10 Best Things To Do In Stockholm Sweden In 2023  

Are You Visiting Stockholm Sweden, in 2023? Here Are The 10 Best Things You Can Do

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, beautifully fuses modern city life with quaint scenic beauty. Surrounded by water, this city in Sweden is also known for its cleanliness. The house of ABBA Museum and the first open-air museum, Stockholm Sweden attracts a large number of travelers every year, and it’s, in fact, among the top 20 places to visit in Europe.

Are you too booking flights to Stockholm Sweden, this year? Here’s a guide you need to read to know before packing your backpack.  

10 Best Things To Do In Stockholm Sweden In 2023  

If you see the Sweden Stockholm map, you will find that the city is built on the banks of the archipelago. The archipelago is where Lake Mälaren unites with the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is a bit expensive. However, every experience you get is worth the pocket pinch.

Ready to know about the best 10 things to do in Stockholm? Here we go.

Pay A Visit To Stockholm City Hall   

Pay A Visit To Stockholm City Hall   

Stockholm City Hall is the first open-air museum in the world. Once you visit this place, be ready to scroll through the Swedish history for five centuries.

The hall always bustles with shows, meetings, and exhibitions. However, the building itself is a sight to behold.

Also, you can take a stroll from the hall to the river and catch some refreshments in the local cafes.

Enjoy The Stockholm Sweden Nightlife   

The nightlife in Stockholm is fascinating. If you are a lover of quaint little things, you can take a walk around the lake.

The city is also for plenty of people who like the most colorful nightlife. Further, the city houses some of the most happening bars where you can rejuvenate with good food and live music.

The city has Solidaritet Stockholm, The Cadier Bar, and many other places to have a good time.

So, if you are planning a brief escape to the capital city of Sweden, go for it today.

Gamla Stan   

Gamla Stan   

Your trip to Stockholm is incomplete if you haven’t paid a visit to Gamla Stan. The atmospheric island tells the story of monarchs and merchants.

Also, you can take the alley for a walk and visit the Novel Museum and the Storkyrkan Cathedral built in the 13th century.

Gamla Stan houses some of the most visited restaurants and hotels in Stockholm Sweden.

Also, when in Gamla Stan, don’t forget to visit the island of Riddarholmen, on the west.

ABBA Museum   

ABBA Museum   

Do you want to soak in the glory of Scandinavian pop culture? You must pay a visit to the ABBA Museum.

You will get to see iconic instruments used by the musicians, popular getups, and recreated makeup rooms.

The screenwriter of Mamma Mia has conceived the entire audio tour, where you will get to know about all the details.

You can visit the museum on any day of the week. It remains operational from 10 am to 6 pm.

Vasa Museum  

Vasa Museum  

Did you know that Vasa Museum got its name from a galleon that drowned in the 1600s?

The galleon was under the Baltic Sea for over three hundred years. After that, it was rescued, and today, you can see it at the Maritime Museum.

It is remarkable to see how the ship has been restored and once you visit the Vasa Museum, the tourists will explain the stories to you in different languages.

You can take a tram from the Central station to easily reach this museum. So, pack some food in your bag and get started.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

Do you want to get a little away from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm? Why don’t you take a boat ride to enjoy the most unique beauty of the city?

Take a ferry from Nybroviken ferry terminal and reach the Drottningholm Palace. It is the private residence of the Royal family of Sweden.

Make sure that your boat trip includes an entry to the palace. Overall, it’s a one-hour plan to cherish.

Hornstull Marknad  

Hornstull Marknad  

If you are visiting Stockholm in summer, you must visit this outdoor market on Södermalm island’s western edge.

The collection at the market will appease a quirky buyer like you. It has vintage clothes, crockery, homeware, and kooky art.

The overall vibe of the place is pleasant as students and youngsters flock to this place in great numbers.

Hornstull Marknad is close to the Hornstull station, which is well-connected to the metro route.

Royal Palace Of Stockholm  

Royal Palace Of Stockholm  

If you want a walk down the history of Sweden, the royal palace of Sweden will surely enchant you. It has dazzling jewels, illustrious royal chambers, and, most importantly, a museum to tell you about the history.

“Change of guards” is another exciting event to witness when you are at the royal palace of Stockholm.



Are you in for some serious shopping in Stockholm Sweden? Drottninggatan is the best place for you.

The shopping hub is easily connected through the metro route, and you will find some really good stuff from mid-range and local brands.

Even if you don’t have a shopping list to follow, just a walk along the road offers a lively experience.

Gröna Lund  

Gröna Lund  

Thrilling is the word for describing Gröna Lund. It is a vintage-themed park that has the most exciting rides. So, if you are traveling with your family, this is a place you must visit.

And if rides in the bumper cars and roller coasters are not enough for you, you can always take a walk around the haunted house.

In addition, this is a place where the finest musicians from the world perform.

Final Words   

These ten places are just like the tip of the iceberg if you are traveling to Stockholm Sweden, this year.

It is a place that you can call a hub of gaming, partying, shopping, entertainment, and all modern activities with a touch of history and nature.

Overall, the city’s quality of life and safety, its iconic architecture, rich culture, and scenic beauty make it one of the best places to visit alone, with a partner or family.So, when are you planning a trip to Stockholm? Bon voyage!

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