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Heatonist began its journey in 2013 to make the food on your plate more flavorful. Noah Chaimberg, the founder, had all the exposure to the best hot sauces in the world, and he appreciated them.

But unlike many other biggies in the hot sauce domain, he did not just focus on making sauces the hottest. He collaborated with small makers of draft sauces as he was keen to get more flavors and tastes in sauces made with ingredients like cayenne peppers and ghost peppers. 

And today, Heatonist is the “World’s most popular online destination for every hot sauce lover!” It has a flagship store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can even visit the Heatonist outpost in Chelsea Market in Manhattan. 

Do you want to talk about the best sauces from Heatonist and all the exciting facts about the company? Read on. 

A Small Excerpt Of Essential Data About Heatonist

Here are some essential details about Heatonist LLC. 

Heatonist Headquarters121 Wythe Ave Fl 1, Brooklyn, New York, 11249, United States
Heatonist Outpost Chelsea Market in Manhattan
IndustryGrocery Retail, Retail
Global Net Sales (through heatonist.com)US$46.4M in 2022
Foundation Year2013
Foundation Of The eCommerce Store2014

The Best Heatonist Sauces

Well, I am mostly done with mundane parts, sharing facts and data. Now, lets it get hot with the best Heatonist sauces. 

Are you ready? 

As you know, Heatonist is more about flavors and tastes and never chases only after heat. Based on heat, it offers four sauce categories. You can make your choice among the mild, medium, hot, and hottest sections.

1. Heatonist Mild Hot Sauces

Heatonist Mild Hot Sauces

Pocket Pinch: $10-20

If you like it mild, Heatonist has a lot to offer in sauces. You can try the classic chili maple hot sauce, a wonderful fusion of chili peppers and maple syrup. It tastes sweet and salty. 

My other favorites in the section are Bravo’s Top Chef’s garlic hot sauce with Jalapeño, garlic, and canola oil and the Calabria hot sauce by Clark and Hopkins. And how can I forget the Jalapeño hot sauce from Hell Fire Detroit? This hot and sweet sauce can make any blah food yay!

2. Medium Hot Sauces From Heatonist

Pocket Pinch: $8-24

If you want to infuse more flavor into your food, try the Sichuan gold sauce from Fly by Jing. The Sichuan peppercorn reigns supreme in its flavor. You can marinate chicken wings with this sauce for that extra kick or have it with noodles, avocado toast, and dumplings. Heatonist gives it a 5/10 rating for heat.

It’s obvious to get lost when Heatonist offers so many options in its medium hot sauces section. The Turmeric Bomb from Chile Lengua De Fuego is another sauce you just can’t miss. It has chocolate ghost pepper, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion pepper, and Scotch bonnet pepper. Its taste is sweet and hot. 

3. The Heatonist Hot Hot Sauces

The Heatonist Hot Hot Sauces

Pocket Pinch: $10-24

Hold your breath as we are now in the “Hot Heatonist Hot Sauces” section. Chile Lengua De Fuego brings my favorite Bhutila fire hot sauce in this section. It scores 7 out of 10 on the heat rating. In this sauce, you will find almost all the hot chilies you can think of. It has chocolate ghost pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, Scotch bonnet, and chipotle.

Want it hotter? Try another sauce I absolutely love. It’s Pierdealmas hot sauce from Chile Monoloco. It’s 8 on 10 in heat. It has hot peppers and gives an amazing boost in taste with its garlic flavor. 

4. Heatonist Hottest Hot Sauces

Pocket Pinch: $14-24

Woohoo! We have arrived at the “hottest hot section” of Heatonist sauces. The XXX ghost pepper mash sauce from Dawson’s Hot Sauce. It’s a perfect 10/10 on the heat meter and has dried ghost pepper. Heatonist says that a bottle of this sauce has 36 ghost peppers! 

A little less hot, the Scorpion Disco hot sauce from Karma Sauce is another star of this section. It has Trinidad scorpion, chocolate habanero, ghost pepper, and pot primo. Save it for the weekends and have it with fried chicken wings. 

Taking The All-Natural Sauce Way

The sauces you will get on Heatonist are made following an “all-natural” belief. No gums and no extracts! 

Further, Heatonist wants every sauce lover to have the iconic taste of vinegar and hot pepper in every condiment. The sauces should make your food tastier without compromising health

Hot Sauces Small Batch

Hot Sauces Small Batch

Heatonist works with small batch sauce makers, and it has been like this since the very beginning. 

The company believes these small batch sauce makers prepare their sauces in their co-shared or small spaces. So, their sauces have that “human touch,” unlike the big commercial brands that make mass-scale sauces in their factories.

Further, Heatonist believes that the small batch sauce makers can be more particular and responsible about their ingredients and how they are being resourced. As a result, they have better control over the quality of sauces. 

Hot Ones Heatonist Partnership

Heatonist has partnered with Hot Ones to get the best hot sauces procured from the best small batch sauce makers. The process starting in 2015, brought the two together out of their love for hot sauces and flavors. 

On the Heatonist website, you will see a section dedicated to Hot Ones. You can find the best single bottles, packs, and combos in this section. Some of the most celebrated outcomes of the Heatonist and Hot Ones partnership are The Last Dab: Apollo, Jalapeño Chico Hot Sauce, and Puckerbutt Pepper Co’s Unique Garlique. 

Heatonist Subscriptions

Heatonist Subscriptions

If you want to be a part of the “Heatonist Sauciety,” you can buy a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription will cost you $30 per month. And the yearly subscription comes at $330 yearly. 

Heatonist Competitors

Heatonist has many competitors in its targeted niche. Check out the closet competitors mentioned in the list below.

  • Hot Sauce Mall
  • Hot or Not Salsa
  • Just Enough Heat
  • Sauce Crafters
  • Hotsaucehottest
  • The Hot Sauce Guyz

Heatonist In News:

Heatonist In News

In the last two years, Heatonist has been in the news for all the right reasons. 

In 2022, the company got featured in Forbes for launching sauces for kids. The company came up with “Hot Ones Jr.” in collaboration with “First We Feast.”

In March 2023, Heatonist partnered with Bravo’s “Top Chef” to bring sauces of three bold flavors. These flavors were garlic hot sauce, peppercorn hot sauce, and herbs hot sauce.

Heatonist again made news in April 2023 by bringing its sauces to the Walmart condiment aisle. The sauces are to be available on the East, Southeast, and Midwest coasts. 

Final Words

It’s hot! That’s how I can describe Heatonist sauces. Packed with flavors and variety in notes, make them ideal as the condiment for almost every dish you love.

So, no more waiting. Grab your favorite sandwich, pasta, or dumplings, and go Nom Nom with a Heatonist sauce. And tell me how the heat felt. Enjoy your meal!

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