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20 Modern Cowgirl Outfit Ideas For Women In 2023

From My Darling Clementine to Django Unchained, Western movies, and cowboycore/westerncore fashion is always a trendsetter. The rugged stylized look and the earthy tones make this genre stand out.

Also, this style has recently penetrated video games in the form of “Red Dead Redemption 2.” So, it’s not a surprise that a cowgirl outfit can be the “it” thing when you try to revamp your closet for this season.

Even you can explore the celeb looks in cowgirl outfits. These outfits are surely bringing a whirlwind in the fashion world.

My favorite is Dua Lipa, who wore a red checkered button-down shirt with a pair of denim shorts and cowboy boots for a recent appearance. She is the perfect cowboy girl. I also love Sophie Turner’s Insta photo, where she is seen in her cowgirl avatar.

Are you ready to ace the cowgirl trend? Here I am with 20 cool ideas. But before that, some deep diving is essential.

Cowboy/Cowgirl Outfit Is A Reflection Of Western Lifestyle

Cowboy/Cowgirl Outfit Is A Reflection Of Western Lifestyle

What is your notion about a cowboy or cowgirl? If popular films and games made you believe they are goons, people with guns, or indulging in gore every now and then, you are wrong in your perceptions.

The origin of the term cowboy goes back to 1000AD. It came from Ireland, where a boy tending cows and cattle was called a cowboy.

However, the more recent or modern form of “American cowboys or cowgirls” you see is a fusion of various ethnicities are have grown through major evolutions since the American Civil War. That’s why if you try to decode an ideal cowboy or cowgirl outfit, you will find a lot of eclectic elements.

At the same time, if you consider the Western lifestyle, it’s much beyond fashion or outfits. It is the way of living, day-to-day work, food, and recreation.

Invariably, the group has been mainly involved in ranch work, cattle-tending, horse riding, and fighting. American Writer Nathanael West said, “Let him ride a horse. He’s a cowboy, ain’t he?

With time, they also took up labor-intensive jobs. And more or less, a nomadic lifestyle was prominent. Naturally, their choice of jobs needed them to dress up in a certain way, and they had to bear the extremities of weather and unfavorable life conditions.

So, the jeans, boots, shirts, jackets, and dresses you see dominating Western fashion are there for a reason.

The Best Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

The Best Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

Do you remember the song from “My Darling Clementine?” This song will give you a romanticized idea of a beautiful cowgirl.

“In a cavern, in a canyon

Excavating for a mine

Dwelt a miner forty-niner

And his daughter, Clementine

Yes I loved her, how I loved her

Though her shoes were number nine

Herring boxes, without topses

Sandals were for Clementine…”

Check out the list below to know how to follow the trend and yet infuse individuality into it.

Disco Cowgirl Outfit

Disco Cowgirl Outfit

As the name suggests, a disco cowgirl outfit is about shine and shimmer. But you can also keep it chic in a white dad shirt, and shorts teamed with a denim jacket.

You can wear funky high-neck crop tops, denim shorts, and leather jackets. And if you like it more dramatic, go for a cowgirl bodysuit detailed with a lot of fringes or chains. And for that extra groove and swaying of your hips, wear a layered waist chain.

Keep your feet safe while moving in high cowboy boots.

Cowgirl Party Outfit

Cowgirl Party Outfit

If you want to know the “fashion theme of the moment,” it’s the cowgirl party theme. Cowboy fashion has never been so jazzy!

Looking around, you will find many people throw parties based on this fashion theme. So, what a cowgirl party outfit is? It can be any staple from Western fashion with all the glitter and fun.

You can wear metallic dresses or outfits adorned with sequins and glitter to don the perfect party look. To infuse the cowgirl charm, accessorize it with a lot of chains, funky jewelry pieces, and of course, a shimmery cowboy hat.

Are you looking for something else? Try a butterfly top adorned with sequins and club with a skort. Choose a contrasting shade for the boots to bring a lot of attention to your ensemble.

Space Cowgirl Outfit

Space Cowgirl Outfit

Space cowgirl outfits are very much a part of the cowgirl party outfits. But because of their soaring popularity, these dresses have become a genre of their own. Also, it’s a futuristic take on cowgirl fashion.

