how long do acrylic nails last

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last? What You Need To Know

Every girl dreams of having a lovely hand and perfect nail shapes. But we all are not blessed with natural almond-shaped nail tips. So what to do? It is 2022, so there are many options to try out the different styles of wearing the nails. Getting long acrylic nails is easy to get; only you have to visit a nail stylist. But how long do acrylic nails last? This is the most valuable question. Nobody wants to spoil their nails fast after putting their nails.

When you are putting so much effort into placing acrylic nails, you want to wear the nails for a longer time. It is very accurate that your acrylic nails do not last long. But if you are taking care of the nails correctly, it will last more than seven weeks.

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last

Before going to the parlour to apply for the acrylic nail extensions, better know how long do acrylic nails last. And how to take care of your nails. Hence after applying the acrylic nails, your nails will get more strength. But if you do not follow the proper nail care regime, it can break and even not last for five weeks.

Even every hand is not made for carrying acrylic nails. Usually, heavy hands are more appropriate for applying acrylic nails. Depending on your hand’s type, select the length and the styles of nail extensions. Usually, the nail extensions will last about six weeks to eight weeks. Having a perfect nail is so tough, even.

“ When Your Life Is Not Perfect, But Your Nails Can Be…..” 

Let’s see what common queries are of the people when going for the acrylic nail extension sessions.

How Often Do You Need Your Nail Fill Ins?

How Often Do You Need Your Nail Fill Ins

Every artificial long nail extension requires a proper filing within two or three weeks after they go to the nail extensions. But it is not possible that you will maintain the right time and schedule every time. For example, after I did many acrylic nail extensions. I am going on a business tour.  And I missed the standard time of the nail fillings.

Are you like me? So how long do acrylic nails last without fill-ins? The stranded time is three weeks. If you fill in your nails within these three weeks, your nails will survive. This time also varies from one person to another. I first experimented with French nails. Then proceeded to more adventurous designs. Every design’s maintenance process is different, and the filing times are also other.

How To Maintain Your Nails Health When You Forget The Filings?

How To Maintain Your Nails Health When You Forget The Filings

Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your fake nail extensions even when you forget the time of the nail fillings.

Keep one point in your mind; your nails will be brittle without proper filling. So you have to follow some of the tips to avoid unnecessary braking.

  • Wear gloves when you are doing the kitchen work and dishes.
  • Apply nail oil every day to maintain the flexibility of the nails.
  • Wash your nails every day to keep them clean and strong.
  • Apply hand cream or lotions to maintain the skin of your hands.
  • Get the touch-up every week.

These are tips that you have to maintain the health of your hands and acrylic nails.

How Long Do Your Acrylic Nails Last Before They Fall Off?

How Long Do Your Acrylic Nails Last Before They Fall Off

How long do acrylic nails last before they fall off? This is a million-dollar question. Often women are trying a new look for just experimental purposes. And that is the reason people do not want to go for the filings. This is a prevalent scenario. My sister is also going for nail extensions with me. But she did not like it so much, so she waited till the nails naturally fell off.

Guess what? This is not a good idea at all. You may not like the extensions and do not want to put them on again. But if you are waiting for the nails to fall off the nails, You will see how the nails are growing from the roots. And as a result, your false nails will start to hang from the tip of your natural nails. Usually, the false acrylic nails last about six to eight weeks.

What To Do When You Do Not Want To Go For The Fillings?

What To Do When You Do Not Want to Go For The Fillings

You know the answer to acrylic nails and how long they last. But that does not mean every time you want to visit the salon for nail extensions. So if you like my sister, who does not like to visit the nail artist salon anymore, here are the tips.

  • Visit the nail artist once again and seek their help in removing your extensions.
  • Designer nails always require more caring. For example, rainbow nails always need faster filling than regular french tips.
  • Many of the girls used acetone on their gel extension to remove it. This is a harrowing process. Even your natural nails are getting damaged.
  • This is when you require the help of the nail artist once again.

Do not wait for the fall off. Hence every person has different nail growth rates. If your nail growth rates are fast. Then you will require less time, but when your growth rates are pretty slow, then you will require such a long time for the natural fall of your false acrylic nails.

