iguanas to spider monkeys, birds, and crocodiles, plenty awaits you there. 

Don’t Miss A Visit To San Jose

Does this country only offer you exciting wildlife? Not really! It will also have a creative and exciting city life

Pay a visit to San Jose to soak in the creative vibe of the place. The place also has the best historic architecture, museums, clubs, and cafes.

Don’t Miss A Visit To San Jose

One of the best museums to pay a visit is Museo del Jade. Did you know that this place has close to 7000 pieces, showing brilliant craftsmanship? 

The Plaza de la Cultura, with its neoclassical façade, has the statues of Beethoven and Calderón de la Barca. So, if you are a music or cartoon enthusiast, it’s a must-visit. 

Finally, for sheer gastronomic delight, go to Barrio Escalante. It has the best restaurants. 

Spend The Most Tranquil Time In The Tree House

Spend The Most Tranquil Time In The Tree House

Do you want to have some quiet time in Costa Rica? Sleep in the tree-top houses. It will make you connect with nature. You can also enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscape from a height during your stay at the tree house.

For luxury Costa Rica vacations and the best treehouse experience, you can plan a visit to the Maquenque Eco-Lodge. 

Kayaking Through The Sea Caves

If you are in Costa Rica with your family, you must plan a visit to Playa Ventanas. This beach is known for the caves in the cliffs on the north end. 

When it’s low tide, you can explore the caves. These open on the beach. You will need a local guide with you. It will help you know when you need to come back from the caves.

However, if you are up for some thrill, you can try kayaking along the coastline. Thus, you will get to see the sea caves and cliffs along the way. 

Enjoy A Bath In The Bioluminescent Bay 

If you are at Ballena Bay, you will experience the most breathtaking bioluminescent experience. Especially, if you are near “Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula,” you will come across many aquatic organisms with luciferin.

If you know how to swim, you can enjoy your time in the bioluminescent water. Otherwise, you can go kayaking and have some adventure. 

Final Words 

Costa Rica vacations with your family can be the most fulfilling experience for you and your family. You can have the best of nightlife by taking a night hike. 

Rio Celeste, Sarapiquí, and Manuel Antonio are some of the most exciting places in Costa Rica for kayaking at night. If you don’t have a faint heart, you will come across bugs, frogs, snakes, and other creatures.

You will also have a gala time as mammals like kinkajous and possums flock to these places. 

So, are you ready to make the most of your vacation this season? Plan a trip to Costa Rica and share your experience with us. Travel safe and bon voyage!

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