You will notice the abundance of metallic shades and neon in these outfits. So, if you are to attend a cowgirl-themed or Halloween party, you can try this fashion trend.

How to nail the space cowgirl look?

Wear a metallic or shimmery skirt, skorts, or shorts with a neon bralette top and cowboy hat. You can also wear a shimmery bodycon with a cowboy hat and boots.

If you want to be more experimental, try a space cowgirl bodysuit. Keep the neckline a little deeper, and add fringes on your sleeves for some extra quirk.

Pink Cowgirl Outfit

Pink Cowgirl Outfit

Who said pink is only the color for Barbie? This color is also reigning supreme in cowgirl outfit ideas. Like the all-black cowgirl ensemble, you can also go for an all-pink ensemble to give your cowgirl look a unique twist.

Wear pink pants, a top, a jacket, and a cowboy hat. You can also wear your boots in pink, but I think a pair of boots in black will be great to break the monotony.

You can also team your pink jumpsuit with cowboy accessories like boots and a hat to make a statement, along with pants and tops. And you will find a lot of options in pink sundresses to give your cowgirl fashion game a little boost.

Plus Size Cowgirl Outfit

With so many things being said about body positivity and neutrality, inclusive fashion is the need of the hour. You will get many options in cowgirl outfits for plus-size women. Jeans and shirts are, of course, going to be the most comfortable staple.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself. You have a lot of options, including sundresses, gowns, shirts, and shorts.

I think a flared skirt with fringes will be your ideal cowgirl outfit when you team it with a shirt or white top. You can even try the dad shirts for a chic look.

Summer Cowgirl Outfit

Summer Cowgirl Outfit

When the Sun is shining bright, and you need to step out, keep your cowgirl outfit minimal. Wear denim shorts with crop tops and bralette tops, and try picking shorts with fringes for all the more fun.

You can layer your top with a sleeveless shrug with an asymmetrical hemline and complete your look.

While picking cowboy boots, you can go for the ones with cutwork or those made of canvas or suede for maximum breathability.

Cowgirl Outfit For Cooler Weather

So, it’s a bit cold out there, and you need some coziness. Don’t worry, as you have your cowgirl outfit to give you warmth when the days are short and nights are long.

You cannot just do without your denim jeans, and your leather pants will also do. Team it with a high-neck T-Shirt in monochrome and layer it with a checkered flannel shirt.

Now pose with the morning Sun in your backdrop, and you have the best photo for your Instagram page.

Cowgirl Look In Sundress

Cowgirl Look In Sundress

If you need the perfect cowgirl outfit for summer, you have to pick a sundress. You can get one off-shoulder outfit or one with a simple round neck. The dress is not only comfortable, but also it adds oodles of feminine vibe.

Complement it with a cowboy hat and boots to make it perfect for a day out. However, be a little selective about the color of your dress. White, beige, brown, and tannish yellow are the best choices.  

Denim Cowgirl Outfit

What can be more comfortable than an all-denim ensemble to create the perfect cowgirl look? When I talk about a cowgirl outfit, it’s much beyond the jeans.

You can wear your jeans with a white or black tank, layered with a denim jacket. Also, it will look great if you club your denim jeans with a denim shirt.

Don’t forget your hat, boots, and shades!

This ensemble is ideal for almost all weather conditions. So, wear it without worries.  

Cowgirl Look In Jacket And Jeans

Cowgirl Look In Jacket And Jeans

If you want to keep it vintage and true to the aesthetics of Western fashion, you cannot do it without a pair of jeans.

Irrespective of its style, this bottom wear definitely compliments the Western lifestyle the most. However, pick a pair with a high rise for an upright appearance.

Team your jeans with a checkered shirt, leather jacket, belt, cowboy hat, and boots.

Bell-Bottom Cowgirl Outfit

A pair of wide-leg bell-bottom jeans can be enough for your cowgirl look if you know how to wear them right. You can go for a heavy wash in your denim bell bottom jeans, and for that extra fun and ruggedness, some ripping here and there and fringes around the hem will be great.

