Waistcoat Wonders
Waistcoat Wonders

Waistcoat Wonders: A Comprehensive Guide to Styles, Selection, and Sophistication

“Whilst most tailoring enthusiasts wear waistcoats all year round, this extra layer really comes into its own when it’s cold outside. If you need any persuasion, take note of the always well-dressed, David Gandy, who is a pro at Winter layering.”

“Waistcoats found off-the-peg tend to follow the same style formula: single-breasted in a cloth that matches the rest of the suit, however, the style options open up enormously when you go bespoke.”

“A bespoke waistcoat can be tailored in almost any style you can dream up, but to help you get inspired, here are 5 of our favourite waistcoat styles we will be wearing this Winter.”

Wear A Waistcoat That Fits You Like A Glove  

Wear A Waistcoat That Fits You Like A Glove

“Whether you are purchasing a single waistcoat or a three-piece suit, our bespoke waistcoats are designed to your unique style and requirements. Best of all, they will fit you perfectly.”

“Get in touch to book a free initial consultation with one of our expert tailoring consultants. As you can see, a waistcoat can be as straightforward or as fancy as you wish.”

“Whilst the waistcoat styles listed above are all very popular, you can completely customise the style to your own requirements when you go bespoke.”

“Should you need any help, your personal tailoring consultant will guide you to the style that best suits your needs, your body shape and your jacket style.”

Different Types Of Waist Coats  

1. Single-Breasted Waistcoat:  

Single-Breasted Waistcoat

This is the most common style, featuring a single row of buttons down the front. The sides may be straight or slightly curved.

“A single-breasted waistcoat is one of the most common styles of waistcoat you will find off-the-peg. There’s no wonder that it’s so popular: this style is incredibly timeless and looks flattering on every body shape.”

“Often, they are designed with five buttons, however when you go bespoke, you can have anything from three to seven buttons. Generally, the more buttons you have on your waistcoat, the higher it will fasten on your chest. This is so that the buttons are evenly spaced without being too close or too far from each other.”

2. Double-Breasted Waistcoat:  

Double-Breasted Waistcoat

Double-breasted waistcoats have two parallel rows of buttons on the front. The fabric overlaps, giving a more formal and structured appearance.

  • You already know what a DB is; if you don’t, you can read about it The Double Breasted
  • A DB waistcoat is essentially similar in principle but is designed as a waistcoat
  • The 6×3 is a very formal and dashing look to sport
  • You can pick either a notched or a peaked lapel for some more spunk.

“A double-breasted waistcoat has a more traditional, formal feel than its single-breasted counterpart. That’s why it is very uncommon to wear a double-breasted waistcoat with something like a casual tweed suit.”

“It feels particularly cold-weather appropriate since the double layering adds extra warmth. Most double-breasted waistcoats found off-the-peg will have a 6×3 button fastening, but when you go bespoke, you could opt for an 8×4 or even 10×5. As with a single-breasted waistcoat, the more rows of buttons, the higher it will fasten on your chest.”

3. Shawl Collar Waistcoat:  

Shawl Collar Waistcoat

A shawl collar waistcoat has a rounded, continuous collar that extends from the front to the back. It’s often seen as an elegant and sophisticated choice.

  • As the name suggests, this is a DB waistcoat with a shawl lapel
  • This look is most amicable with a Tuxedo.

4. Notch Lapel Waistcoat:  

Notch Lapel Waistcoat

The notch lapel waistcoat has lapels similar to those found on suit jackets, with a small notch where the lapel meets the collar.

  • With the evolution of the waistcoats, the designers realized that what would make a WC really ready to stand on its out would be a collar and a lapel
  • In that way, a waistcoat could be more like a jacket
  • With this in mind, a notch lapel was added to the traditional WC to make it more splendid and elegant.
  • If you do not know about lapels and their different styles and types, you can read all about them.

5. Peak Lapel Waistcoat:  

Peak Lapel Waistcoat

The peak lapel waistcoat has lapels that point upwards towards the shoulders, resembling an inverted “V” shape.

  • After the notch lapel design picked up, designers experimented with the peak lapels on the waistcoats, and it worked out splendidly
  • According to me a WC with a peaked lapel is more stylish than one with a notched lapel.

“Any bespoke waistcoat can feature a lapel. This is rarely seen off-the-peg, but we offer them in the following styles: notch, peak and shawl.”

“Most of the time, the waistcoat lapel will use the cloth used in the rest of the waistcoat, however for occasions when you want to make a statement, a contrasting cloth can be used, such as velvet or satin. A small line of hand stitching, known as stab stitching, can be added to the edge of the lapel.”

“This style is particularly appealing in warm climates when you would feel uncomfortable in a jacket. The lapels make it look extra smart, and can even be made with a buttonhole if you intend to wear a flower.”

6. U-Neck or Scoop Neck Waistcoat:  

U-Neck or Scoop Neck Waistcoat

These waistcoats have a U-shaped or scoop neckline, offering a unique and slightly more casual look compared to traditional V-neck or high-neck styles.

