The Freshest Reality Shows, Series, And Movie Gems

You probably know that there’s an overwhelming amount of TV available right now – your monthly streaming budget certainly reflects that.

It feels like every few weeks, there’s another must-watch show dropping on a new platform, and you end up subscribing just to stay in the loop. But in the end, you don’t even get to watch the new shows because you’re already trying to finish half a dozen others.

Here is our selection and vision of the best TV shows, series, and movie gems.

1. Loki


What’s the most popular TV series at the moment? According to IMDB  – this is Loki season two. You may find Loki’s second season dizzying and dazzling, as it relies on sleight of hand to distract from a slightly less satisfying storyline. However, it still manages to contain enough of that old Marvel magic to keep you entertained.

2. Star Trek: Lower Decks

You will absolutely love Season Four of Paramount+’s animated Star Trek comedy. Our favorite lower deckers navigate hilariously growing pains as they rank up. Promotions bring new responsibilities and managerial challenges, but this screwball squad remains true to themselves. Lower Decks is a delightful blend of parody and reverence for the Star Trek franchise. It playfully pokes fun at Star Trek while delivering a damn good Star Trek experience.

3. 60 Days In

“60 Days In” documents the undercover journey of seven courageous individuals as they infiltrate North Carolina’s Pitt County Detention Center, aiming to ignite transformation. With a recent drug overdose incident among inmates and the imminent retirement of a significant portion of her command staff, Sheriff Dance is determined to establish a secure environment for both prisoners and personnel. She focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of the new team and protocols to ensure the jail’s safety. And if you want to do that you can take dance class

To explore the world of 60 Days In for yourself, you’ll need to choose the right streaming service. If you’re looking for where to watch 60 Days In, you’d better pay attention to Hulu and Netflix. Although there are several additional streaming services. However, many of them require a VPN; Hulu works in the USA and several other countries. Even a free trial of VeePN will be enough to bypass regional restrictions and untie you from your home region.

4. Fargo

Fargo’s highly popular anthology series returns to Hulu for its fifth season, featuring a fresh ensemble cast and a timeline set just months prior to the onset of COVID-19. This season revolves around Dorothy “Dot” Lyon (played by Juno Temple), the devoted wife of Wayne Lyon (David Rysdahl). But is she really who she claims to be?

It becomes evident early on that Dot has been living a lie, and no one is more determined to expose her true identity than Sheriff Roy Tillman (played by Jon Hamm) from North Dakota, Dot’s former husband who may still be legally bound to her. For a long time, Dot has managed to evade Tillman’s pursuit, but it’s only a matter of time before her past catches up with her.

5. One Piece

You’ve got to give it up for persistence: Netflix has hit the jackpot with its live-action adaptation of the globally renowned manga, One Piece. Fans had their concerns, but this adaptation beautifully captures the charm, optimism, and wonderfully bizarre world of Eiichiro Oda’s beloved story.

Step into a fantasy realm where people wield extravagant powers and hunt for a legendary treasure in an Age of Piracy that’s practically copied from the pages. The role of Monkey D. Luffy, the aspiring King of the Pirates, is flawlessly portrayed by the perfectly cast Iñaki Godoy. He brings an almost elastic physicality to the character that brilliantly mirrors Luffy’s rubber-based stretching abilities.

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6. Sex Education

Sex Education

You’ll eventually graduate from Moordale Secondary School, just like everyone else. However, as the cast members approach thirty, Season Four of Sex Education signifies the conclusion of Netflix’s groundbreaking series. There’s a catch though: Moordale closed its doors after Season Three, and the students now continue their education at an innovative new school resembling Google HQ more than a traditional learning institution.

This utopian establishment prioritizes kindness over competition, presenting a unique academic environment. At this school, Otis engages in a rivalry with another student sex therapist, Eric questions his faith, Aimee expresses her trauma through art, Cal grapples with gender dysphoria, Jackson explores his roots, and Viv gets entangled in a destructive romance, among other events. Outside the school, Jean struggles with postpartum depression and Maeve faces numerous obstacles during her semester abroad.

7. Top Boy

After five seasons, Top Boy concluded with a gripping six-episode final season that showcased Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson’s remarkable acting skills. As the pressure intensifies, Dushane and Sully, once friends but now rivals for control of east London’s drug trade, begin to lose control. This season also highlighted the outstanding performance of Jasmine Jobson as the conflicted Jaq and introduced Barry Keoghan, who portrayed a menacing Irish drug lord. Overall, Top Boy delivered an electrifying and intelligently-plotted conclusion that deserves a place among the greatest crime TV shows, such as The Wire, The Sopranos, and Breaking Bad.


Among the latest series and shows, these are the most interesting. These are the ones you should give priority attention to if you haven’t seen them yet. In many cases, these are sequels of famous series, so you may need to know the backstory to fully enjoy the depth of the plot and characters.

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