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Taylor Swift outfit ideas
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Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas From Eras Tour: See What She’s Worn On Stage

The long-awaited Taylor Swift Eras tour is finally on the way, and it is bigger and better than you can ever imagine. The Eras tour is finally here, and we can’t calm down. Each show is an experience that you can’t miss out on.

Other than the elaborate sets, performance, visual effects, and choreography, Taylor Swift outfit ideas really stood out more than most of her tours. Especially the number of times she changed her outfits is truly uncanny and unreal, but all her outfits for each of her eras is drop dead gorgeous.

Taylor did not just have a 44-song setlist, but she created such jaw-dropping experiences for her Swifties that they will stay with them for a lifetime. Each concert lasted for about 3 hours and 13 minutes.

Now let’s talk about Taylor Swift outfit ideas from the Eras tour and which are the ones that stood out for me and probably for most of the Swifties out there. So bear with me as I take you through the best outfits of Taylor Swift’s Era Tour.

Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas: Throughout The Eras  

Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas: Throughout The Eras

If you are one of those highly unlucky ones who totally missed the Eras Tour and stayed on a remote island without any internet connection.

That way, if you haven’t seen the thousands of Instagram posts and stories about Taylor Swift outfit ideas from the Eras Tour, then this post is definitely for you, my darling!  

Fearless Era   

Fearless Era

With songs like “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and the namesake “Fearless.” Us Swifties got a roller coaster of feelings from first love to heartbreak, and resultantly. Fearless was released when Taylor was only 18 years old.

“Fearless remains the most awarded album in country music history, including Album of the Tear at the Grammy Awards in 2010. Her style of this album consisted of sparkly fringe dresses, ballgowns and her signature lucky number 13 painted on the back of her hand.”

  • Roberto Cavalli Dress  

For the Fearless Era, Taylor went for the perfect dress to complement that Era of her life. She wore a gorgeous Roberto Cavalli gold fringe dress that looked a lot like her Speak Now Tour dress in 2011.

The dress was a two-toned gold fringe dress, and she paired silver Christian Louboutin knee-high boots with the dress. She even accessorized her look with a bedazzled guitar.

Now for the second night of the tour, she again wore a Roberto Cavalli gold fringe dress, but this time the fringe was longer and had silver ombre shades to it. And she again paired her silver Louboutin boots with it.

Speak Now Era  

Fearless Era

“With the whole Speak Now album, Taylor really leaned into the whole theatrical element with her music. Considering this was her first album in her 20s, it made sense that she seemed to be experimenting with different styles and sounds.”

  • Nicole + Felicia Gown  

Even though she only performed one song from her Speak Now Era, on the first night, she wore an enchanting golden ballgown by Nicole + Felicia while performing “Enchanted.”

The dress looked like something out of a literal fairytale. This gown was in honor of the Valentino ball gown that she wore for the Speak Now tour back in 2011.

After Speak Now Taylor’s Version finally got released, she debuted a brand new Nicole + Felicia ballgown. The dress was multi-tiered and was in the color purple to honor the release of the Speak Now album.  

  • Zuhair Murad Gown  

During the second night of the concert, Taylor looked exactly like a real-life princess wearing a gorgeous pink Zuhair Murad gown. The vision of her on the stage is like a dream, with the stage lit with purple and violet lighting, and Taylor is in the middle in a pink ballgown.

  • Elie Saab Ballgown  

During her first night at her Tampa concert, Taylor wore a totally new dress while singing her Speak Now playlist. The dress was an Elie Saab Haute Couture dress that was fully embroidered and embellished.

Her dress was made out of silk tulle and had gardenia-colored organza flower petals embellished all over.

For her New Jersey show, Taylor wore another Elie Saab ballgown that to in a gorgeous light pastel pink color. The dress has beautiful tulle and sequin detailing from the bodice to the mid of the skirt.

Acoustic Interlude  

Acoustic Interlude

The Taylor Swift album, which was first released back in 2006, had her most popular song that is “Tim McGraw. ”Taylor has been releasing music since the age of 16. Fully country and written while she was in high school, the innocence and youthfulness were reflected in her tight curls, sundresses, and cowboy boots.”

  • Jessica Jones Dress  

Taylor always has a section of her show dedicated to her acoustic songs. Like when she sang one of her best songs, “Tim McGraw.” Taylor wore a beautiful dress by Jessica Jones that had feathers, cap sleeves, and was fully pleated.  