7. V-Neck Waistcoat:  

V-Neck Waistcoat

The V-neck waistcoat has a V-shaped neckline, which is a classic and popular style for formal occasions.

8. Collared Waistcoat:  

Collared Waistcoat

A waistcoat with a standard shirt-style collar, resembling a dress shirt’s collar, for a more polished and structured appearance.

9. Backless Waistcoat:  

Backless Waistcoat

A backless waistcoat lacks a full back panel and is often used for formal occasions to reduce bulk and heat. It’s held in place by straps or an adjustable buckle at the back.

10. Lace-Up Waistcoat:  

Lace-Up Waistcoat

This style features a lace-up closure at the back, allowing for adjustments and a snug fit. It’s often seen in historical or steampunk-inspired fashion.

11. Dress Waistcoat:  

Dress Waistcoat

A waistcoat designed for formal or semi-formal occasions, usually made from finer fabrics like silk or satin, and often accompanied by a matching dress shirt and tie.

“Most waistcoats tend to use lining on the back of them. This is a functional choice: a lining back is smooth against the lining of your suit jacket whilst reducing bulk. It is also cooler to wear.”

“Historically, the back wasn’t meant to be seen in public since waistcoats weren’t worn without a jacket. However, these days, it is more and more common to wear a waistcoat without a jacket. This is when a cloth-backed waistcoat really comes into its own.”

“Using the same cloth on both the front and back of the waistcoat looks extremely smart, making it ideal to wear without a jacket.”

“For people living in very cold climates, a cloth backed waistcoat is also a good option to wear with a suit jacket since it is much warmer than a lining back.”

12. Casual Waistcoat:  

Casual Waistcoat

Typically made from more casual fabrics such as cotton or linen, and often worn in a more relaxed, everyday setting. It may have unique patterns or designs.

13. Leather Waistcoat:  

Leather Waistcoat

Made from leather, it provides a rugged and edgy look. Leather waistcoats are often associated with biker or punk fashion.

  • To be honest, I was surprised when this look popped up in my research. But when I saw how cool and sexy it actually looks, if you have the right attitude to pull it off, I became a fan
  • This looks great when riding a bike or when you are out to have some fun painting the town red.

14. Horseshoe Waistcoat:  

Horseshoe Waistcoat

“A horseshoe waistcoat is the most formal option in this list. Traditionally, a dinner suit should be worn with a “waist covering”, such as a cummerbund, however, in cases where you want to wear a waistcoat, a horseshoe style is recommended.”

“It is has a much deeper opening than a suiting waistcoat to allow space for shirt studs, bibs and pleats whilst covering the waistband of your trousers.”

“This style can be single or double-breasted and can even feature a contrasting lapel.”

15. High-Neck or Mandarin Collar Waistcoat:  

High-Neck or Mandarin Collar Waistcoat

The collar of this waistcoat stands up and encircles the neck, providing a distinctive look. It can be formal or casual, depending on the design and fabric.

16. The Classic Waistcoat:   

The Classic Waistcoat
  • This is the basic waistcoat
  • It has about 6-8 buttons
  • There is a cinch adjuster at the back to make sure the WC fits well
  • In the traditional sense, a belt is not to be worn with a waistcoat. The cinch therefore makes up for the absence of a belt by helping with the fitting.

17. The Donegal Tweed Waistcoat:  

The Donegal Tweed Waistcoat
  • A tweed has faint specs of color spread over the entire fabric, which gives it a unique look
  • Tweed has great texture and is structurally lightweight
  • Therefore it can be worn even in the summer when it’s usually a pain to layer up
  • A Tweed WC can be very versatile. It can be styled in a casual, formal, and informal setting
  • However, I like the Tweed WC in an informal setting, like a party, get to gather dinner with friends, or date night.

18. Windowpane Waistcoat:   

Windowpane Waistcoat
  • Don’t let the name fool or confuse you
  • This is just a patterned WC
  • A Windowpane WC has a checked pattern
  • It is a very bold statement piece
  • If you are wearing something very formal and conservative in monochromes, a Windowpane WC is just what you need to exude some of your personal style to the look
  • It is generally the preferred choice of the confident and stylish gent when donning the three piece suit
  • A Windowpane WC can make any look come to life and look vibrant and suave.

19. The DB Waistcoat  

The DB Waistcoat
  • According to me, a 4×2 is more versatile than a 6×3 especially when trying different looks according to the different occasions
  • A rule that one must never forget is DO NOT WEAR A DOUBLE BREASTED WAISTCOAT WITH A DB SUIT like ever. This is a faux pas, and let no one tell you otherwise
  • You can try this look with either a notched or a peaked lapel depending on your personal taste.

20. The Low Cut Formal Waistcoat  

The Low Cut Formal Waistcoat
  • This is cut slightly lower so as to substitute like a cummerbund
  • It allows you to add some flair to your dress shirt in the form of shirt studs, bibs or pleats, and so on.

Wrapping Up!  

Well, there you go, these were a few of the best waistcoats; if you think that these waistcoats are something that you can get behind, then you should definitely go for them. Now if you think that this article was quite helpful, then give this article a like and comment down below.

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