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15 Stylish Travel Toiletry Bag To Pack For Your Next Vacation

Are you “born to be wild” and always traveling? Do you find it easy to carry your essentials in your travel toiletry bag?

A toiletry bag for traveling should be practical and have enough space to keep your beauty and grooming essentials organized. It does not matter what type of packer you are. From the most organized packer to the messy one like me, everyone needs this bag.

But does high utility mean compromised aesthetics or look? Absolutely not! 

I have curated some amazing travel toiletry bags for you. Let’s check out the options.

Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag 

You can end your search for a “men’s travel toiletry bag” now. I have explored and assessed some options based on organization, protection, durability, and available space. Here are the ones I loved the most.

1. Peak Design Wash Pouch

Peak Design Wash Pouch
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.65/10

Pocket Pinch: $59.95

I like how this toiletry travel bag accommodates many kinds of stuff without looking bulky visually. It is made of 200-denier nylon. So, it’s water-resistant. Also, with various pockets, including the shallow zipper one, ensure that all your essentials are correctly kept.

You can even hang it with its in-built stowable hook.

In terms of looks, I find this bag classy and ideal for a suave man. You have two color options, black and sage green, to choose from.

2. Bagsmart Toiletries Bag 

Overall Rating: 9.57/10

Pocket Pinch: $19.99

This is a toiletries bag with reasonable pricing. It has a structured design and is spacious enough to keep your shaving and skincare essentials. 

In this best dopp kit, I like the roomy main compartment. The other two zipped compartments come with a mesh lining. 

The bag is also water-resistant and comes in camel brown, soft pink, black, and dark gray color options. 

3. Lululemon Dopp Kit

Lululemon Dopp Kit
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.51/10

Pocket Pinch: $48

Minimalism and utilitarian features make this dopp kit ideal for short trips. It does not have many pockets, but that does not make it less ideal for proper organization. Its compartment is spacious, and the small elastic bands are great for holding smaller items. In addition, you will get a removable transparent pouch for carrying that extra stuff, including some snacks

4. Hershel Supply Co. Chapter Dopp Kit

Overall Rating: 9.47/10

Pocket Pinch: $38.00

This bag offers a variety of designs and looks. I especially like the ones with camouflage prints. It is made of recycled 600-denier tech fabric and offers enough space with three compartments.

Thanks to the small strap on the side, you can even carry it quite easily. 

5. Mack Weldon Nova Travel Kit

Mack Weldon Nova Travel Kit
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.39/10

Pocket Pinch: $58

This bag on my “best toiletry bag” list is water resistant as it’s made of recycled polyester and nylon. It has one compartment, and the best thing is that it comes with four refillable bottles for carrying your shampoo, body wash, or other grooming essentials while traveling. 

6. Shinola Organized Travel Kit

Overall Rating: 9.29/10

Pocket Pinch: $350

With two compartments and a leather and nylon body, this is the best travel toiletry bag if you want to carry almost every grooming essential you have. 

This is a multipurpose kit and can also be hung if you want to. 

Best Toiletry Bag For Women

The best toiletry bag for women can help you to enjoy a mess-free vacation. Also, with all your beauty and skincare products kept organized inside your toiletry bag, you will always have easy access to the essentials you need. 

Nevertheless, you all know why we need a toiletry travel bag. So, without much ado, let’s check the options.

7. The Cosmetic Organizer From Beis

The Cosmetic Organizer From Beis
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.77/10

Pocket Pinch: $48

This travel toiletry bag comes in black and beige colors, and it stands out because of the separate compartments for tools.

I also love its structured bottom compartment secured with a zipper. The top compartment is soft and features a double zipper pull for user convenience.

With a recycled poly body and faux leather trims, this bag is quite durable and resistant to external impacts. 

8. Large Toiletry Bag From AWAY

Overall Rating: 9.7/10

Pocket Pinch: $75

My friend has been using an AWAY travel toiletry bag for almost a year now. She travels frequently and finds the bag just perfect for carrying toiletries for all types of travel.

The outer body is made of nylon, giving the bag an excellent finish. The wipeable material inside allows you to clean any spillage inside easily.

Its outsize pocket and various compartments really allow you to do organized packing. And it has a zip closure for complete safety.

In terms of aesthetics, it’s pretty appealing with a structured design, and you can pick from its black, coast, and petal color options.

You can even pick an AWAY hanging toiletry bag having the same utility and features.

9. XL Train Case From Leatherology

XL Train Case From Leatherology
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.67/10

Pocket Pinch: $195

Crafted from full-grain leather, this train case from Leatherology has a unique classy vibe. It offers the space and, most importantly, the length to accommodate bottles of up to 7-inch height. The four interior open pockets, or rather sections, are great for internal organization and avoiding mess.

The zipped pockets and sizeable elastic band further help securely accommodate small essentials. 

