The Rise Of Body Positivity And Inclusivity In Fashion And Society

The Rise Of Body Positivity And Inclusivity In Fashion And Society

For a long time, fashion has impacted the way we perceive beauty. The Fashion Sector continues to enforce restrictive notions of beauty and excludes those who fail to match the standards. 

However, there has been a burgeoning movement called “Body Positivity” that promotes appreciation and acceptance of different body shapes. While both body positivity and inclusivity are used interchangeably, they have an undeniable significance in the world of fashion. 

For someone like me who has always remained vocal about body positivity, this movement holds a critical place. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the article, which has a lot in store for you!

Misconceptions and Criticism of the Body Positivity Movement

Misconceptions and Criticism of the Body Positivity Movement

Ever since fashion industry inclusivity began, there have been a lot of talks in the town. While some are in its favor, others frown upon the overall concept. Consequently, there have been a lot of misconceptions regarding it, which I aim to clear in the next section:

It paves the way for an unhealthy lifestyle

86% of people tend to believe that body positivity and inclusivity promote unhealthy ways of living. Critics add that by embracing all body types, no matter how they look, the movement glorifies obesity and neglects healthy habits. But that’s definitely not the case!

Body positivity, on the other hand, focuses on respecting every body type, regardless of how it appears. The concept of health is too complicated and must not be restricted to just body size or weight. It should encourage an individual to focus on overall well-being.

It excludes certain body types

A few also criticize that the body inclusivity movement is too focused on celebrating bulkier bodies, ignoring other body types. Disabled people with non-conforming body types belong nowhere in the entire movement. Hence, it is critical to understand the true motive of the movement. 

A primary aspect of this is intersectionality, where individuals need to acknowledge all sorts of individuals. The fashion world has already started making efforts to ensure the support and inclusion of people with scars, body differences, and even disabilities. What we can do as a society is amplify the experiences and voices of marginalized groups.

Associating body positivity with narcissism

One more misconception about celebrating diversity in fashion is that it promotes self-centeredness. Critics are not too happy about people embracing their own bodies because it seem too “narcissistic” and “self-indulgent.” Unfortunately, this information is only shallow. 

The world is already cruel enough, and acceptance comes from within. Reformers wanted to impart the importance of loving and celebrating the God-gifted uniqueness among us through positive movements. Instead of promoting self-vanity, the goal is to dismantle toxic beauty approaches. 

Personal Stories and Advocacy Related To Body Positivity and Inclusivity

Challenging society’s particular way of thinking isn’t easy. Changing the perception of multiple individuals is no child’s play. But as I keep saying, change comes from within. Here are some women who inspire the society daily by promoting healthy living and self-acceptance:

Stephanie Viada

As popular an entrepreneur and model as Stephanie Viada is, she has left no stone unturned in her advocacy of self-acceptance. The Cuban-Spanish heritage model has her platform for sharing what true love means. 

Various pictures are captioned with words that induce confidence in women and emphasize the need to be “unapologetic” about how they look. Due to a broader perspective, multiple body-positive fashion brands have leveraged her vision to promote self-loving at a larger scale. 

Veronica Sams

Who hasn’t heard of the 25-year-old photographer creating a buzz in the world of fashion? Veronica Sans started her career very early and is experiencing the top of their journey. With her amazing photography skills, she has also shared a lot of positive thoughts about celebrating inclusivity. 

In an interview with Fashion Week Daily, she shared how it’s important that everyone she works with is well aware of her “safe space.” Not being comfortable in your skin never helps because the camera picks up on everything. 

Agustina Cabaleiro

Argentina-based Agustina was always a subject of fat-shaming. Her classmates and colleagues made her think that her body type was the problem, so much so that she went forward with a strict diet. This led to her shedding off weight at a very young age. 

She says that the body-positive movement has really helped her to recognize their inner beauty and embrace it. She further adds that in Argentina, people considered her unattractive, but in Cuba, she felt like a “goddess.” So, the problem isn’t really with her; it’s with the mentality of the society. 

