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This is How The Miracle Morning Routine Can Help Enhance Your Lifestyle

What is a miracle morning routine?

Do I need it?

There is nothing more wonderful than waking up with a fresh body and mind. However, not all of us have the luxury of it. Some of us face sleep inertia and very low dopamine when we wake. This prevents us from having a good morning routine, which every influencer swears by. This is why bringing people the right morning routine is so important.

This is where the miracle morning routine comes into play.

With consideration of all the waking-up problems people face, this is the perfect routine.

Because it dives deep into every form of physical and psychological issues which is preventing you from waking up.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the miracle morning routine.

Morning Problems We All Face!

Morning Problems We All Face!

The problems which we all face are quite different from each other. Some are physiological (health conditions), and others psychological (if we deal with some mental health issues). Overall, here is a compilation of both.

Sleep Inertia: Impairing of cognitive and motor senses right after waking. This is when your eyes keep shutting, and your body lacks energy right after waking. This can continue for ten minutes, but if this state stays for more than 30 minutes, you should see a doctor.

Low Dopamine: People with ADHD often suffer from this problem. Since they always require high stimulation for dopamine, not having that stimulation doesn’t provide them enough dopamine to wake.

Low Blood Pressure: Individuals with low blood pressure also have trouble waking. Often, they cannot wake without feeling dizzy. This fatigue compels them to go back to bed. Individuals with low blood pressure often feel well-rested. Since blood pressure is normally at its lowest, the condition worsens for them.

A Healthy Miracle Morning Routine

Here is how you can go forth with your healthy miracle morning routine to prevent all the above issues. To begin with, this morning routine helps you to boost productivity. To ensure you are actually awake and doing something.

Begin With Silence

Begin With Silence as Healthy Miracle Morning Routine

This is especially accurate for people with low dopamine in the morning.

 You cannot use external stimulation like a phone, television, or newspaper to get that sudden dopamine boost. It is not long-lasting, to say the least!

  • Rather waking and basking yourself in the morning silence helps you.
  • Release stress from your mind because of lack of unnecessary stimulation.
  • Gives you time to think, pray, or call affirmations. Your morning thoughts are always the most productive ones.
  • Find ways to train yourself in the silence rather than always looking for stimulation. This is especially true for people with ADHD.


Exercise is a part of Miracle Morning Routine

For those who suffer from longer sleep inertia and find it difficult to wake their bodies, this is how you can.

Not all forms of exercise need to be rigorous and straining to your muscles. In fact, the miracle morning routine does cater heavily to over-sensitive people. The one who can get easily tired and lose most of their morning energy with a bad fitness routine.

Exercises which you can try:

  • Cardiovascular fitness routine (Cardio). Swimming, running, jumping, cycling.
  • Stretches and positions like yoga.
  • Dance routines like Zumba and aerobics.

These are not only good for your body but also your mind. They promote the release of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline, perfect for someone suffering from low blood pressure or hypotension.


Reading is an another part of Miracle Morning Routine

Reading is always a good way to provide some stimulation to your brain. It is also a great form of dopamine release.

However, it is not as harsh and stress-inducing as watching a Netflix series early in the morning!

Ditch the idea of picking a self-help book if you are not enjoying it. Rather, pick a fiction that will motivate you more.

Here is how you can make your reading more interesting:

  • We get it; not everyone is a reader. Since you are reading after an hour of waking up, try listening to audiobooks.
  • If audiobooks are not your style, pick an easy-to-understand short novella. Once you complete this, you will have an interest in reading more. Achievement is always the greatest form of motivation.
  • Try to pick physical copies for your morning reads; this will ensure that you do not strain your eyes too much in the process.

If you are not very keen on meditation, pick a book. That is one of the best forms of meditation.

A Morning Skincare Routine

A Morning Skincare Routine

Self-love is a great addition to your miracle morning routine. It helps you stand in front of the mirror and visualize a better day while attending to your skin.

  • If you have never tried a skincare routine, here are a few basics you need to know.
  • Wash your face to get rid of the overnight oil.
  • Take some moments to yourself as you wash your face.
  • Find the best moisturizer to help your skin feel hydrated. You can also try gua sha stone to wake your skin up.
  • Add sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • You can also add eye drops to your morning skincare to help wake your eyes up.

Scribble All Your Thoughts

Scribble All Your Thoughts

The worst part about having low dopamine in the morning is a lack of motivation. This lack of motivation is coming from negative thoughts in your mind. This is why getting rid of these thoughts is important.

How to start your thoughts scribbling journey for a low dopamine morning routine.

  • We prefer not to call it journaling as it feels like a forced routine. Rather, the task is to get rid of these thoughts.
  • Have a chalkboard or whiteboard in your room.
  • Upon waking, write every thought that is preventing you from starting your morning. This could be anything from lack of motivation or anxiety about a stressful event.
  • Once you have mindfully gone through the list and understood every reason, wipe them out.

Begin your morning fresh as a daisy; your mind is all clean now!

What Do You Think?

What do you think of our morning routine?

Is it worth it?

Have you finally found a miracle morning routine that can work for you?

Write to us, and let us know in the comment section below.

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