Choose The Best Resorts

Tips To Choose The Best Resorts

Resorts provide the perfect escapade with their scenic locations, best amenities, and recreational facilities. India offers great resort options through beaches, hills, jungles, and heritage sites. The East Coast Road (ECR) in Tamil Nadu is home to many beach resorts. Choosing the right resort that meets your needs is key to having a great vacation. Here are some tips to pick the best resorts in ECR for your next holiday:

Pick A Strategic Location

One of the first things to consider is the location of the resort. ECR resorts are located along the coastline, either in Chennai suburbs like Thiruvanmiyur or farther south in places like Mahabalipuram. Check how far the resort is from the airport and station and if transportation is provided. Pick a spot that gives you easy access to temples, historical sites, and beaches. Being close to the city has its perks, too.

Check The Surroundings.

The ambiance and views around the resort impact your experience. ECR resorts, located right by pristine beaches, allow you to hear the sounds of waves and enjoy stunning sunrises. Choose a place with landscaped gardens, coconut groves, and coastal vegetation. Having the beach or backwaters in your backyard, along with the ocean breeze, creates a relaxed setting. Pick a resort where you wake up to breathtaking sights every morning.

Cottage Designs And Interiors

The rooms and cottages at resorts make all the difference in enhancing your comfort levels. ECR resorts offer spacious, well-ventilated rooms with ocean or garden views. Look for resorts with local design elements, furniture, arts, and crafts that reflect the culture. Pay attention to the bed sizes, linen quality, seating areas, and amenities in rooms. Having a private sit-out, an enclosed shower, and warm interiors adds to the coziness. Pick a room décor that charms you.

Dining Options Are Key.

One of the advantages of staying at a resort is the food served across multiple dining spaces. ECR resorts have restaurants with alfresco seating, barbeque nights under the stars, and coastal cuisine made from fresh catch. Check if the menus are varied and if there are options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kids’ meals. Continental and international offerings add variety. Further, having an in-room dining service is a plus for late nights or when you just want to relax in your room.

Recreation Choices

Look at the recreation facilities offered by the resort to avoid holiday boredom. ECR resorts have spaces like swimming pools, game zones, and courts for tennis, basketball, etc. Also, check if they provide equipment and guides for activities like cycling, beach volleyball, water sports, and fishing. Choose a property that goes well with your interests, like yoga spaces, spa therapies, gardens to stroll in, and fitness centers. Kids’ clubs, play areas, and babysitting services make it family-friendly.

Resort Events And Performances

Many resorts curate special experiences through performances, workshops, and events. ECR resorts have dance shows on classical and folk arts, magic shows, and live music beside the beach. Some also have local arts and crafts displays, astrology sessions, wellness workshops, and sports tournaments. Pick a resort that engages you through interactive sessions on topics like photography, mixology, gardening, etc. This improves your cultural exposure.

Safety And Security

When choosing a resort, ensuring the safety of guests is of prime importance. ECR resorts have secured premises under CCTV surveillance and security guards on campus. They should have support for medical emergencies, fire safety drills, and access control at night. Check if there are safe locker facilities in rooms and staff trained in first aid. A resort with single-story construction is safer for kids and elderly family members.

Resort Services

Look at the services offered by the resort to make your stay convenient. ECR resorts provide needs like daily housekeeping, a 24×7 front desk, on-call medical assistance, and travel arrangements. Check if they have self-use laundry, Wi-Fi connectivity, TV, and newspapers in their rooms. Multi-lingual staff, wheelchair access, power backup, and parking space add to the convenience. See if they can customize experiences as per your requirements.

Nature-Friendly And Sustainable

Support resorts that are eco-conscious in their design, offerings, and operations. ECR resorts that follow sustainable practices like rainwater harvesting, organic farming, and waste management to make better choices. Check if they organize nature trails, wildlife spotting experiences, and environmental awareness programs. Energy-efficient setup and the inclusion of local communities are also great. Pick a resort that treads gently on the planet.

Reviews And Recommendations

One of the best ways to find resorts is by reading reviews on travel websites and forums. ECR resorts recommended by other travelers help you make informed choices. Check for reviews on cleanliness, staff hospitality, food quality, and safety. Look for resorts with a minimum 4-star rating and positive feedback from families, couples, and solo travelers. See pictures and videos posted by guests to gauge the true experience.

Compare Rates And Packages.

While selecting a resort, compare room rates, extra charges, and packages. ECR resorts offer great deals on accommodation, meals, activities, and amenities. Look for value-added features like early check-in or late checkout, free breakfast, spa credits, Wi-Fi access, etc. Consider the inclusion of taxes, extra beds, cancellation policies, and peak season charges as well. Choose a resort that gives you the best experience within your budget.

Focus On Health And Hygiene

In the post-pandemic world, health and hygiene standards have become very important. When choosing a resort, make sure they follow strict measures. ECR resorts should have contactless check-in, frequent sanitization, social distancing norms, daily temperature checks, and well-ventilated common areas. Shared amenities like restaurants, activity zones, and pools should be well maintained. The resort staff should wear masks and gloves at all times. Look for certifications of safety standards that add extra credibility.

Lastly, trust your instincts when staying in a resort. If the website photos and room views immediately charm you, it is a positive sign. The resorts in ecr have a warm vibe, personalized service, and a reputation for making guests happy might be the right fit. If you are traveling with family or pets, ensure the resort is appropriate. Ultimately, choose a place that you feel most drawn towards for your holiday.

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