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Are You Looking For The Best Plus Size Activewear? Explore Different Styles

This season, the choices for activewear outfits have become more inclusive, with big brands plunging into the scenario. The best plus size activewear today is functional, comfortable, and sexy!

So, you don’t have to stick to your basic black leggings and sports bras anymore for your daily fitness sessions. These outfits will let you take part in all sorts of physical activities and exercises, including cardio, Yoga, and stretching.

Do you want to know how you can pick the most suitable plus size activewear for you? Do you want to explore various styles? Let’s explore this complete guide.

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Activewear

Exercising regularly is important to be in shape and avoid cardiac issues, diabetes, obesity, and other health issues at bay. Being consistent with your fitness regime also helps you to enjoy a better mental health and energy level.

However, for your daily exercise routine, choosing the right activewear is equally important as getting the right equipment. Further, activewear that makes you look good and feel comfortable can be an added motivation to make your fitness sessions more enjoyable.

Keep the following criteria in mind if you want to make the right choice of activewear for yourself.

Get One That Perfectly Fits You

Get One That Perfectly Fits You

A perfect fit is one of the most crucial things when choosing the right activewear for you. Choose an outfit that is breathable, and that does not interfere with your movements that help you manage good health.

For example, for the most common physical activities like running, jogging, and cycling, you must be especially careful with your bottoms. Leggings and sweatpants are the best options. However, do not pick wide-legged trousers or jeans, as the wide hem can get tangled and prompt accidental falls.

The Best Plus Size Activewear Must Have Moisture-Wicking Properties

The Best Plus Size Activewear Must Have Moisture-Wicking Properties

It does not matter whether you are working out on a summer morning or a winter afternoon. You will always sweat during and after your workout sessions. So, you must choose a workout outfit that has moisture-wicking properties.

Outfits with moisture-wicking properties will make you feel fresh and dry. By pulling the sweat away from your skin, it will also stop chafing. Further, clothes with moisture-wicking properties also prevent bacteria buildup.

So, to maintain proper hygiene during your workout sessions, you must choose outfits with moisture-wicking properties. Today, you will find brands like Nike introducing “Dri-Fit” technology in the sportswear and activewear outfits they make.

Consider The Kind Of Activity You Will Be Doing

Consider The Kind Of Activity You Will Be Doing

To choose the best plus size activewear for you, you have to consider the exercise you will be doing. Usually, snug fit and stretchy activewear essentials suit diverse activities.

However, wearing tops with sleeves for aerobic or Yoga exercises will not be the ideal choice. Stretching your arms can put too much pressure on the sleeves, and the sleeve seam can even cause inconvenience by getting obstructed or stuck in your underarms.

Be Sure About The Fabric And Weight Of The Outfit

To get moisture-wicking properties and ease of wearing in your activewear, you can choose an outfit that has cotton, spandex, and/or polyester. These mixed fabrics ensure that you do not feel heavy while exercising.

Make Sure That The Outfit Does Not Impact Your Efficiency Level

Make Sure That The Outfit Does Not Impact Your Efficiency Level

It does not matter whether you buy your activewear directly from a store or online shop. Once you have it, you must go for a proper trial. Wear the outfit, and while checking the fit, make sure that you can freely move in that outfit.

Now that you know how you will pick the best plus size activewear for you, let me take you through some coolest options. You can even wear these outfits for casual hangouts with the right styling tricks.

Explore The Best Plus Size Activewear Variations

There is no shortcut if you want to manage your weight in a healthy manner. Along with following the right diet, you also have to engage in various physical exercises that will help you to get rid of extra weight and unhealthy fat from your body.

Once you feel the urge to adopt an active lifestyle and get up for physical exercise, you will be looking for the best plus size activewear. Some choices of activewear can make you feel more comfortable than others.

So, let’s check out!

Sports Bra

Sports Bra

Sports bras are the first essentials you are going to need for your gym and workout sessions. Today, brands like Adidas have made the scenario inclusive. These brands are making these bras with various chest and cup sizes. 

Further, you don’t have to compromise on the print, pattern, and colors of the sports bras, even if you pick a plus size. In addition, these bras offer full coverage, and they support your bustline.

So, these bras will be your ideal choice irrespective of the type of activity you take part in. Be it high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or pilates, these bras will be good for you.

Cropped Tank Tops

Cropped Tank Tops

A cropped tank top can be your go-to outfit when you are engaged in rigorous activities. The short length of the top will offer you ease of movement. Further, thanks to the signature design of tank tops, those will keep your arms free.

You can wear these cropped tops with your favorite pajama pants or tights for your exercise sessions. Are you heading for a casual day out? You can wear the same cropped top with jeans. Layer the crop top with a jacket or a button-down shirt to complete your look.

To keep your feet comfortable, you can wear your workout shoes or chunky sneakers.

Choose High Waisted Shorts For Perfect Comfort And Ease Of Movement

Choose High Waisted Shorts For Perfect Comfort And Ease Of Movement

Have you got beautiful butts and want to flaunt them during your exercise session? Why don’t you go for a pair of high-waisted shorts? The high-waist style will ensure a snug fit on your waist and it will make your movements easier.

While picking high-waist shorts, you must, of course, go for ones with stretchable fabrics like spandex, polyester, etc. You can even choose a pair of shorts made of mixed fabric that offers the right structure with the right amount of stretchability.

