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What Are The Best Plus Size Winter Coats For Women? (Explore 10+ Varieties And Learn How To Choose Them)

It’s time to upgrade your winter wardrobe. As it snows and the days start getting colder, you need the best plus size winter coats to enjoy the embrace of warmth.  

You have to consider two factors while adding a winter coat to your closet. You have to know how comfortable the coat is on those chilling, wintry days. The design also is an important factor if you want to make a distinct fashion statement

So, are you ready to get the best plus size winter coat for you? Let you take you through the variations with essential styling tips. I will also discuss the factors that you need to consider and the best coat for you.  

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Winter Coats?

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Winter Coats?

As we don’t want to compromise on style and comfort while buying our best winter coat, we have to be particular about certain criteria.  

I have created a detailed guide that will help you to ace the art of choosing your coat right. 

Material Of The Winter Coat

Material Of The Winter Coat

In general, the best plus size winter coats are tailored with polyester and nylon. Now, both these materials have their own share of pros and cons. 

Nylon Winter Coats

These winter coats are the best because nylon is durable. Further, as a material, nylon has powerful weatherproofing qualities.  

Polyester Winter Coats

The winter coats you will mostly come across are made of polyester. As a material, polyester is not weatherproof or durable like nylon. However, the polyester jackets are more pocket-friendly.  

Style Of The Coats

Style Of The Coats

Yes, functionality and comfort are important when you search for a winter coat. However, your personal style preference does not need to take a backseat while making the choices. 

Having said that, when the weather is extremely cold, you must go for longer coats. These coats offer you limited options for styling. However, these are the best choices because they will offer you better protection from cold weather. 

If it’s for the warmer days of the winter, you can always go for the shorter or cropped styles.  

Further, if you want a good fit around your waistline, go for a sweater with a tapered hem and adjustable waist.  

You will find the winter coats in different shades and patterns. So, be as creative as you want with your choices of the best plus size winter coats.  

Weatherproofing Features

Winter coats with sealed flat seams are the best choice if you want coats with the best weatherproofing features.  

The ones with a hooded neckline are even more effective, with a snug-fit cap protecting your ears, neck, and head from cold air. The type of insulation and fill power (discussed in the upcoming sections) also majorly impact the weatherproofing features of a long coat.  

Insulation Type Of The Coat

Insulation Type Of The Coat

Winter coats usually come with two types of insulation. They either come with true down fill. There are also jackets and coats that have alternative or synthetic fill. 

Down Winter Coats

The original down fill comes from ducks. It has excellent insulation capacity, keeping you warm in extreme weather conditions.  

Many winter coats are also made using a combination of down and feathers. However, when choosing a winter coat with duck fill, you must not forget to check the Responsible Down Standard or RDS. This standard ensures that the fill used in the coats is sourced ethically and responsibly.  

Down Alternative Or Synthetic Winter Coats

If you want to use vegan products or you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can choose the synthetic or down alternative coats. 

Polyester and different synthetic fibers are used to make these jackets and coats. These coats are not as warm as the ones with the original down fill. However, the care and maintenance regime for these jackets is pretty easy.  

Fill Power

Fill Power

The fill power decides how lofty or warm a winter coat is. Without getting into much technicalities, you can see fill power as indicative of the presence of down fill in the coat. 

If the fill power of a coat is higher, it will have better insulation capacity, and naturally, it will keep you warmer.  

You will find winter coats with a fill power of something between 300 and 900. The ones with more than 550 fill power are suitable for heavy winter.  

Make A Note

Having a high fill power does not make a coat heavier. Also, only the coats made with the original down fill have the fill power. The ones made with down alternatives have different listing criteria to mark insulation capacity.  

Special Features

Special Features

You have a regular plus size winter coat, and you have an excellent plus size winter coat. What do you think makes all the difference?  

Keeping the importance of ergonomics and functionalities in mind, many small elements are introduced in the designs of the best plus size winter coats.  

Here are some of the special features that make a winter coat stand out from others. 

Hooded Neckline With A Proper Fit

A hooded neckline is a must when you choose a winter coat for you. Some coats even come with a removable hooded neckline.  

The hood of a coat, with proper insulation, will keep your head covered and will not allow it to lose heat. 

However, while choosing a hooded coat, make sure that the hood fits your head perfectly. The drawstrings attached to the hood should be functional enough to make adjustments. Otherwise, the hood will keep falling off. 

Hemline With Drawstrings

When it’s very cold outside, you will need to seal your jacket tighter around your waist and face. If you can seal your jacket properly, heat will not escape your body easily, and you will remain warm for longer. 

A hemline with drawstrings will allow you to make the necessary adjustments.  

You will even come across many seam-sealed coats. These jackets and coats offer extra protection from moisture.  

Two Way Zipper

Having two-way zippers can be an added advantage for the best plus size winter coats for women. The two-way zipper allows you to unzip your coat from top or bottom.  

So, you can unzip the bottom section of the coat even when the upper part is zipped. This makes the coat more convenient for sitting and other movements. Women who especially have love handles or some extra flab around their abdomen will find a two-way zipper as the most convenient element of a winter coat.  

However, if your winter coat has a two-way zipper, you must check whether it is working smoothly or not before the purchase. You should be able to unzip your jacket even when you are wearing gloves.  

Now that you know how you can pick the best plus size winter coats, it’s time to go through the best designs. I will also share some cool styling tips.  

