how long do hair extensions last

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last In Your Hair?

There’s a book by Jamie Foster named ‘Great hair Doesn’t Happen By Chance It Happens By Appointment.’ Now, we don’t know how many of you have read the book, but we sure do know how many of you can resonate with this title. In fact, what the title says, is actually true. We may have a good quality of hair by genetics, but how we will style it and how we will stand out in the crowd depends on a professional’s hands.

While hair color has become a distinctive styling look for your curls, hair extensions are new in the game. People who have short hair can attach hair extensions for a particular occasion. Even people with long hair also prefer attaching hair extensions of several colors to accentuate their look. But, do you know how long do hair extensions last? Let’s find out.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

When I was thinking of going for extensions, I found myself googling the same question ‘how long do hair extensions last?’ But, I did not find any suitable answer anywhere. That’s why I decided to go for the experience myself and asked many hair professionals how long do extensions last. But, all of them had the same opinion that it depends on the type of the extension and how well you treat them. So, let’s take a look;

1: Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

If you wonder how long hair extensions last, these are the best option for you as they will last 3-5 months. These extensions will be attached to your root with low heat and keratine protein treatment. There are specific brushes for combing extensions, so you have to use them if you want them to last long. Don’t heat your hair with a straightener or curling iron when you have hair extensions. Wash your hair only 2-3 times a week to ensure its durability.

2: Tape-In Hair Extensions

Some people often ask how long do sew in hair extensions last. The answer is 4-6 months, so it is also a good choice for you. An adhesive weft tape is applied here to affix the extension on your roots. Since there is no heat applied here, so it ensures low damage. This hair extension does not obstruct your natural hair growth in any way. But, taking care of your hair is essential here too. It’s better to get a parlor appointment every 6 weeks if you want these extensions to last long.

3: Clip-In Hair Extensions

You don’t need to know how long hair extensions last if you choose the clip-in extensions. A little weft clip is used to affix each extension to your hair strands. These are reusable and temporary so that you can attach and remove them on your own. If you want these extensions to last long, wear them for a particular time duration, and remove them before going to bed.

How To Find Out What Type Of Hair Extension To Choose?

How To Find Out What Type Of Hair Extension To Choose

Are you still wondering how long do permanent hair extensions last? Well, if you treat them right, they can last from 3-12 months. So, make sure you choose the right type of extension for your hair; else, you will regret it for a long time. Again, talking to your hairdresser will help you the most in this context.

The hairdresser will guide you in choosing the right extension depending on your budget, hair type, lifestyle, and purpose. For example, if you don’t have enough time to nourish your hair, the wrong extension can result in matted roots and unmanageable strands. 

That’s why taking an appointment with your hairdresser will help you here. The professional will help you choose the right colored extension, too, depending on the occasion. They will also tell you what are hair extensions so that you can make an informed decision about them.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

We have already told you how long do sew in extensions last and how long do glue in extensions lasts. But, no matter which one you choose, you have to figure out the price of each extension, right? 

The average cost of a natural hair extension varies from $200-$600. It depends on the product quality and also the parlor’s reputation. But, clip-in extensions cost the least because they are temporary. You can avail of them from any store for just $50-$100. 

However, professional tape-in extensions also cost medium. They fall in a price range of $200-$300 on an average. But, the fusion hair extensions that can last from 3-12 months cost almost $600-$3000. If you attach these on a full head for a permanent basis, you’ll have to spend some extra bucks behind them.

How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions?

Clip-on hair extensions are quite a trendy hair accessory that people women love to carry with them. However, as we mentioned before, if you want to know how long do hair extensions last, you have to find out how to take care of them. Otherwise, the extension that was supposed to last for 3-6 months may not even last for 3 weeks.

We have some tips for you to take care of your extensions, such as;

Step 1: Wash Your Extensions The Right Way

Wash Your Extensions The Right Way

You will, of course, wash your hair extensions with shampoo and conditioner. But, use a product that your hairdresser recommends if you want them to last long. Don’t use a product containing alcohol or sulfate, as it will strip your hair from its natural oil, which will be bad for the extensions. 