You can wear these high-waist shorts with a tank top or a cropped tee while working out. This ensemble is also ideal for casual hangouts and goes well with sneakers and workout shoes.

Compressive High-Rise Leggings

Compressive High-Rise Leggings

High-rise compression leggings can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for bottoms that will offer you comfort and keep your legs covered. Compression leggings are available with varying inseam lengths. So, you can easily pick a pair that does not get gathered or scrunched near your ankles.

Most of these compression leggings have moisture-wicking properties, and they are available in many shades.  

These compression leggings look great with tank tops, crop tops, regular tees, and whatnot! Further, the best thing about these compression leggings is how they flatter your body shape.

Football Leggings

Football Leggings

As the name suggests, football leggings are ideal for playing football and taking part in intensive workouts. These leggings have moisture-wicking properties. Further, the inseam length of the leggings ends a little above your ankles. So, football leggings will always make your workout sessions fuss-free.

Wear your favorite pair of football leggings with a cropped top or a tank top to put your best foot forward for a movie day out with friends.

Are you looking for the best football leggings? You can check out the “Year of Ours” collections. The best thing is that it’s a brand created by a female. So, the makers know what we need and want as the best plus size activewear.  

Cropped Sweatshirt

Cropped Sweatshirt

Why not indulge in the sheer comfort of a sweatshirt with the convenience of a shorter length? You can pick a cropped sweatshirt for your regular gym sessions.

These sweatshirts are available as standalone tops. You can also get them as part of a coordinate set.

Comfortable and stylish, these sweatshirts will make taking part in various activities easier for you. You can wear this cropped sweatshirt with matching high-waist sweatpants or basic leggings and sneakers.

Rompers For A Cute Look During Workouts

Rompers For A Cute Look During Workouts

Are you looking for the cutest activewear for you? Why don’t you pick a romper for you? The design of a romper is minimalistic. Further, a well-fitted romper is the perfect outfit you need to make your workout session more happening.

A romper will keep your legs and arms bare so that you can be easy with your movements. What more? You just need a pair of sneakers and a cropped sweatshirt to layer your workout romper and nail a trendy look for a casual day out.

Coordinate Set With Crop Top

I love the coordinate sets for workouts. These save all the time and hassle of finding the best plus size activewear. Just pick a favorite design and go for a trial to pick the right piece for you.

These coordinate sets, especially with cropped tops, are suitable for workouts of varying intensity levels. Further, these double as the best casual and loungewear outfits.

Are you planning to get an activewear coordinate set? Check out the collections at Gymshark.

High-Waisted Biker Shorts

When brands like Nike bring you the choice of high-waisted biker shorts as plus-size activewear, you must know that those are the coolest things you can have. The high-waist style of the biker shorts ensures a snug fit on your waist.

Also, if you have some love handles and you struggle with the fit of your bottoms, high-waisted biker shorts will be great for you. The right length of the shorts is also very comforting during your exercise sessions.

Just throw in a tank top, cropped tee, or sweatshirt with this pair, and you are all set for your next gym activity.

Choose Catsuit As The Best Plus Size Activewear

Choose Catsuit As The Best Plus Size Activewear

How about showing some sass and haughty fashion with your choice of the best plus size activewear? You must pick a catsuit for your regular fitness regime.

A catsuit has a one-piece design, offering you the ease and convenience of excellent activewear. With a stylish catsuit in your wardrobe, you just need a pair of sneakers to get ready for the gym.

A catsuit is also very transitional as an outfit. Team it with a jacket or sweatshirt when you want to wear it for casual hangouts or a date with your bae.

Wear Bodysuits For Workouts

Why are bodysuits the best as activewear? The seamless design and ease of a bodysuit make it suitable for your activewear collection.

Choose a bodysuit that fits your size and wear it with your choice of sneakers or workout shoes.

Look Sexy In A Rib Dress

You can talk about any aspect of fashion this season. You cannot just write off the presence of retro fashion. So, why not introduce some retro vibe in the best plus size activewear collection?

Choose a classy rib dress that exudes the fashion charm of the 1970s and 1990s. If you are not comfortable with the short length of the dress, you can always team it with sweatpants or tights.

Fleece Jacket As Your Favorite Activewear

Fleece Jacket As Your Favorite Activewear

Your activewear collection will be incomplete without a fleece jacket. This will be your go-to essential when you need some layering.

Wear the fleece jacket over your gym T-shirt and with a pair of track pants to complete your gym look.

Wear Tennis Skirt To Enhance Your Style Quotient In Activewear

Did you know that Nike has a dedicated plus size tennis skirt collection? So, it’s time you look sexy and ready for your next workout session.

Wear the skirt with a polo T-shirt or regular tees to feel comfortable and ace the art of styling.

What Are The Best Plus Size Activewear Brands?

Big brands like Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas today understand the scope and importance of being focused on the best plus size activewear for women. So, with different variations of activewear outfits, they have become more size-inclusive.

You can even explore the recent plus size activewear collections from H&M Plus, VERY, La Redoute, etc.

Final Words

As a curvy woman, you need the best plus size activewear to remain consistent with your fitness regime and ensure total comfort and ease of movement. Some of these activewear outfits can also double as your go-to loungewear or casual essentials.

You can check out the options I have shared here. Do you have some other ideas regarding plus size activewear? Don’t forget to share!

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