Designer Jessica Jones and Taylor have worked previously while creating her iconic outfits for her Reputation Stadium Tour.

While performing the acoustic set along with Marcus Mumford in Las Vegas, Taylor wore a very similar looking dress but this time in the color green. Both times she accessorized with a wooden acoustic guitar.

While she was performing her 1989 set, in her orange two piece set, she draped a similar yellow Jessica Jones dress on top of it when it transitioned to her acoustic playlist.

1989 Era  

1989 Era

Taylor’s 1989 album is the first album that was fully pop genre inspired.”Inspired by the golden era of 80s pop, her glittery crop tops and freshly cut bob aided her evolution to pop stardom.”

Similar to the Fearless album, “1989 is the most awarded pop album by any artist in history and earned Taylor her second Album of the Year Grammy.”

  • Roberto Cavalli Top And Skirt  

Recreating one of her most memorable tours, which was the 1989 World Tour, Taylor wore a matching set of crop tops and mini skirts. The whole outfit was designed by Roberto Cavalli. On the first night, she wore the pair in a gorgeous pink color with matching Louboutin ankle boots.

On night two, for the 1989 set, she stepped out in a similar beaded top and skirt set, but this time in the color green. Abd also paired that with matching green Louboutin ankle boots.

The next Roberto Cavalli top and skirt that she opted for was of the same design and embellished, but this time it was in a beautiful orange color with matching Louboutin ankle boots as well.

Red Era   

Even though the album is a mix of both country and pop songs, “Taylor Swift’s Red album has one of the most consistent aesthetics among her albums.” Other than the color Red being the namesake of the album to tie it together.

“Swift’s love for all things vintage was evident throughout all of her looks. High-waisted shorts, 50s dresses, and her iconic red lip and bangs combo were all essentials of the Red era.”

  • Ashish Shirt  

When it comes to the Red era, there is nothing more iconic than the white t-shirt from the music video of ‘22.’ That is exactly what she a white Ashish T-shirt and red sequined shorts, and a black fedora. The shirt had the words, “Not a lot going on at the moment.

For the second night, Taylor wore the same Ashish white T-shirt, but this time the inscription was totally different. This time it said, “Who’s Taylor Swift Anyway? Ew.” Other than that, the rest of the outfit was totally the same.

While performing in Texas, she again wore the same Ashish white t-shirt with black shorts and a black fedora. But once again, the inscription is totally different. And this time, it said, “We Are Never Getting Back Together. Like Ever.

  • Ashish Romper  

For those who are in love with the Red era, you are in for a treat. For a few of the songs from that album, Taylor wore a gorgeous red and black ombre sequined Ashish romper. The outfit screamed, “I Knew You Were Trouble.”  

  • Ashish Coat  

When Taylor started to perform one of the best songs, “10-minute version of All Too Well,” she wore a fully sequined red Ashish coat on top of her red romper. To accessorize the outfit, she carried a red guitar with it as well.

Reputation Era  

Reputation Era

Even after the drama with Kim Kardashian and Kanye. Taylor disappeared from the public eye for over a year, but when she came back, she came back with a Bang!

“When she came back with Reputation, she gave us an aesthetic we’d never seen from her before. The moody style of this album was emphasized by dark lipstick, snake motifs.”

  • Roberto Cavalli Catsuit  

Here comes Reputation Era Taylor! This time Taylor slithered her way through her Reputation Era in a gorgeous red and black Roberto Cavalli catsuit.

The outfit had red snake patterns throughout, the one-legged catsuit. The black catsuit was fully sequined and perfectly matched her Reputation Era.

Lover Era  

Opposite to Reputation, Taylor Swift came out with Lover. “Swift’s Lover album was the rainbow after the storm. Butterflies replaced snakes and pastel pink, blues and purples took over the dark color palette of the past. While this era was cut short by the pandemic, the colorful celebration of love was fun while it lasted.”

  • Atelier Versace Bodysuit   

Taylor opened with the song “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” from the Lovers album. For the song, she wore a gorgeous custom made Versace Atelier bodysuit that was covered with blue and pink crystals and jewels all over the bodysuit.

The outfit looked like a literal dream, the way it shined under the blue sky. Along with the bodysuit, she wore silver knee-high Christian Louboutin boots and carried a fully bedazzled mic. Her look was completed with a floral Versace necklace.

