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The Essentials For The Perfect Cowboy Outfit In 2023

It is well known that cowboys were originally animal herders, riding on horseback and working under the sun all day. But today, we are here to talk about the evolution and trend of cowboy outfit.

These outfits are more than just utilitarian purposes and more of a fashion statement as of now. There are many aspects of cowboy outfits that are what make the outfit and culture so evergreen and classic.

Now that you are interested in the cowboy outfit aesthetic. So if you could scroll down, then I am going to introduce you to all the remarkable aspects of cowboy culture.

Essentials For The Perfect Cowboy Outfit

To build the perfect cowboy outfit aesthetic, there are several individual pieces of clothing that form the total outfit. So without wasting time, let’s start with the pieces that make the total cowboy outfit.

1. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

Wear Well-Fitted Clothes
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The first thing that you will see in a real-life cowboy is that the clothes that they wear are well-fitted and comfortable. Technically in earlier days, the cowboys used to wear these outfits the whole day, so being well-fitted was a natural requirement.

So wearing loose fitting and baggy clothes was never the cowboy outfit aesthetic that you are looking for in cowboy clothes.

2. Put On Your Cowboy Boots

Put On Your Cowboy Boots
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You are not a cowboy if you are not wearing cool cowboy boots. Wearing

Cowboy boots are not just a Wild West trend, they are cozy and comfy, and you can wear them all day if you want to.

And as an added bonus, if you buy a great pair of boots, then they are easily gonna last for at least a few years. There are many sexy and stylish pairs of cow boots that you should definitely try out to create the perfect cowboy outfit.

But you gotta remember that not all boots are the same like there is a difference between combat boots and cowboy boots.

3. Wear Neutral Colors

Wear Neutral Colors
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Now if you have seen cowboy movies, then you will know that cowboys don’t generally wear bright colors. They wear muted and neutral colors on a general basis. Because firstly, they live near animals, and secondly, the neutral colors look great as a timeless classic.

So if you wanna create a cowboy outfit with neutral colors, then you should choose colors like blue, brown, white, cream, and black. These colors are easy to work with and look great together.

To create the perfect cowboy outfit, it is not about the colors but more about the quality of the fabric that you are wearing.

4. Only Wear Original Denim

Only Wear Original Denim
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It is very important that if you are wearing a cowboy outfit, then the bottoms that you wear have to be real jeans. Real-life cowboys only wear jeans and nothing else.

So cowboy aesthetic and jeans definitely go hand in hand. The jean that you wear can be of any color that you want. But they should be of good quality.

When I am talking about wearing jeans, that also includes great jean jackets. It is normal for cowboys to wear jean jackets, so every cowboy outfit should have a good jean jacket.

5. Don’t Forget The Flannel

Don’t Forget The Flannel
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It is a stereotype that cowboys only wear flannel, but this is true. Flannel is a statement clothing item that is quintessential to the cowboy aesthetic. So if you wanna wear cowboy outfits, then wearing flannel shirts is a must.

If you think that flannel shirts are not fashionable, then you are terribly wrong. There are a lot of ways you can spruce up a flannel shirt to look hot.

But even when you are choosing a flannel shirt, don’t choose a flashy and colorful shirt, pick something in a neutral color.

6. Waistcoat Is An Option

Waistcoat Is An Option
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To make your cowboy look stand out, other than wearing both a cowboy hat and boots, which are great options, no doubt.

But to stand out from the crowd, what you can do is wear a cool looking waistcoat. The coat can be of any material or fabric, but it is preferred if you choose either jeans or possibly a leather waistcoat.

These waistcoats are highly fashionable and comfortable and fit right in as a cowboy outfit. The waistcoats are really great if you wanna make yourself look sharp and snatched.

7. Play With Accessories

Play With Accessories
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When it comes to playing with certain accessories, the cowboys tend not to shy away from them. There are many accessories that you can play with to create a cowboy outfit for men or women.

To start off with, there are always belts, scarves, watches, and necklaces to decorate your whole look with.

But what you are ultimately choosing depends totally upon your own personal preference. All these wild west cowboy outfit accessories are quite elegant, simplistic, and versatile.

8. The Cowboy Hat Is A Must 

The Cowboy Hat Is A Must
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That one cowboy accessory that is like a cowboy outfit staple is a cowboy hat. Without the cowboy hat, it is impossible to fit in the Wild Wild West.

So it is best that you buy all the cowboy hats that you can. With a wider brim that will keep the sun away from your eyes. The specialty of these hats is that you can wear them with any cowboy outfit you want.

9. Unique Leather Jackets Are A Style Statement

Unique Leather Jackets Are A Style Statement
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With cowboy outfits, you can have so much fun than you can think of. Take, for example, jackets, you can really have fun with fun and creative jackets as much as you can. Leather and fringe are great examples of fun jackets for you to wear.

If you don’t wear real leather, then pleather is always a great option to try out if you are up for it. These unique jackets are definitely a style statement that you can’t miss out on.

10. Wear The Most Classic Button Ups

Wear The Most Classic Button Ups
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The last but definitely not the least cowboy outfit accessory that completes the whole aesthetic is a button-up shirt. When it comes to wearing a cowboy aesthetic, you can never go wrong with button-up shirts.

And if the shirt is flannel, then the whole look is gonna be just complete. These are just a few staple pieces that will definitely complete your whole cowboy outfit look.

Wrapping Up!

Now that I have shown you a couple of great cowboy outfit pieces for you to try out and rock the cowboy aesthetic at the same time. All these accessories are individual pieces that create a total cowboy outfit for you.

So if you think that this article was helpful, then you should definitely let us know in the comment section.

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