You can wear this ideal cowgirl bottom with a crop top, corset top, denim shirt, and even tanks. For layering, you can choose a leather jacket or checkered button-down shirt.

The entire ensemble will look good with a pair of espadrilles in brown or tan. Or you can always wear cowboy boots.

Beach Cowgirl Outfit

Beach Cowgirl Outfit

Want to bring some Western vibes to the beach? A loose-knit dress or a wrap dress with an asymmetrical hem can be your perfect cowgirl outfit for the beach.

For both dresses, the ideal colors will be white and beige. If you wear a knit dress, you will need a cowboy hat and boots. You can also layer the dress with a cropped denim jacket.

For the wrap dress, cowboy boots, waistbelt, and hat will do the trick. And wear your Sunscreen to soak in the warmth.

Chic Cowgirl Outfit

Cowgirl and formal? Isn’t it an oxymoron? Not anymore! It’s very much possible with a modern twist.

Get a dad shirt, a short skirt, and a pair of cowboy boots to create the perfect “formal cowgirl look” for your next meeting. The color white will be the best for the shirt and for the skirt you can go for beige or brown.

Cowgirl Looks In Corset Tops And Leather Pants

Cowgirl Looks In Corset Tops And Leather Pants

Corset tops are a rage these days, and they do celebrate sensuality like no other. Get one corset top with an extra-plunge neckline, and team it with a pair of leather pants to step out in style.

Tie your hair up, or keep it braided for the perfect rugged look. Need some inspiration in your hairdo? Check out the “Shield Maidens” in the Netflix series Vikings.

Cow-Prints And Boots For Cowgirl Looks

You can be a little creative with the cowgirl fashion trend and wear a cow-printed skirt with a cowboy hat and boots. Pick the top in white, black, or beige so that the print on your skirt gets all the highlights.

This is a cool ensemble and can be worn for a variety of occasions like concerns, casual day outs, and rodeos.

All-Black Cowboy Outfit

All-Black Cowboy Outfit

Imagine the quintessential image of a cowgirl sitting on a horse with a lasso in her hand. Create that look and even go bolder by picking an all-black cowgirl outfit.

Pick a pair of black jeans, a high-neck top, a jacket, and a hat. Your cowboy boots also should be black. If you wear shorts for this look, keep the length of your boots a little higher.

Cowgirl Style With Skirts And Hats

Are you going for a casual hang-out with friends or a rodeo? You can get the perfect cowgirl look by wearing a skirt, top, cowboy hat, and boots.

You can keep your skirt and top color-coordinated or go for a leather skirt and a black/white top. In for some layering? Wear your skirt with a fringed jacket in brown or beige.

Don’t forget to accessorize!

Cowgirl Look In Knee-Length Dress

Cowgirl Look In Knee-Length Dress

They say age is just a number. But I say age is power. So, it does not matter whether you are a septuagenarian or octogenarian. You can ace the perfect cowgirl look in a simple knee-length dress of earthy tones.

Layer this dress with a fringed shrug or jacket, and don’t forget the scarf around your neck. You can team the ensemble with pearl earrings for a bit of jazz.

Cowgirl Look In High Neck Sleeveless Dress

A sleeveless high-neck dress can be the ideal cowgirl outfit if you want something very comfortable, chic, and minimalistic. However, you have to be a little picky about the colors. Either go for something in beige and white or choose a dress in brown or burgundy. Do not be too flashy with the shades, as those can ruin the cowgirl vibe.

Style the dress with a layered necklace, bracelet, hat, and boots.

Cowgirl Style In Gowns

Cowgirl Style In Gowns

Have you ever thought a sexy floral gown could give you the perfect cowgirl look? All you need is a gown with pleats around your waistline and something vintage in sleeves like puff sleeves or trumpet sleeves.

For extra oomph, you can keep the bust area of the dress see-through and the neckline flaunting your cleavage. Just be a little careful about the length; at max, it can have a calf-length hem. You can be a little playful with the hemline with all the fringes and asymmetrical finishes.

