MET Gala 2023

MET Gala 2023: A Straight Man’s Perspective On High Fashion

“Manner Maketh Man”

When I was watching the first Kingsman movie, I was reminded of one of the many things that make a man.  Perhaps, sticking only to “masculine clothes” ( as a hetero-normative man would say) is not one of them.  Men at the Met Gala 2023 two nights ago REFABRICATED menswear, and, my my, it was delightful.

Fashion enthusiasts worldwide love to wait for this annual event organized on the first of May every year. Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour holds this charity benefit from fundraising for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Famous athletes and celebrities also contribute to the spring display of MET, which will be on display for May 5 to July 16 this year.

That said, the 2022 MET gala had already made a stir with famous stars like Oscar Issac nailing conventionally feminine dresses (skirts!). The parade went on, and many popular stars and athletes followed the trend, defying gender norms by wearing what we may call traditionally feminine outfits.

Harry Styles and his decision to wear a frock on the cover page of Vogue certainly made many traditionalists gouge out their eyeballs. Famous basketball player Russell Westbrook also nailed a Thom Browne skirt at last year’s met gala. I can tell 2014 Grammy winner Sam Smith was almost unrecognizable in the Grammy 2023.

Getting back to Met Gala 2023, Vogue unveiled the Met Gala theme for 2023 on September 30, 2022. The Theme is officially titled -Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. The theme honors Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of the brand Chanel. Lagerfeld is also associated with Chloe and is known for his famous brand called Lagerfeld.

Following this year’s theme, celebs like Bad Bunny are definitely making a statement wearing their white suit with a flowering capes with cutout back. On the other hand, Diddy almost contrasts Bad Bunny wearing an Opera Coat with black rosettes embroidered all over.

Men took the liberty to create and dress themselves unconventionally, pushing certain boundaries last year. This made us think, “What’s next!” This year’s Met Gala is just about to wrap up as we speak. We cannot wait to see what the Met Spring display unveils.

Are men refabricating themselves? Or finding themselves out through new cuts of the same old fabric? It’s a matter of time before we know.

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