It is true that vivid media bodies have different ways of inducing body-positive thoughts among us. Instead of blindly believing them, we can try to include our own opinions, which might have a much more positive impact on our society. 

Accepting The Way You Are: Tips To Embrace Our Bodies

Accepting The Way You Are_ Tips To Embrace Our Bodies

Did you know that almost 70% of women belonging to the age slab 18-30 years do not find their bodies attractive? And so are men because almost 45% of them aren’t happy about their bodies either. Trust me, none of these movements actually matter if we don’t start the change within. Here are a few tips to embrace body positivity and inclusivity:

Begin with positive affirmations

Beauty begins with the mind. In order to practice self-love, one must try positive affirmations first. Talk to yourself daily and give gentle reminders to yourself. Look in the mirror and say positive things because who else will do that? Optimistic words trigger our senses and calm down our bodies. As a result, we learn to accept ourselves in the most natural manner. 

Surround yourself with optimistic thoughts and people

The world is full of negative body messages. Open social media, and you will see so much hate being spread out about body types. But it doesn’t always have to be the same. A study pinpoints how spending more time on social media develops a negative body image. Instead, surround yourself with good thoughts. If you use social media a lot, follow plus-sized models or those who promote body inclusivity. 

There must be no comparison!

No two bodies can be the same; everybody is different and unique. Instead of comparing, it is better to celebrate the uniqueness within you. Apart from giving you peace of mind, self-loving also promotes a healthier lifestyle. I’ve had friends who started living on junk after they realized they weren’t as desirable as others. Positive thinking changes your lifestyle habits to a great extent. 

Communicate with others and build a positive network

In a world where positivity exists, people become happier. If you have that ability within yourself to motivate and inspire others, don’t hesitate to build a positive network around you. You can start something like Tedx Talks or curate a social media profile or blog. The goal of this community should be to remove any sort of negative air and welcome body positivity with open arms. 

Role of Personal Training Professionals In Embracing Body Positivity

Role of Personal Training Professionals In Embracing Body Positivity

We often need professionals to help us complete our day-to-day tasks. One such category of professional we need to make our lives easier is a personal trainer. Apart from maintaining our physical well-being, they also help out in numerous other ways. Given below are a few examples:

Personal coaches educate individuals about health goals

We often overlook the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the middle of chaos. From staying dehydrated to relying more on fast food, we do everything possible to make our lives worse. However, a personal trainer educates us about our health goals. 

Not only do they plan a perfect diet for us, but they also ensure that we adhere to it strictly. Exercise focuses not getting into any “perfect” shape but keeping our bodies away from potential illnesses and body conditions. 

Offer individualized programming and training 

All bodies are different, and every human has a different functioning than the other. As a result, there must be a specific diet and exercise plan for every individual. And guess what? Your training professional is most likely to help you out in this regard, too. 

A reputed training professional comprehends the needs of every individual, which is why they create a specific set of advice. They also try to assign the person all the necessary resources to help him stick to the plan. 

Encourage you to self-love yourself 

This might be a personal approach, but a lot of trainers encourage their trainees to love their own bodies. This is counted as a very important role of a training professional because, in a way, they are promoting body-positive movement. 

While acceptance in fashion is a much-debated topic, the least we can do is start embracing our own selves. And that’s what these trainers try to teach us. In some cases, we have also seen some personal trainers acting as positive role models for better inspiration. 

Parting Thoughts

There have been contrasting opinions about body positivity and inclusivity in fashion. However, it is safe to say that the body-positive movement has certainly changed the usual perception of body image.

People are becoming more accepting of them and each other. Only if we see more positive approaches on social media will the world be a much happier place. 

That being said, this article is over. But don’t confine your thoughts to yourself; share your opinion on this with us by commenting below. Thank you for reading!

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