Are There Any Nail Extensions That Do Not Last Like The Gel Extensions?

Are There Any Nail Extensions That Do Not Last Like The Gel Extensions

Of course, some acrylic extensions do not get the strength like gel nail extensions. If you just want to apply for the extension for party purposes. Then you can do the experiments with the kiss acrylic nails.

How long do kiss acrylic nails last? Unfortunately, these acrylic nails do not last more than seven days. So if you are searching for a temporary solution for your nail extensions, always go for the kiss nail extensions.

These gel extensions are a simple solution for temporary use. When you are doing multiple household work, these nail extins are just perfect. It will fall off after seven days before that; you will get your perfect party look.

Do You Want To Try Some Other Types Of Nail Extensions? 

Are you eager to get your nails stylized in the best way? Well, you already know about the acrylic nail extensions. 

So, let’s explore the other nail extension styles. 

Polygel Nail Extensions

Polygel nail extensions are the fusions of acrylic and gel nail extensions. You can also call these nail extensions hybrid or acrylic gel extensions. 

So, when you get polygel nail extensions, you enjoy the benefits of gel and acrylic nail extensions at the same time.

The only downside of these extensions is that they come in a tube or tub and have a very thick texture. The dense texture of the nail extensions does not get leveled on their own. 

However, when curing is done using an LED lamp or UV ray, the nails look natural and feel lightweight on your fingers. 

Polygel nail extensions are versatile, and besides beautifying nails, they are used to make your natural nails stronger. Polygel extensions are also useful for mending nails that are broken. 

Many people also prefer polygel extensions as they can be styled in different ways: dual forms, tips, and forms. In addition, acetone used in regular household products does not damage polygel nail extensions. 

Wearing polygel extensions will be better for you as they do not have any annoying odor and are hypoallergenic. 

BIAB Nail Extensions

BIAB or hard gel nail extensions are similar to hard gel extensions, which you will know about in the next section. 

But BIAB has its differences from the usual hard gel extensions. The main difference between usual hard gel extensions and BIAB nail extensions is the texture. BIAB nail extensions are thin. So you will need more time to wear these nail extensions. 

BIAB also works brilliantly to fix when the corners of your nails are broken. BIAB nail extension solutions are even used as overlays. 

Hard Gel Nail Extensions

Today, many women prefer hard gel nail extensions as they are like a contemporary take on traditional acrylic nails. These nail extensions all get leveled on their own and do not emit any foul odor.

Hard gel nail extensions are also popular because they have better aesthetics than usual acrylic nails. 

Frequently Asked Question:-

Q1: Do Acrylic Nails Ruin Your Natural Nails?

Ans: Acrylics do not ruin your natural nails. But this is entirely conditional on the application process of the nails. If you are applying fake nails from an experienced nail artist. It does not ruin your nails. But you also have to follow the proper aftercare routines.

Q2: How Much Does A Single Acrylic Nail Application Cost?

Ans: This cost is entirely dependent on the technician’s fees. Usually, the salons charge from $35 to $50.Counting on your art type, the prices can also increase or decrease.

Q3: Can You Wear Acrylic Nails For A Whole Year?

Ans: Yes, you can, but you need the touch-ups within a few weeks. Frequent touch-ups help the nails to maintain their shapes and sizes. After three weeks, you have to fill up your nails once again. If you do not retain your nail tips, your nails will become brittle and fragile.

Q4: Which Fake Acrylic Nails Last Longest?

Ans: Dip nails are the longest. Even the dip nail removal is also taking time. Regular acrylic gel nails require touch-ups within three weeks. But dip nails can last more than four weeks. Dip nails last longer than gel extensions.

Wrapping It Up:

Now I think you already know how long acrylic nails last. If you like to get stronger nails, then always use dip nails. Gel extensions do not last long. But proper care of the acrylic false nails improves the life of the nails. If you do not like nail extensions, then do not try to remove them at your home. It will be better if you are seeking the help of a professional nail artist for removal. So what are your experiences with doing nail extensions? You can share your attractive nail extension pictures with us through the comment sections.

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