Expert Shopping Tips For Buying The Best Plus Size Winter Coats For Women

You are at the shop, or you have just received the winter coat you ordered online. It’s time to try the coat.  

While trying the coat and checking its fit, you must wear it over something bulky. The winter coat is going to be the outermost layer of your outfit. So, you have to ensure that it fits you well when you wear it on your regular clothes.  

Further, while trying the coat, zip it up completely. After zipping it up, you will get to know whether it’s restricting your movement or not.  

What Are The Best Plus Size Winter Coats For Women?

Are you all set to pick the best winter coat for you? Let’s explore the coolest ideas and check out some fun styling tips.  

Double-Breasted Pea Coat For Plus Size Women

Double-Breasted Pea Coat For Plus Size Women

Are you someone who has a penchant for quiet luxury? You can pick a double-breasted pea coat. The double-breasted style of the coat exudes a vintage charm. Further, the long length of the coat promises to keep you warm throughout the day.  

Thanks to the length of the coat, you can wear it over a top or shirt, along with leather pants and boots. However, if you are heading to a coffee date or going for a casual stroll in your locality, you can even wear it as a standalone top with high leather boots.  

Shearling Car Winter Coats With Faux Fur Detailing

Shearling Car Winter Coats With Faux Fur Detailing

Shearling leather has high insulation power. So, this coat will be the most suitable for the stormy and breezy days.  

The faux fur detailing of the coat will make it even warmer and add a dash of luxury to the overall design of your coat.  

Do you want to check out a coat made of shearling leather? Check out the shearling car coat from Topshop.  

Aviator Winter Jacket Made Of Faux Shearling

Aviator Winter Jacket Made Of Faux Shearling

Aviator jackets are known for the extra warmth they offer with faux fur detailing. These jackets are also known for their utilitarian features, including extra pockets.  

The distinct design of these jackets also makes them suitable for many occasions. It can be your go-to formal outfit or stylish partywear while heading to a winter party. 

Wear this coat with leather pants and high boots to put your best foot forward.   

Regular Puffer Jacket

Regular Puffer Jacket

It does not matter how cold the day or evening is. You are ready to beat the chill when you have a puffer jacket in your winter essentials. 

Puffer jackets do not need much styling. Choose your bottoms to complement the color of your jacket, and of course, go for something that will keep you warm.  

Cropped Puffer Jacket

Cropped Puffer Jacket

It’s time to raise the mercury this winter with your unique style statement. Do you need the warmth of a puffer jacket, but the length of the regular ones does not fit your ensemble? Why don’t you choose a cropped puffer jacket?  

The cropped length of the jacket will make styling versatile for you. Wear it with leather skirts or shorts and high boots to bring out the diva in you.  

Long Length Puffer Jacket

Long Length Puffer Jacket

Winter becomes blissful and warm when you have the best puffer jacket in your closet. Are you someone who loves a lot of outdoor activities during winter? Choose a puffer jacket with a longer length to keep you fully covered when it’s snowing or raining.  

Team it up with your favorite denim jeans and sneakers to enjoy a great winter outdoors.  

Animal Print Bomber Jacket

Bring the retro vibe back and flaunt your love for opulence by wearing an animal print bomber jacket this winter. You can style it the way you want with a well-fitted skirt or trousers.  

It can even be your go-to outfit for a winter party at your friend’s place.  

Color Block Trench Coat

Color Block Trench Coat

Are you looking for something different from those regular solid winter coats? You can get a trench coat with a vertical color block pattern. 

The vertical color block pattern will create a visual break, and it will make your silhouette appear slender. 

Wear the trench coat over a combination of top and denim jeans to look your stylish best for a casual day out.  

Parka Coat With A Fold-Back Hood

Parka Coat With A Fold-Back Hood

Parka coats are known for their minimalistic yet stylish look. These are winter staples for women who have to take part in outdoor activities regularly during winter. 

However, a parka coat with a fold-back hood can be more functional and comfortable for the winter season. You can cover your head with the hood whenever you want. However, when the Sun is up and bright, you can fold the hood back.  

Animal Print Swing Coat

Animal Print Swing Coat

Are you looking for a coat that offers better form fitting? Choose a swing coat for this winter. As animal prints are back with a bang this season, you can pick that as a pattern for your swing coat. 

Layer your top or dress with this swing coat and team it up with high leather boots.  

Longline Packable Coat

Longline Packable Coat

Packable coats with a quilted design are great for fusing elegance with warmth. The hood will keep your head, neck, and ears warm and functional.  

Further, the metal hardware of the jacket makes it easy to wear and ensures a snug fit.  

Faux Leather Wrap Coat

Faux Leather Wrap Coat

A faux leather wrap coat can be about sartorial elegance, and it will be your go-to outfit for grand parties. 

Wear this coat with matching stockings and high leather boots to bring out the diva in you.  

Final Words

The best plus size winter coats will offer you the fusion of style and comfort. Cliched it may sound, but considering many big brands like Mango, H&M, and Karen Millen designing a wide range of plus size winter coats, you have to never compromise on detailed design and aesthetics along with functionality. 

Further, the guide I have created here will help you make the best purchase, as you now know what keeps you warmer on colder days. So, explore the shopping guides, design variations, and style tips to ace your winter fashion this season. 

Also, don’t forget to share if you have some additional ideas or input about plus size winter coats for women.

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