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Accessories To Help Improve Time Management

From the office to home life, our to-do lists can become long and daunting if not properly managed. Fortunately, some accessories can enhance productivity. They also make our lives easier and help us conquer time management.

Here we take a look at some of the best accessories to improve time management that are sure to amp up your productivity.

Timepiece Or Smartwatch

When it comes to timekeeping, there’s nothing better than an officially-certified chronometer.

These expert-craft watches are incredibly accurate – 99.99%, to be exact! This means you’ll never again be late for a meeting or event.

By opting for a model with a striking style and unique character, such as the iconic Chronomat by Breitling, you’re able to manage your time efficiently and turn the heads of those around you.

Another popular wearable accessory is the smartwatch, a device capable of telling the time as well as monitoring heart rate, checking emails, and setting notifications, among many other things. These watches are excellent time management tools, allowing users to successfully plan their day with minimal screen time.

Pomodoro Timer

Based on the decades-old Pomodoro technique, these digital timers are the perfect accessory for a study, office desk, or bedroom. Divide your working day into various periods with breaks in between. We recommend that the ratio be 5 minutes of rest for every 25 minutes of working.

By separating these tasks, you improve your motivation to complete as many tasks as possible. From cubes to spheres and hexagons, the variety of Pomodoro accessories is endless and sure to match all preferences.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If your home or office is particularly loud, a pair of headphones will help to block out the various distractions, allowing you to create a productive work environment. Noise-canceling headphones are the most effective for reducing noise and also improve sound quality.

In addition, wireless or Bluetooth headsets will enable you to take calls wherever you go, ensuring all conversations remain clear and private. You can even set timers to remind yourself of certain tasks, which will be played through the headphones for only your ears to hear.

AR And VR Headsets

While still relatively novel, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets have the potential to improve productivity. Completely revolutionizing the workplace, VR can help us to carry on our jobs as normal even when restricted by cramped public transport conditions.

Suddenly, all surfaces become a keyboard or display, allowing notes to be taken, presentations to be watched, and reports to be written – all without needing a laptop or tablet to be present. While this is still a work in progress, we have seen wearable heads-up displays being used in certain industries to complete complex tasks.

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