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10+ Pinstripe Suit Ideas To Rev Up Your Wardrobe This Season

Do you remember Winston Churchill or Cary Grant in “An Affair to Remember?” These men popularized pinstripe suit, which was already there in vogue as a ballsy apparel known for its sartorial appeal.

The history of pinstripe suits goes back to the Victorian era when bankers were seen in these outfits. During the 1920s, American sports teams, especially the New York Yankees, donned these suits and boosted their popularity.

With time, these suits emerged as favorite outfits for men and women for business occasions and as smart casuals.

Do you need some ideas about different pinstripe suits and how to style them? Here is some cool inspiration for you.

What Is A Pinstripe Suit?

What Is A Pinstripe Suit_

Associated with high-end fashion, a pinstripe suit is known for its narrow pattern and vertical lines. This suit needs high-quality fabric to maintain crispness. 

Starting from the Victorian era, pinstripe suits garnered more popularity in the 1930s and 40s. Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind kind of immortalized this outfit as the ultimate for suave men.

Today, you will see lawyers, business professionals, and bankers donning pinstripe suits because of their classy appearance.

A pinstripe suit needs to be perfect in size and cut.

Different Pinstripe Suits For Men

Pinstripe suit is back this season, with many known houses incorporating this style in their seasonal collections. The Louis Vuitton collection of pinstripe suits is quirky with a double-breasted style, stylish armbands, and fastenings. 

Now, it’s time to perk up your fashion game and explore some styles you can add to your wardrobe.

Pinstripe Suit With Notched Lapel

Pinstripe Suit With Notched Lapel

Do you always want to keep it classy and neat? Well, you can definitely try a blue pinstripe suit with a notched lapel. 

To keep its classy charm unadulterated, choose a fabric in blue with vertical chalk stripes all along. Team the suit with a white formal shirt, matching tie, and a pair of silver calf links. Choose Oxford shoes to step out in style.

I love how Hawes & Curtis has presented its navy blue pinstripe suit this season. 

Black Pinstripe Suit With Peaked Lapels

Black Pinstripe Suit With Peaked Lapels

If you know how to wear stripes, you will surely love a black pinstripe suit in a minimalistic design. Go for a black-on-black stripe so that an illusion of a self-pattern is created. 

Complement the minimal pattern of the suit with peaked lapels and flapped pockets. You can wear this suit with a white or black formal shirt and shoes with pointed toes.

Double-Breasted Grey Pinstripe Suit

Double-Breasted Grey Pinstripe Suit

A double-breasted pinstripe suit in grey can be your go-to outfit for a black-tie event, red-carpet party, or formal meeting. Chalk stripes look the best in grey as the shades complement each other without making the contrast very obvious.

Team this suit with a sky-blue formal shirt and a pair of lace-up formal shoes to put your best foot forward. 

Charcoal Pinstripe Suit With Intense Lapel Peaks

Charcoal Pinstripe Suit With Intense Lapel Peaks

If you want to fuse gangster style with formal fashion, you must go for a charcoal pinstripe suit. Make sure that the stripes are bold enough to express the flamboyance of this outfit.

The intensely peaked lapels of the blazer will further add some ballsy vibe to the overall look of the suit.

Once you have this suit, team it with a white shirt and a pair of formal loafers to make a statement. 

Brown Pinstripe Suit With Shawl Lapels

Brown Pinstripe Suit With Shawl Lapels

Who said that you cannot be creative with the cuts and styles of a pinstripe suit? A pinstripe suit in brown with shawl lapels can be the ideal outfit to express your unique fashion aesthetics.

You can opt for a boxy fit if you want to take the fashion game a few notches higher.

Stylize this suit based on the occasion you are about to attend. Keep the trousers tapered if the suit is meant for formal occasions, and go for simple brogues.

If you are wearing it for a casual occasion, keep the trousers ankle-length and wear sleek loafers. 

Streetstyle Pinstripe Suit

Streetstyle Pinstripe Suit

If you want to revive some serious vintage fashion and flaunt the association of pinstripe suits with street-style fashion, go for a beige or tan suit with narrow chalk stripes. 

Keep the fit relaxed and the trousers wide-legged. You can complement the suit with a pair of casual sneakers or loafers. 

Women Pinstripe Suit

If you are looking for women’s pinstripe suits along with “pinstripe suits for men,” you will be spoilt with choices. And like the cowgirl outfits, pinstripe suits for women are also in vogue this season. 

A woman who knows how to wear the suit right can really show her penchant for classy fashion in these suits.

Black And White Pinstripe Suit

Black And White Pinstripe Suit

The charm of vintage fashion never ceases to impress. Go for a pinstripe suit with bold black and white stripes. Get the trousers tailored in ankle length and wear your classy heels to get going.

Don’t forget your dangling earrings to fuse some ubiquitous feminine vibe.

Glittery Pinstripe Suit

Glittery Pinstripe Suit

I absolutely love how Michelle Obama wears her glittery pinstripe suit. You can also create a similar look by wearing a black-on-grey pinstripe suit with the blazer length touching your middle calf. 

Don’t worry if you have a heavy waistline, as you can always camouflage that with trousers having a high waistline. 

Another styling trick? Club it with a sweetheart neck top and some dainty heels to keep the overall look neat.

Multicolor Pinstripe Suit

Multicolor Pinstripe Suit

How about being a little creative with your pinstripe suit? Go for a suit with a white base and stripes in multiple shades.

You can experiment with the detailing on your blazer and complement it with wide-legged or flared trousers.

Wear a shimmery top beneath the suit, just like Olivia Munn wore for one of her appearances. 

White Pinstripe Suit

White Pinstripe Suit

What can be classier than a simple white suit with narrow black stripes? You can recreate some vintage charm with this suit and maintain the chicness of a formal outfit.

Choose a crisp white shirt to wear beneath this pinstripe suit to create the perfect symmetry in your looks. 

Dark Green Pinstripe Suit With Wide-Legged Trousers

Dark Green Pinstripe Suit With Wide-Legged Trousers

Do you want to look sassy in a pinstripe suit? A suit in green can be a unique choice. Go for white stripes to create a contrasting effect against the backdrop of green.

Keep the blazer length up to your mid-thighs, and the trousers should have a wide leg to create the perfect balance.

To increase the oomph factor, pair the suit with a white top featuring a plunging neckline. 

Final Words

With a dash of history and a remarkable comeback story this season, a pinstripe suit can be the ideal outfit to make your presence felt at any formal occasion. You can also stylize the suit for casual occasions or parties and look effortlessly stylish

Explore the types of suits I have shared and make your favorite pick. And if you have any other ideas about the designs or styles of pinstripe suits, don’t forget to share and inspire. 

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