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Top 10 Best Summer Wedding Guest Dresses In 2023

From the months June to September is the summer months, and that means the wedding season is officially in full swing. Even if you are not getting married, someone you know is, and you have to attend their wedding. But do you have the perfect summer wedding guest dresses in your closet? 

Well, worry not; if you are totally confused about what to wear to your friend’s wedding, then I am here to help you decide what you can wear as summer wedding guest dresses. So if you wanna know what options you can opt for, then all you need is to scroll through the article. 

Do’s And Don’t Of Wedding Guest Attire

When you are choosing a dress for a wedding, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Consider them as cardinal rules while going to a wedding as a guest. So here are the Do’s and Don’ts when you are going to a wedding as a guest. 


  • Do keep in mind the dress code of the wedding when you are picking your dress. Whether it is Black Tie, Casual, Semi-Formal or Formal.
  • Do consider the location of the wedding while you are planning what you are gonna wear.
  • It is important that you check the weather forecast before you leave the house for the wedding. 
  • If you are going to an indoor wedding, then it would be smart to carry a cute shawl, cardigan, or jacket with you, as it can get chilly because of the AC. 
  • Whenever you are choosing summer wedding guest dresses, it should be according to the time, like it is a day wedding or a night one. Depending on that, choose the dress you wanna wear. 
  • If you are considering wearing black at the wedding, think twice. If it’s a modern wedding, then black is totally fine, but for a traditional wedding, then black may not be the color you wanna wear. 
  • Do remember to wear the right type of underwear underneath your clothes. The day could be windy, so to avoid a “Marilyn Monroe moment,” it’s better to wear the right type of underwear. But if you choose to go commando, then you can do that as well. 
  • If you are going to a friend’s wedding, then ask your mutual friends what they are wearing and dress accordingly. 
  • Even if it’s summer, don’t wear something that is too revealing or bold, it is better to lean more towards modesty. 
  • It is highly recommended that you wear comfortable shoes since you will be dancing and high heels are gonna hurt your feet. 
  • If you don’t have anything wedding guest worthy in your closet, then you can buy a bridesmaids gown but not of the wedding colors. 


  • You need to keep in mind that you don’t match your dress with the wedding party colors, so it is best to ask beforehand. 
  • You should never wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride. Only the bride wears white on the wedding day. 
  • Even if the invitation says “Casual,” that doesn’t mean you can show up wearing jeans and a t-shirt no way that is acceptable. Until and unless you are told to wear jeans and a T-shirt as a part of the wedding theme. 
  • Never wear something that is too bold for a wedding you are going as a guest. You should never outshine the bride on her wedding day. 

Best Summer Wedding Guest Dresses In 2023

There are different themes to a wedding, so while you are choosing the dress that you wanna wear, it is better to find out the theme of the wedding beforehand. 

1. Lace Detail Midi Dress

Lace Detail Midi Dress

If you are going to a summer wedding, then it is better to wear something plain and simple and too glamorous. As an option for a midi dress, you can wear a midi dress with lace detailing on the dress. 

2. One-Shoulder Midi Dress

One-shoulder midi dresses are always very popular, and you can definitely wear them to a wedding guest. These dresses are great as summer dresses, and if you are wearing a fit and flare style, then the dress will be quite airy as well. 

3. Halter Turtleneck Gown

Halter Turtleneck Gown

So if it’s an evening wedding, then you can wear a cocktail dress that too in a halter turtleneck style. These cocktail dresses are like long, floor-length gowns that you can easily wear to a wedding. And with such dresses, you can dress it up as much as you want. 

4. Jacquard Strapless Maxi Dress

The jacquard embroidery is a really good pattern to wear if you are going to a wedding as a guest. And if the dress is a long strapless maxi dress, then it would look even better. The dress is the right amount of classy and elegant to wear as a wedding guest. 

5. Asymmetrical Satin Dress

Asymmetrical Satin Dress

The trend of wearing asymmetrical dresses at weddings is huge right now, so it’s high time that you get into the trend as well. The asymmetrical dresses that too in satin are really gorgeous, so much so you are gonna look the right amount of glamorous. 

6. Satin Pleated Cutout Maxi Dress

Having beautiful pleats on your maxi dress is just perfect, but then increase that with sexy cutouts, and the dress reaches a new level. These cutout pleated maxi dresses are great for both a day and an evening wedding. So this will be an easy option for you to choose. 

7. Satin Low Back Maxi Dress

Satin Low Back Maxi Dress

If you are going to the wedding of a close friend and the theme is to dress sexy, then you can wear a satin dress with a low back. The look is really glamorous and sexy at the same time. Take inspiration from Kate Hudson from the movie “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

8. Fitted Bodice Wrap Dress

If you wanna wear something modest but still show off your body, then the fitted bodice with a wrapped style of skirt is the best way to go for you. And with drop sleeves, the dress on you is gonna look great on you. 

9. Spaghetti Strap Silk Maxi

Spaghetti Strap Silk Maxi

This is one of the most classy and elegant dresses that you can wear as summer wedding guest dresses. It is also a very popular dress for bridesmaids as well. So know the wedding colors before getting a spaghetti strap satin dress so that you don’t look like a bridesmaid. 

10. Open Back Paisley Dress

A paisley colored open back dress is best if you are going to a beach wedding or the theme of the wedding is boho chic. These dresses are available in gorgeous muted shades. That is what makes the dress woodland chic. 

Wrapping Up!

Well, there you go; these were my recommendation for summer wedding guest dresses that you should try out for the wedding season. 

All these dresses are absolutely gorgeous and best suited for any wedding you are gonna attend as a guest. So if you liked any of these wedding guest dresses, then give this article a well-deserved like and also comment down below.

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