10. Everlane The ReNew Catch-All Case

Overall Rating: 9.65/10

Pocket Pinch: $30

A travel toiletry bag with five pockets will definitely be a valuable addition to your travel accessory. Because of these five pockets, you can pack various items without messing things up. 

Also, in terms of designs, you will get a lot of variety in these bags. You can get it without a label in black, warm quartz, nutria, and ocean cavern shades.

If you want the bag with a label, choose between kalamata and nutria shades. 

11. Make Up For Ever Bag From Sephora

Make Up For Ever Bag From Sephora
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.57/10

Pocket Pinch: $125

Do you love carrying your entire makeup kit while traveling? Well, you have guessed from the name itself. This bag will be your makeup studio on the go.

Sephora calls this bag “designed to be highly functional.” It has multiple removable mesh pouches with a semi-transparent view. So, when in a hurry, you can easily see the content inside.

This sturdy bag is also easy to carry with its top handles or shoulder-padded cross-body strap. 

12. Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch

Overall Rating: 9.55/10

Pocket Pinch: $570

Nothing can match the luxury of a Louis Vuitton bag. So, this one is a must-have regardless of the plan for your next trip.

The signature gold brass detailing makes it swoon-worthy, while the washable and roomy interior makes it “highly functional.” And the Damier Azur canvas! It gives the pouch the best finish. 

13. H&M Toiletry Bag

H&M Toiletry Bag
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.49/10

Pocket Pinch: $20

Packing your toiletry will be double the fun with this double-tier travel toiletry bag. It’s transparent, ensuring easy finding and accessibility to your essentials.

With a polyester body and secured zip lock, this bag is quite high on functionality. Also, you can easily carry it with the top handles.

14. Leather Travel Case Set From Cuyana 

Overall Rating: 9.38/10

Pocket Pinch: $168

Why have one travel toiletry bag when Cuyana offers you a set of two? Super sturdy and practical, these bags are made of leather.

The extra interior pocket makes it more spacious, while the microsuede lining ensures easy spillage cleaning.

This bag is also high on aesthetics, with a signature structure resembling feminine curves and multiple color options.

15. Small Clear Make Up Case From BeautyPie 

Small Clear Make Up Case From BeautyPie
Image Source

Overall Rating: 9.23/10

Pocket Pinch: $20

This is the best travel toiletry bag if you want to carry your makeup brushes. It’s made of vegan TPU and PU, and the transparent window of the bag makes it easy to find the things inside. 

You will even have a lot of color options, including purple, orange, green, and silver.

Final Words

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind while choosing the best travel toiletry bag for your next trip. First, consider how many products you must carry and what type of products you will pack inside that bag. For example, if you are a man going for a small weekend trip, a simple pouch or small toiletry bag will suffice.

However, if you are a makeup artist on a professional trip, you may need a convertible toiletry pouch cum hanging organizer.

So, it’s vital that you pick a bag that’s functional for you as there is no thumb rule for the best bag for toiletries during travel.

Having said that, I think you should do some shopping now and tell me which bag you want to get.

Happy shopping and bon voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Toiletry Bags And Dopp Kits Different?

Toiletry bags and dopp kits are similar when it comes to their functionalities. However, dopp kit is a less familiar term and is only used in some parts of the USA.

Like travel toiletry bags, dopp kits are also useful to carry your travel essentials in an organized way. 

You have to flip the pages of history to know how dopp kits got their name. Charles Doppelt was a German immigrant and a leathersmith. He crafted a leather toiletry bag in the early 20th century. Americans started calling these leather toiletry bags Dopp kits. So, these bags got their name from their inventor.

These bags became huge when the soldiers in the US Army started using them during WWII. They kept on using those bags even after returning from work. 

With time, these bags grew in popularity and became more functional. Today, men and women both use dopp kits to carry travel essentials without adding much bulk to their luggage. 

Are Hanging Toiletry Bags Better?

Hanging toiletry bags are spacious and functional. However, your requirements will decide whether it suits you or not.

For example, if you are going on a short vacation and you don’t need to carry many toiletry items, there is no need to pick a hanging toiletry bag. You can carry a minimalistic clear bag or a simple dopp kit to organize and carry your essentials.

However, if you have a long travel plan ahead and need to carry many things, you will find a hanging toiletry bag handy. These bags are also preferred by makeup professionals who are traveling for any assignment.

If you have a hanging toiletry bag, you will be able to keep the things in dedicated sections. Further, when you hang the bag, there will be better clarity about the whereabouts of the essentials you want to access. To put it simply, you will get to see all the things easily.

In addition, the counter space or the top of your dressing table will be less cluttered while doing makeup. So, you will be able to move and work more freely. 

Are Travel Toiletry Bags Worth It?

Yes, travel toiletry bags are definitely worth collecting. If you want to travel in a mess-free way, they are a necessity. However, you have to ensure that you are picking a bag according to your requirements.

Otherwise, you may end up spending on a travel toiletry bag that is too big or small for your purpose.

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