Team it with your favorite cowboy boots, hat, and grungy accessories.

Western Cottagecore: The New Fashion Lingo On The Block

So far, cottagecore and westerncore have been two different ways of dressing. Cottagecore is more about dresses and aesthetics that resonate with country life, and it made a stir in mainstream fashion with Taylor Swift’s Cardigan.

Westerncore, on the other hand, depicts a way of living and aesthetics that originated from a group of people and now has become a part of the mainstream.

But of late, these two genres have been clubbed together only to give rise to a new trend called “western cottagecore.”

The fashion promotes something deeply pastoral with an ode to the Western lifestyle and has elements like floral dresses, pleated gowns, hoodies, T-Shirts, puff dresses, backpacks, boots, and hats.

Another core aesthetic born out of the fusion of these two beautiful genres is farmcore. It has already taken TikTok by storm. You will see a lot of sundresses, boots, dungarees, crop tops, maxi skirts, and basket bags in this trend.

What Is Coastal Cowgirl Trend?

What Is Coastal Cowgirl Trend?

The name says it all. The coastal cowgirl trend is a wonderful marriage of Western outfits and beachwear. This has been the biggest TikTok trend during March and April of 2023.

This fashion aesthetic incorporates a lot of floral dresses, boots, hats, jazzy accessories, off-shoulder tops, denim jeans, and shorts. The choice of colors for dresses is mostly neutral, with white, beige, tan, and brown ruling the color chart.

It became so huge this year with mammoth influence from country music stalwart Dolly Parton. Beyoncé is presenting it even on a bigger scale with her ongoing “Renaissance World Tour.” Her cowboy hats inspired by disco fashion are quite a sensation!      

Final Words

A cowgirl outfit today no longer has to be limited to denim jeans, flannel shirts, leather jackets, and boots. With some creative liberty and a modern twist, you can give your cowgirl outfit a unique twist.

Along with the twenty ideas I have shared, you can also wear leopard print tops, high-slit gowns, wrapped tops, and even graphic T-Shirts.

The thing is how you mix and match the elements to create the perfect Westerncore vibe. You can even wear the most basic pair of white cotton shorts and team it with a crop top and a pair of cowboy boots to nail the style.

Cowgirl fashion is also a lot about your attitude and confidence. Wear them like your second skin, girl!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Make My Outfit More Country?

You can smartly accessorize your outfit to create the perfect country look. The country look is something very comfy, soothing, and pastoral. You can get floral dresses, corset tops, jeans, crop tops, and other essentials. But the best thing is that you can easily create your country look with the regular staples in your wardrobe.

Wear your favorite checkered shirt with a chunky buckle belt around your waist, and team it with shorts to add a modern twist. You can finish your look with a hat and boots as you step out.

You can try the same trick with a loose-fit swear and even your baggy T-Shirt.

However, country fashion is never about a lot of flashy colors. The tones are usually neutral. So, avoid neon and metallic shades unless you are heading to a party.

How Do You Dress Like A Cowgirl For Halloween?

You can choose space cowgirl clothes for Halloween parties. These outfits are futuristic and have a lot of quirky charm.

To create the perfect space cowgirl look, you can wear a bodysuit in a metallic shade or a with a lot of shimmer. You can get this bodysuit designed with cutwork, sequins, and frills. You can even ask your designer to go for bell or trumpet sleeves and add more fringes.

Along with a space cowgirl bodysuit, you can also wear sequined dresses with a cowboy hat and boots. And if you want to keep it minimal, wear metallic skorts with neon bralette tops.

Makeup is important if you want to create the perfect Halloween look. Go for neon shades for your eye and lip makeup. How about funky tattoos on your cheeks? Temporary, of course!

How Do You Make A Cowgirl Look?

Today, you will find a lot of ideas if you want to know how to create the perfect cowgirl look. However, if you’re going to keep it simple and basic, wear a pair of denim jeans with a checkered shirt. Layer the shirt with a leather or frilled suede jacket and tie a scarf around your neck.

Finally, complement the entire ensemble with a cowboy hat and boots. You can try the same with denim shorts also.

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