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10 Advantages Of Using A Clutch Purse

Women love their purses and handbags. They are always searching for a new trend and love to do experiments with their hand candies. But it is 2022. Women are used to the fast-forward life. And in this fast life if you are using any items which have an impractical design. These are becoming a drawback. Many women think clutch purse designs are not as practical as they have been in the fashion world for a more extended period. But are these classy, fashionable clutch purses so inauthentic or impractical? 

Let’s see first ‘what is a clutch purse’? And what is the difference between traditional designs and modern design clutch purses?

What Are The Authentic Designs For The Clutch Purse?

The traditional designs of the clutch purses are women’s purses without straps or slings. The conventional method of the clutch purse is flat without any hands. A small opening on the top of the purse. And you will find a nice-looking lock to access the purse. But in modern designs, many clutch purses come with a good sling handle. The most attractive part of these clutch purses is you will get a very close look, and the sizes are moderately large than the pocket purses.

Let’s see what the advantages of using these clutch purses are, apart from the stylish part.

10 Fashionista Advantages Of Using A Clutch Purse

Every clutch purse is pretty unique in style. But that is not all. The modern style clutch purses are designed to improve user-friendliness.

Here are ten advantages of having glamorous-looking clutch purses.

Minimalistic Style Statements

A black clutch purse is enough to go for any dinner date or theatre night. Many want to carry something, but as you do not have many spaces in your coin pouch, you can not carry those items. 

  • The minimalist styles are always the best look for everyone. Yes, just carry a small stylish clutch purse along with you. And you will get your desired look. Often I like to wear mixed and match-type attire. 
  • For example, I carry a crystal embellished clutch purse along with my entire black outfit. Of course, without a nude colour pump, these looks will not go to complete.

Contemporary Feelings

For any contemporary style, this type of clutch purse is always the perfect selection. Now, many designs are available which are a little bit out of focus from the traditional designs. 

  • For example, you can bye clutch purses with some graphics print or different texture bags. For example, I use clutch purses which have textured surfaces. 
  • This is a minimalist style, although this is also very unique.

Pocket Pinch Is Moderate

Many women are getting into confusing situations after finding various types of clutch purse designs. But when you know what is a clutch purse, you can easily find the right one for your use. 

  • For buying the best clutch purses, my suggestion is never to estimate a high budget for your purse buying. 
  • You will get various types of designer purses within the proper estimated budget. Even some of the very affordable clutch purses are gifted with a lovely handbag and style. So your budget is less than buying any type of handbag.

Hand Candy Style

You can carry this hand candy anywhere and anytime. Yes, this is very true for this type of clutch purse. 

  • The small handy style is not going to take up a large area. 
  • Even now, many clutch purses come with very nice-looking holders and handles. Often designers are adding detachable chain holding features. So you can easily carry it anywhere anytime.

Chic And Unique Style

Carrying clutch purses is a pretty unique style statement. Who wants to carry a large handbag while hanging out with friends? I usually carry a small silver clutch purse for any event or party break. 

  • These silver clutch purses look like accessory ornaments. 
  • The best part is when I carry this purse. I do not have to wear any ornaments along with the makeup. If you like me, then my tip is always to carry a lovely clutch purse for achieving the best-desired look.

Traditional Look

Yes, gold clutch purses are perfect for any traditional look. Whatever may be your event is. For example, a nice gold clutch purse with beaded embellishments has a very authentic look for the traditional look. 

  • If you are going out for a party, always use these clutch bags to carry your money and cards.
  • Usually, when we are going to any traditional party, we wear a dress where no pockets are available. We do not require so many items to carry. For this type of purpose, these clutch purses are always the best.

Organised Structure Than The Pouch Purses

Clutch purse structures are very organised. As it has the frame around it. Whatever you are putting inside it remains in the desired shape. This is the reason I like it most.

  • For example, a ysl clutch purse is a perfect accessory for every event. Whatever occasions it might be. From your office party to wedding, you can carry these clutch purses anywhere. And keep your cards and documents in the proper shape and size. 
  • You are putting an important piece of paper inside your purse, and when you are taking it out, you will see it becoming crumbly paper. This is an unpleasant situation. I use these purses for these advantages.

Light Weight

Lightweight than the other types of purses. Yes, there are disadvantages to using the clutch purse. 

  • Usually, in the clutch purse, there are no coin pouches. Yes, but the disadvantage is working for the advantages of how your purse’s weight is not going to increase. 
  • I know the reason is a little bit disappointing. But that is the reason I like my clutch purses. As the space is limited, I have to organise my purse every alternate day. So there are no unnecessary packing slips or card bills.

