Organise A Couple's Wardrobe Interior

How To Best Organise A Couple’s Wardrobe Interior

Ah, the joys of living with your loved one! Free hugs, someone who makes you your favorite cuppa (or someone to make a second brew for) – and the eternal question of how to best separate and organize designated spaces. Especially if you live with someone whose priorities are different from yours, things can become difficult and at times even frustrating.

And yes, even when it comes to sorting out spaces like your wardrobes.  Every person has their very unique sense of style. Why not take a moment to understand and appreciate each other’s fashion preferences?

We preface this with the fact that two wardrobes are always going to be the best solution for this. Though, of course, not always possible. And with different styles, preferences, and clothing needs, organizing a shared closet can be a daunting task. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you some ideas to transform your storage into something harmonious for both of you.

Start With A Wardrobe Audit

Start With A Wardrobe Audit

Now, before we dive into the actual design process, take a moment to assess your current wardrobe. The average Brit has upwards of 118 items of clothing – of which a good quarter are never worn. Letting go of those unused clothes and donating, if possible, or discarding them creates valuable space for the two of you.

An excellent setting of the stage for what’s about to follow. That means that before you even dive into the organizational aspect, it’s time for a decluttering session first!

The Four-Pile Method

The four-pile method is a simple yet effective technique to declutter your items and it works perfectly for clothes, too. Create piles for “keep”, “donate”, “discard”, and “undecided”. This process helps in sorting through clothing items and making decisions together. It ensures that whatever is left in your part of the wardrobe is filled with pieces that truly bring joy.

Seasonal Rotation

Another way of optimizing your space is to keep your wardrobe relevant – perhaps through implementing a seasonal rotation. Store off-season items in clear bins or vacuum-sealed bags, creating more room for the current season’s wardrobe. This not only maintains order but also brings a sense of anticipation and excitement when it’s time to switch.

Define Valuable Individual Spaces

Define Personal Spaces

Define Personal Spaces

The key to a successfully shared wardrobe is to establish separate zones for each person. Using dividers or distinct, fitted shelving interiors will create personalised spaces for designated areas, preventing accidental mix-ups or unwanted invasions.

Now, simply dividing your closet into two halves can work. But most often, one partner has more clothes than the other. So instead, think of zones and priorities. Categorize sections for each of you, like tops, bottoms, and underwear – and stick to them.

Shared Spaces For Shared Items

It can also be useful to identify shared spaces for items both partners use regularly. This could include a shared shoe rack or a communal section for seasonal accessories, for example. Or even a joint area for travel essentials. This can still foster a sense of unity while maintaining an organized and generally divided wardrobe.

Color Coordination And Visibility

If you want to add another level of organization on top, label importance. Not every piece is equal, and some are more often needed than others – have It reflected in where you position them. Bonus tip: have a designated area for dirty laundry, too.

Color-Coded Harmony

Sorting things by color is just incredibly satisfying. Doing the same with your wardrobe can create a visually appealing, as well as functional wardrobe. It also streamlines the process of finding specific items, as you can right away see in which section it should be.

This way of sorting is especially beautiful if you have open wardrobes or glass doors. It’ll add a fantastic touch of aesthetic harmony to the space. Arranging your clothes from light to dark works well, too!

Utilise Smart Storage Solutions And Hidden Spaces

Utilise Smart Storage Solutions And Hidden Spaces

A wardrobe can look stuffed pretty quickly, without even using its entire potential. Smart storage solutions such as pull-out drawers, hanging shelves, or adjustable dividers are worth their weight in gold.

By utilizing vertical space with the help of things like double-hanging rods for shirts and blouses and including built-in shoe racks if you’ve got lots of footwear, you can maximize the available space. And you’d be surprised how much space there can be. Small additions like these can make a world of difference.

Transparent Storage Solutions

Especially for accessories and smaller items like belts, watches, or ties, we recommend picking transparent storage solutions. Clear bins, jewelry organizers, and see-through shoeboxes make it quite easy to spot what you need without rummaging through drawers. If you are one to struggle with keeping the place tidy, this will help you dramatically. And it will significantly reduce morning stress!

Light Up Your Space

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting, too. Integrate LED strips or battery-operated motion sensor lights to illuminate the interior. Not only does this give a wonderful hint of luxury, but it also makes it way easier to spot items in the wardrobe, as well as brighten up those dark back corners.

Make Time For Regular Maintenance

Make Time For Regular Maintenance

As with everything, regular maintenance also helps in your wardrobe organisation. Chances are high, that you’ll accumulate those unused pieces again that we mentioned at the beginning of our article.

Scheduling a quarterly review to declutter once more, reorganize, and ensure that both of you are on the same page again, is incredibly valuable. Especially when you or your partner struggle with keeping it tidy and are accumulating a clothing mess over time, it’ll help tackle the chaos.


Living together and sharing a home with the one you love most is such a beautiful thing. No question. It is still going to require compromises, and involving both parties in the sorting and decision-making process can only further strengthen your bond.

This, of course, also works brilliantly for other places in the house where shared spaces are found – like the bathroom! So, roll up your sleeves, grab some storage bins, and start working on your new, well-organized, and stress-free wardrobe!

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