Step 2: Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

If you have a fusion or tape-in extension, we know you can’t remove them every time you go to sleep. But, make sure they are not wet when you go to sleep because that will damage your extension roots. A good-quality hairdryer can help you solve this problem; you have to stay awake until completely dry.

Step 3: Brush Your Extensions Carefully

The way you comb your hair won’t work well for your extensions. You have to be extremely careful while brushing the extensions; else, they will become loose. A good quality brush with gentle strokes will allow your extensions to last longer. 

Step 4: Get A Weekly Parlor Appointment

If you think oily roots are suitable for extensions, you are wrong. It can spoil the entire setting of the extension and can make it come loose. So, schedule a weekly parlor appointment for spa and conditioning to nourish your hair and hair extensions. 

Step 5: Avoid Heat Damage

Avoid Heat Damage

As we said before, if you have hair extensions, you should try to avoid flat iron or curling wands. But, if you absolutely have to use it, make sure you use a heat protectant cream before applying the iron. Use it in a low heat setting and for a limited time only. 

Step 6: Don’t Tangle Them

When you sleep, you can’t control if your hair extensions are getting tangled. So, if you just tie them loosely on your back before going to sleep, they will not get tangled. You can also use a spiral hairband or scrunchie to tie it in a ponytail.

Step 7: Separate The Strands Regularly

Separate The Strands Regularly

Use your fingers to separate the strands of your extensions daily. It may look time-consuming, but it won’t if you do it every day. You can also use a small comb or brush if your fingers are not good enough for this job.

Should You Or Should You Not Opt For Hair Extensions?

Should You Or Should You Not Opt For Hair Extensions_

It’s a tough call whether you should get hair extensions or not because, as pretty as they appeal, there are a few downsides, too. Let me give you a clearer idea of whether you should choose hair extensions and, if yes, why:

They Are Versatile

One of the fewest reasons why hair extensions are a must is because they are versatile. Be it micro-ring or clip-in extensions, these are perfect for people who want no commitments regarding permanent extensions. 

It is very easy to clip them right before you leave home. Add more volume to your hair by opting for these extensions. 

Fast To Apply

Extensions, particularly the clip-ons, are very quick to apply. We all miss out on time significantly nowadays which is why we look for immediate solutions. 

And guess what? These extensions are perfect as they help you change your look from day to day, matching every outfit, mood, and occasion. Without having to opt for permanent extensions, you can just settle for their temporary counterparts. 

Splash Of Colors

Are you one of those who love changing hair color every now and then? Well, stop treating your hair with chemicals and instead try extensions. They literally come in a plethora of colors and don’t cost too much.

It’s time to stop your hair from damage- choose hair color extensions that would look perfect on you. Mauve, brown, burgundy- you call it!

Extension Are Short-Term Solutions

It is true that you get a lot of flexibility with these removable clip-ins. But the solution is for a short time, meaning you have to keep changing them every day. And who can do such a laborious task every day?

It also becomes boring to go through the entire process before you leave your house. As a result, you would likely turn up to its permanent solution or quit using them completely. 

Discomfort With Prolonged Usage

Another thing with extensions like micro-ring extensions is that they might cause discomfort. Extensions don’t cause pain, but if you have used them before, you might feel discomfort in the same area due to added weight. 

Your scalp is most likely to pain, but it can come to zero after a few days. If the discomfort doesn’t subside, you are most likely getting the wrong extensions or the extensions might be secured too tightly!

Matting, Folding, or Slippage Appeal

Tape extensions and others are too prone to slip down your hair. It is a very common occurrence if you use silicone-based products while getting the attachment. 

This makes your hair look matt or fold if you wear them for a long time. Additionally, it can cause traction in and around your scalp, ultimately leading to traction alopecia. 

One might experience hair loss, redness, and poor hair growth due to this. Hence, you must always get in-salon maintenance every 5-weeks to maintain the quality of your natural hair.


It is safe to leave the decision of getting or not getting an extension in your hands. Consider the aforementioned tips and make an informed decision.

We have tried our best to give you a solid answer to the ‘how long do hair extensions last’ question. We have also told you how much do they cost, and how to take care of them.

However, you may have some queries left that you want the answer to. If that’s the case, you can always ask us questions in the comment box, and we will surely get back to you with an answer.

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