You Can Carry Anywhere 

You can carry your clutch purse anywhere. Yes, as these purses are a little bit formal. However, you can carry these purses anywhere and pair them up with almost any outfit.

  • Guess what! When I go for the summer tanning season on the beach, I often carry a colourful boho print contemporary clutch purse. The prints are unique. And I can safely carry all of my documents there.
  • I do not think I look any odd. That is the most significant advantage of using the clutch purse. Depending on the prints, you can select your best desired one. And pair up with many outfits.

Small Size Than The Regular Handbags

We all want a little bit of a deceptive purse where we can put the money and cards. And for this purpose, the clutch purses are the best pick for you. The size is a little bit larger than the small pocket pouches. But more minor than the handbags.

  • My requirements are very minimal. I want a purse where I can put my documents, money, and cards. And the essential part which I can carry anywhere.
  • The clutch purse has all these facilities. If you don’t want to carry it in your hands, attach the chain. And place it on your shoulder.

Why Clutch Purses Are My Fav!

Clutch purses are very user-friendly, and it is effortless and portable. That is the main reason for my likeness. But do you know if you like to experiment with colours and design, you can make this at your home? Yes, many women are asking how to make a clutch purse at home.

Here are the directions that you can apply to make your fev fabric clutch bags at your home.

Step1: Grab a fabric with prints. I usually pick a little bit thicker cotton fabric.

Step2: Measure up your required triangular shape. And cut the fabric to the proper size.

Step3: Then sew the sides to get the right shape of the bags. And keep one side open. After sewing, turn the inside out.

Step4: After this, sew all the sides to improve the strength of the bag. Your project is complete. You can install any type of lock for your homemade clutch bag.

This is the guidance I followed for sewing my clutch bags. If you like to experiment with these clutch bags, here are directions for you. Read it and make your own clutch bags.

Top Picks For You!  

  1. Two tone clutch bags can be a great pick for you if you are thinking of investing in a clutch purse for all your needs. It is a chic bag that can be used for any occasion, complementing all your clothing choices.
  2. Buying a wrist wallet can also help you with all your needs. This compact clutch is a great option if you are looking to carry something that is neither too big nor too small.
  3. Do you need something that can help you keep your important things or documents safe? Then you can try buying an anti-theft clutch bag. Many brands have introduced these recently and they can be used for keeping your important documents such as visa, passport, driver’s license or social security card.
  4. If you are tired of looking everywhere for your tech gadgets and want a solution to the endless quest- use a clutch bag. Using a clutch bag for storing all your tech accessories can help you stay organized. I have been using these while traveling and it has been a game changer!

Not truly a clutch purse, but  a fanny back can be carried as a clutch bag with support from its adjustable straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Clutch Bags Still In Fashion?

Of course, clutch bags are in fashion. Only the design part keeps changing, but techniques remain in the same place. So experiment with the bags but do not think it is obsolete.

Q2: How Do You Know That You Require A Clutch Purse?

When you have more things to put in your purse, but you do not have the proper specious purse to put all the stuff into it. From sleek moisturiser to car keys, you can put any of these things into your clutch purse. I know carrying all these everywhere is a little bit tough.

Q3. What Is The Main Difference Between A Purse And A Clutch Purse?   

A clutch is a small bag that is carried in your hand and it comes with no straps or handles. They also have less space than contemporarily used purses. On the other hand, a purse is slightly larger than a clutch and has handles and straps. These straps can be used to carry the purse over your shoulder for a more comfortable experience.

Q4. Can A Clutch Be Called A Handbag?   

No, a handbag is a slightly bigger carry-on that has more space for essential items. You may refer to a clutch as a handbag if you are using a clutch purse as described in the article. These are slightly bigger than usual purses and have more space, putting it right in the middle of purses and clutches.

Q5. Do men use clutch purses?   

Yes! Clutch purses are versatile bags that do not have any gender restrictions. The use of this bag helps men carry everything that you may require without having to carry a big bag such as a backpack or a laptop bag. Along with the added style quotient of the bags, it is also a great utility accessory for men.


The clutch purse is easy to handle and looks more stylish than any other purse. That is why I often pick up these purses and carry them to try out the mix and match look. Your clutch purse’s locks are unique, so if you want to try out something special, always experiment with the lock style of the purses. So what are your style statements with the clutch purses? Keep sharing your unique style ideas through the comment sections.

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