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Four Ways To Find Affordable Dental Care

Hunting for quality dental care with low risks and affordable costs can be daunting but possible. Since orthodontic treatments typically cost more than other medical treatments, only 20% of Americans without health insurance consult a dentist if they experience dental discomfort, tells a study by ODPHP. The remaining 80% believe dental care is out of reach.

However, oral hygiene and maintenance are as important as overall health. For that, regular dental visits are a must. The question is, how do people without insurance coverage pay for dental care when they can’t afford it? Multiple affordable, free, low-cost dental services and programs are available throughout the US. If you are located in Mobile, Alabama, then you are at the right place since this blog will help you narrow down some viable options.

The below-mentioned options will help anyone within the vicinity of Mobile get a specialized dental checkup at least once a year, either free or at a low cost.

Top 4 Find Affordable Dental Care

1. Consult Local, Low-Cost Clinics

Low-Cost Clinics

If you reside in Alabama, you will see that it offers dental healthcare at a lower-than-average national cost. You can easily find braces treatment in Mobile Alabama, with a complimentary consultation and a customized plan for your condition.

You can also consider teeth whitening treatments at these clinics for a white smile. They offer professional teeth whitening procedures that can brighten your smile and give you more confidence. These treatments are typically much more affordable than at traditional dental clinics and can provide comparable results.

However, it is better to research the exact cost of the treatment and each element of the procedure you need to undergo and see how much you can cover without insurance. It will give you a better idea of the overall costs so that you can plan accordingly. That said, we have prepared a list of the Best Dentist in Dubai that offer excellent services at affordable cost.

2. Refer to Dental Schools

Refer to Dental Schools

The US houses around 65 accredited dental schools, according to ACHC. These include talented young graduates supervised closely by their licensed dental professionals. Dental institutes may not offer the same extensive services as clinics; they are one of the best options for affordable oral general care at half the prices of traditional clinics and hospitals. They also offer more flexible payment plans for those without dental insurance coverage.

Getting treated by the students does not mean that you will not receive top-notch quality care. The graduates are qualified and able to handle patient cases professionally. Moreover, the senior doctors assess and oversee each patient’s case and create suitable treatment plans.

Therefore, you can visit these institutes to your satisfaction. Take advantage of the consultation and collect reviews from those who have previously received treatment from any dentistry school.

3. Take Advantage of Special Promotions and Discounts

Special Promotions and Discounts

Some clinics or hospitals may run campaigns offering dental packages at economical rates. They may even offer student discounts or seasonal promotions. Make sure to take advantage of these, as they are typically short-lived.

For example, you may see an ad for prophylaxis cleaning at a reasonable price as a clinic’s seasonal discount. You may also often find other forms of teeth cleaning, such as scaling and root planing, gross debridement, and periodontal maintenance, at discounted prices.

Alternatively, many clinics offer a free initial consultation to discuss the issues. You can take advantage of this, get a consultation and learn about the procedure and cost of the required treatment.

National or franchise dental clinics also offer special discounts for families requiring urgent dental care with little to no means or resources to pay for it. Some clinics are funded by the federal government, especially by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

4. Look into Programs for Low-Income Groups

Low-Income Groups

Low-income families and groups can take advantage of federally funded dental programs, camps, and clinics such as the HRSA health centers. Alternatively, you will also find privately funded clinics that offer free dental care or discounted services to underserved communities.

You will also come across several dental care foundations in Mobile, Alabama. These foundations offer pro-bono care funded by charitable organizations. In addition, several non-profit programs and groups cater to struggling families needing proper oral hygiene across the US.

Similarly, some non-profits offer free dental care to senior citizens and the disabled. American Indians and Alaskan Natives can qualify for their respective community organizations. The American Dental Association’s initiative for kids also offers free dental services, preventive care, screenings, and treatments.

You can consult your local service agencies to direct you toward organizations that suit your needs.


While dental care may typically cost more, you can find alternatives and viable options if you look at the right place. You will surely find affordable dental treatment in Mobile, Alabama, that offers quality care at less than the average national cost.

Moreover, an easier way to look for low-cost options is to survey the local clinics or dental schools. You can also take advantage of student discounts and promotional offers and avail of these packages at good clinics at a lower-than-average price.

Lastly, you can survey affordable options for low-income groups, such as free dental camps, foundations, clinics offering discounted services, or low-cost initiatives and programs funded privately or by the government.


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