On the next tour date for the Lover album, she surprised her fans by wearing a totally different bodysuit for the Lover album. This time it was a gold and blue jewel covered Atelier Versace bodysuit with matching Louboutin knee-high boots and necklace.

Then again, surprising her fans, Taylor wore a completely different Atelier Versace bodysuit, this time with side hip tassels and beadings. This time she opted for an ombre shade bodysuit along with the boots and necklace.

  • Versace Blazer  

Changing course from the bodysuit, when “The Man” started, she went for a silver Versace blazer that complimented her silver, red bottom boots perfectly.

For the second night, she wore a totally different Versace blazer, in black color with sequined pinstripes. This time the black blazer looked great with her gold colored red bottom knee-high boots.

Folklore Era  

Folklore Era

While the world stood still in isolation during the pandemic, Taylor was busy being creative and more active than ever before and released her first folk album, Folklore.

“Inspired by folksongs and escapism, the album’s aesthetic was simple but the songwriting was some of her best. The Grammys must have agreed because Folklore earned the singer-songwriter her third Album of the Year Grammy.”

  • Alberta Ferretti Dress  

Then when Folklore began, Taylor changed her whole outlook and went for a total boho dress. The dress that she opted for was an Alberta Ferretti lilac gown. The dress is quite similar to what she wore while performing at the 2021 Grammys.

For night two, Taylor opted for yet another gorgeous Alberta Ferretti gown, but this time it is in off-white and covered with crystals all over the fairytale-esque gown.

The gown is quite flowy, and it also has gorgeous cape-like long sleeves that are absolutely ethereal. And it looked even more gorgeous as Tylor twirled and spun, wearing the gown.

The folklore set gave us Taylor in numerous gorgeous dresses; on her Las Vegas day, she wore yet another Alberta Ferretti gown, but this time, it was in a soft baby pink color. This dress also had cape-like sleeves that flowed gorgeously as she twirled.

On the second night in Tampa, Taylor went for something a bit sexier. This time she wore a plunging neckline green Alberta Ferretti gown. The dress had an embroidered mesh neckline in the pattern of leaves.

Evermore Era  

Only after five months of releasing Folklore, Taylor released her next album Evermore, continuing with her folk genre. “The album aesthetic were very similar, with the most noticeable difference being that Folklore was a summer album while Evermore was a winter one.”

  • Etro Dress  

For her whimsical Evermore album, Taylor Swift went with a cottagecore look the first night, wearing a beautiful yellow Etro dress.

The dress had a corset top and beaded detailing on the front of the dress. She sang a few songs from that era, but for “Willow,” she wore a matching cape from Etro.

While performing in New Jersey, Taylor wore a totally new dress for her Evermore Era. This time it was a sequined dark burgundy dress that had a more woodsy feel than the first dress. This dress was by Marco de Vincenzo from Etro.

Midnight Era  

Midnight Era

With her 10th original studio album, Midnights, Taylor is back with another classic again for her fans.

“The 13-song soundtrack maintains her pop vibes yet she has also found a soft edge to include in the sound. Swift has officially returned and has clearly come back with a new confidence and a lot to say.”

  • Oscar De La Renta T-Shirt And Jacket  

When her Midnight’s set began, Taylor stayed true to the colors and the music videos. On the first night, she wore a fully embellished crystal-studded Oscar de la Renta shirt.

With that, she wore a beautiful purple faux fur Oscar de la Renta coat, just like the one you can see in the music video “Lavender Haze.”

  • Oscar De La Renta Bodysuit  

When Taylor started to perform the song “Midnight Rain,” she did a quick outfit change when she opted for a beaded and bejeweled Oscar de la Renta bodysuit.

And the color of the bodysuit is the perfect midnight blue that you can get (obviously!). And with the outfit, she wore matching Christian Louboutin boots.

  • Zuhair Murad Bodysuit   

For her Las Vegas show, Taylor switched up her Oscar de la Renta outfit with a gorgeous Zuhair Murad bodysuit in a midnight blue color as well. This bodysuit is full of fringe and covered with beautiful blue crystals all over the bodysuit.

Wrapping Up!  

Now if you think that the Eras Tour is over and there is no way you can enjoy the show anymore, then that is where you are wrong. Then that is where you are wrong; the Europe tour will be starting from 5th August.

So for more Taylor Swift outfit ideas from the Eras Tour, this time in Europe, stay tuned; if not, I am always here to keep you informed.

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