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SI Joint Pain Relief at Home

If you have lower back, hip, or pelvic pain, you may have Sacroiliac or SI Joint Pain. Your pelvis, hips, tailbone, and spine support your daily activities in complicated ways. Each stride moves the sacroiliac joint, a minor but vital portion of this system. But what happens when these joints hurt?

When utilized properly, home treatments can ease sacroiliac joint pain. Surgery may be necessary. However, check with a doctor before commencing any workout or health routine.

Many home cures are available online, but not all work. To save you time and effort, I’ve listed effective home treatments for sacroiliac kind of joint pains.

Before discussing those treatments, it’s important to grasp the sacroiliac joint and its effects.

Treatments You Can Go With For Your SI Joint Pain

Depending on how bad the pain is, there are different ways to diagnose sacroiliac joint pain, but there are also many home cures that reduce the symptoms.

Although it might be appealing to try to treat sacroiliac joint pain on your own, it’s best to get advice from a doctor and a physical therapist first. Some people may need more advanced treatments like surgery, steroid shots, or physical therapy.

Here is a list of homely solutions for sacroiliac pain that are good for people who can deal with their pain without more invasive treatments:

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Using anti-inflammatory drugs is a quick and successful way to treat joint pain at home. Muscles and joints that are inflamed cause a lot of this pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs that don’t require a prescription can help, particularly after pursuits that make your joints hurt.

Regular Heat And Ice Therapy

If you prefer home treatments that don’t involve medicine, heat and ice therapy can do wonders. When you have sacroiliac pain, inflammation is a big problem, and ice and heat can help. Start by putting ice on the painful area to reduce stiffness. Then, put heat on your SI joint to enhance blood flow and relieve pain.

Controlling Your Weight

A few home treatments for sacroiliac pain take time to work. When you weigh too much, your joints, like the sacroiliac joint, have to work harder. Your spine, hip joints, pelvic joints, and SI joints have to work harder to support your body when you have extra weight, especially around the belly.

Losing weight can enable you to keep your joints in good shape and make daily tasks less stressful. You can still control your weight with low-impact workouts and a healthy diet, even if you have back or SI joint pain.

How Does Light Therapy Help With Your SI Joint Issues?

Light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses specific colors of light to target areas of pain. It is always a good way to deal with pain in the SI (Sacroiliac) joint. Here’s how light therapy aids with SI Joint relief:

Relieving Pain By Making More Blood Flow

Light treatment can help improve blood flow to the affected area, like the SI joint. With SI joint dysfunction, better blood flow can help lower inflammation, speed up tissue repair, and ease pain.

Effects On Inflammation

Light therapy can help with SI joint pain because it has anti-inflammatory qualities. By reducing inflammation in the joint and the muscles around it, it can ease pain and make it easier to move.

Getting Your Cells Regenerated

Certain wavelengths of light used in treatment can get deep into the tissues and speed up the process of repairing cells. This helps the broken structures in the SI joint heal, which makes the pain go away.

Relaxing Your Muscles 

Light treatment can also relax the muscles around the SI joint, which is important for getting rid of pain and discomfort. It helps ease tension and makes the joint work better generally.

Note: Light therapy can be used in addition to other treatments for SI joint pain, such as medicine or physical therapy. Moreover, it could be part of a larger plan for dealing with and getting rid of pain.

Bottom Line

Joint pain can be hard to figure out and hard to treat. When it comes to sacroiliac joint pain, things get even more confusing because of all the bones, muscles, and other things that help you move around every day.

Understanding the different parts of your pelvic area can help you figure out what workouts and home remedies for joint pains like sacroiliac will work for you. These treatments can help ease your pain and get you back to doing the things you usually do.

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