Best Japanese Tattoo Style For Men And Women

What Are The 9 Best Japanese Tattoo Style For Men And Women? Do You Know The Meaning?

With a rich cultural heritage, mysticism, and cosmology, Japan has always been a country of intrigue. Further, with its traditions in art, it is one of the most prominent reference points for Oriental aesthetics. So, there is no wonder about the popularity of the Japanese tattoo style.

Be it a Japanese style tattoo dragon or any other design, the beauty of these tattoos lies in the deep meaning they bear.

So, do you want to explore some cool design ideas and know their meaning? Let’s begin. 

Best Japanese Tattoo Style

Japanese style tattoo artists know how to depict the most complex design with the right use of colors and lines. These tattoos also flaunt a great deal of details, a signature of Oriental art.

Further, being illustrative in nature, these tattoos always need a bigger canvas. So, the most suitable body areas for tattooing are chests, arm sleeves, thighs, chest, and back. 

Japanese Tattoo Style For Men

Japanese Tattoo Style For Men

Japanese tattoos are always known for their symbolism. So, do you want to celebrate your masculine energy, or do you want to salute the vitality of life?

Here, I have curated the most amazing Japanese tattoo style designs for men. 

Japanese Style Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Style Dragon Tattoo

In Japanese tradition, dragons are the guardians of the human race. They also denote strength and supernatural power to protect good over evil. Further, they have the greatest wisdom that they can usher on to humankind and pass to posterity.

So, if you want to manifest strength, magic, and wisdom in your love, you can get a Japanese dragon tattoo for you. 

You can get one on your sleeve or one on your chest. Keep the use of colors as minimal or as opulent as you want. A simple blackwork style dragon tattoo inspired by Japanese tradition can be a great choice. 

Japanese Style Snake Tattoo

Japanese Style Snake Tattoo

Snake bears powerful symbolism, and like the dragon, it also stands for wisdom. Further, it’s associated with the never-ending circle of life and vitality.

Japanese tattoos take a lot of inspiration from nature, mythology, and different creatures. So, you will see its abundance of presence in this genre of tattoo art.

Further, because of the slender silhouette and intrigue attached, the snake has always been a favorite element in aesthetic designs. It’s not just about the tattoo art. You will find a lot of use snake motifs in many outfits or jewelry pieces.

Nevertheless, to get the most stylish snake tattoo, you can fuse the traditional Japanese tattoo art with the neo-traditional style

The use of colors and finer details will make the tattoo designs more life-like and visually pleasing. 

Japanese Old Style Tattoo 

Japanese Old Style Tattoo 

The Japanese old style tattoo is called Iredzumi. These tattoos take inspiration from Japanese traditions and folklore. Aesthetically, these tattoos are vibrant and story-telling in nature. Usually, these Japanese tattoos have clouds or fog in the background to create an element of mystery.

However, you can always add your interpretation to the design. So, from a floral design with a black background and a human face, you have a lot of options to explore. 

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Tiger means power. However, if you delve deeper, it is also a symbol of courage and protection, creating a sense of awe. 

So, if you want to celebrate the virility in your and evolve as a stronger person, get a Japanese tattoo style inspired by tigers.

Tigers are majestic animals, and you can experiment a lot regarding the posture you want to use in the design or how realistic or abstract your design will be.

The best place to have a Japanese style tiger tattoo is your back. However, it will also look great on your sleeves and chest. 

Japanese Tattoo Style For Women 

Japanese Tattoo Style for women

From Skylar Grey to Nerea Garmendia, many women celebs flaunt their Japanese tattoo style with elan. Further, soaked in the motifs and elements of nature, Japanese tattoos always offer wider options for women who want to get inked.

So, do you want to pick a design for you? I have curated some ideas for you. 

Japanese Style Octopus Tattoo For Women

Japanese Style Octopus Tattoo

Did you know that this popular marine creature had so many meanings? It’s known for its psychic abilities, creativity, flexibility, and intelligence. It also symbolizes overcoming a difficult situation with the use of intelligence.

Creativity, again, is the very essence of feminine energy. So, celebrate the woman in you with a Japanese-style octopus tattoo. The tattoo will also inspire you to look at life from a different perspective and overcome problem situations easily. 

To have the most appealing octopus tattoo, get one inked on your waist or thighs. 

Fish Japanese Tattoo Style For Women 

Fish Japanese Tattoo Style  

A fish symbolizes a lot of things, including good luck, fertility, rebirth, and the higher self. So, if you need some introspection in your life, get a fish tattoo for yourself.

Incorporate a lot of colors in the design to make it more aesthetic. You can even consider creating a marine ecosystem with octopus and fish. 

Cherry Blossom Japanese Tattoo Style For Women 

Cherry Blossom Japanese Tattoo Style

Known for beauty and vivaciousness, cherry blossoms bear a deeper meaning. It means the opposites like life and death and beauty and violence.

So, more than just an aesthetic design, a cherry blossom tattoo can be a balancing factor in your life. Get one on your back, chest, or arm sleeve to flaunt your style. 

Japanese Style Demon Tattoo For Women

Japanese Style Demon Tattoo

Demon tattoos do not mean bad energies or evil forces. On the contrary, it is like a protection from bad things. 

So, if you want a Japanese tattoo style, plan to get a demon design. You will get a lot of variety in the design ideas and be creative with color choices. 

Geisha Japanese Style Tattoo For Women

Geisha Japanese Style Tattoo For Women

Geisha is an important part of the Japanese culture. At the same time, they are a symbol of a woman with an independent mind.

So, if you are someone who loves to speak her mind, a Geisha tattoo is apt for you.

Final Words 

Japanese tattoo style is about designs that derive from life, nature, and mysticism. They are also very aesthetic, thanks to the use of a lot of colors. In addition, they come with deep symbolism and thus can have a positive impact on your life.

So, did you like the ideas I have shared, or do you have any other design in your mind? Don’t forget to share. 

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