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Top 10 Most Expensive Pearl Necklace For Women In 2022

You might have seen a lot of people spending a lot of money buying a gold necklace for girls, but a pearl necklace will always grab everyone’s attention when you attend an event. You can chine in a backless dress with an amazing piece of pearl necklace and attend a cocktail party with glory. 

Among all the other gemstones in the whole world, pearls are one of the most corvette and oldest. That’s why they are also priced very high, along with other gemstones. Pearls are known as they stay attached to the jewelry from old age. The history of using pearls in necklaces and other jewelry goes back to nearly 6000 years. 

So, it is needless to say that with that rich history and long-time presence, everyone from celebrities to royals had their share of collecting the best pearl necklace. Regardless of the value, people still go to a high length to get one for themselves. It is still known as one of the best gemstones in the world that people want to get. 

10 Best Expensive Pearl Necklace In 2022 

the pearls that are used are expensive as they are very rare to collect. For example, only 1 to 2 wild oysters contain a pearl among 15,000. The rarity of natural pearls made them very rare and looking at the provenance and history, it will always be higher than the modern pearl cousins. 

Just the way every golden necklace for girls is not made of gold, all pearl neckpieces are not the same. You might get a lot of cheap pearl necklace sets with pretty pearl necklace designs, but they all might not be the rarest natural pearls. 

Let’s take a look at the most expensive pearl necklaces for women in 2022. You can learn about the price, design, and details of all the necklaces.

1. La Peregrina

La Peregrina

This is known to be the most expensive necklace on the list. The price of this necklace is around $11.8 million. This necklace is also very well known as The Wanderer or The Pilgrim. Therefore, you will find this necklace on almost all the lists of the best and most expensive necklaces. 

This gorgeous and large pearl got its name due to its journey in the past and its history of 500 years. It has been giving extra shine to all the royal collections for centuries, along with the other expensive pearl necklaces set.

2. The Baroda Pearl Necklace 

Another very expensive necklace is made using natural pearls. It is originally the incredible and well-known Seven-Strand Pearl Necklace. The name of this pearl neckpiece is given based on the owners in history. It was owned by some famous Maharajas of Baroda in India. Due to their magnificent beauty and rarity, they have been famous for a long time. The last sold price of this necklace was nearly $7.1 million. 

3. The Duchess Of Windsor Pearl Necklace 

Duchess Of Windsor Pearl Necklace 

This is a single-strand pearl necklace made using natural pearls. However, this necklace is popular for being a part of the famous Duchess of Windsor’s collection of jewelry. Although, this pearl neckpiece goes back a very long way to the era of imperial Russia. 

In 1929, the necklace was sold by Maria Feodeorovna, Russian Dowager Empress, to King George V. He gifted it to Queen Mary, his wife, and later it went to the heir of the British Throne. It is priced at 4.8 Million right now. 

4. The Big Pink Pearl

This expensive pearl necklace is one of its kind and the finest in the world. As the name suggests, the necklace comes with a big pink pearl that weighs 470 carats. The pink pearl looks very attractive with the shimmers and flashes of orange, green, blue, and lavender overtones. The pearl neckpiece is priced at $4.7 Million. It is much more gorgeous and attractive than the golden necklace for girls.  

5. Black Pearl Necklace 

Black Pearl Necklace

This might be the only necklace on the list till now that comes with black pearls. This necklace is very exotic and rare and comes with a price tag of $5.1 Million, making it one of the most expensive necklaces in the world. You can get some overtones like green, silver, peacock, aubergine, and others. The four stands are composed of 63,69,76, and 81 natural black pearls. This is one of the most attractive pearl neckpiece designs that keep it the center of attention. 

6. Festoon Natural 7-Strand White Pearl Necklace 

The origin and history of this necklace are still unknown, but it was used by some royal families. This natural pearl neckpiece was auctioned for more than $9.1 Million in 2013. The best thing about this necklace is the seven strands of 21-35 inches that contain creamy-rose color pearls. The necklace contains 614 pearls, which makes it much more unique and attractive than any pearl necklace with gold

7. Cowdry Black Natural Pearl Necklace 

Another necklace with black natural pearls, comes with a whopping $5.3 Million price tag. You will get to see green, silver, peacock, and other overtones in this pearl necklace. This single-strand black natural pearl neckpiece contains 38 pearls. The pearls used in this necklace are very famous and known to be Tahitian pearls. 

8. The Marie Antoinette/ Barbara Hutton Natural Pearl Single Strand Necklace

As the name suggests, this pearl necklace was initially owned by Marie Antionette. However, the necklace is known for its tragic history, too, as the French Queen was later beheaded at the time of the French Revolution. 

It is still unknown how the necklace went out of France, but it later ended up with Barbara Hutton as a gift. Unfortunately, despite being very rich, she died after seven marriages due to bankruptcy. This necklace comes with 44 round natural pearls, a stunning diamond, and a turquoise clasp at the end, with a price tag of $1.47 Million.

9. The Cartier Double-Strand Natural Pearl Necklace

This necklace is one of a kind that comes with double strands and creamy-colored natural pearls. It provides green to pink overtones that make the necklace look much more attractive. The necklace contains 120 natural round pearls that come with a shine and luster. This choker necklace for girls is priced at $3.7 Million. 

10. The Dodge Pearl Necklace 

Last but not least, this multi-strand necklace made of pearl is famous as it was owned by Catherine the Great, The Russian empress. Cartier later purchased it in 1917 after the Russian Revolution. Later, it was sold to Dodge Motor Company founder Horace Dodge. The necklace is now priced at $70 Million USD and is much more popular than any pearl necklace with gold

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost with every wear, you can wear a pearl set. There are more relevant reasons to wear pearl jewelry. Do you want to know them? Well, read the next lines and get the details related to pearl and pearl jewelry.

Q1. How To Clean Pearl Jewelry?

There are many ways to clean pearl jewelry. But there is an excellent way that everyone uses. First, you heat the water, not excessive, it will be lukewarm, not extensively hot. Then you add dishwasher or liquid wash. Mix it into the water and then put the pearl necklace into it. Let it remain for a while. After some time, take the neckpiece out of the water and rub it dry.

Q2. How Much Is A Pearl Necklace Worth?

A traditional necklace of pearl costs around $10,000. The price majorly depends on the type of pearl that is used to craft the pearl necklaces.

Be In The Limelight

A pearl necklace can add a vibrant shine to your entire look. The best part is that you can wear it on almost every occasion and event. After all, pearl necklaces are the favorite neckpiece for royal ladies. I believe you have enjoyed knowing these facts about the most expensive necklaces and knowing them.

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