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Basic Gel Nails Hacks – Every Girl Need To Know That.

There are a lot of nail gels available in the market now. As a result, women of all ages have a tendency to buy nail gels and apply them according to their fashion outfits. However, most of them are unaware of the hacks to apply the gel nails. 

So, if you are the one falling into the same group of people, it would be better for you to go through the hacks. You can learn about the simple hacks here and make sure you are able to apply the gel in a proper manner. Have a look at the following points to understand:

Simple Gel Nail Hacks For You To Know

As a woman, you must be always eager to take care of your nails. The best you can do is go through the following hacks and make sure your gel x nails last for a longer time. For now, you can go through the hacks:

1. Keep Your Nails Safe From Hot Water

In case you are applying gel polish on your nails, try keeping them away from too hot water. Remember, the gel is nothing but a chemical that can react with hot water and ruin the design.

In worst-case situations, your polish can entirely lift up and you would be left out with bare nails. Moreover, too much hot water can be dangerous for extended nails too.

2. Push Back The Nail Cuticles

In case you desire to apply the Christmas gel nails or any other designs, do not forget to push back the cuticles. The best you can do is apply the cuticle oil on your nails and then reach up to the salon. 

However, if you are an expert, you can straightaway apply gel nails to get that outstanding outlook on your nails. Well, most beauty experts would still recommend you to search for the gel nails near me and reach up to the salon. Obviously, their finish would not match any DIY process.   

3. Apply Nail Care Oil Regularly

In case you have applied gel polish on your nails, the best you can do is maintain it with the help of nail care oil.  There are several nail care oils available in the market and you can choose one of them.

Well, as you become accustomed to gel polishes, your gel nail ideas can start rolling. Now, these nail care oils can prevent any cracks on your nails by keeping the gel hydrated.

When you buy a nail care oil, make sure to consider three points. Look for them below:

  • Quality of the product
  • Price of the product
  • Presence of ingredients safe for your body

In no case, you should compromise with the quality of the nail care oil. Again, do not settle for the ones that are dramatically cheap. These products can ruin your nails health and you might develop complicated skin diseases.  

4. Scribble Over Cracked Nails

In case you have applied gel on nails, chips and cracks can commonly occur. So, in such a situation, you should not think about how to take of gell nails. The best you can do is to scribble over it. 

There are many ways of scribbling on the nails. Nail experts can even help you in this case. So, the best you can do is to get the nail gel pens and make unique designs on your nail. In the best-case situation, you might end up loving your nail design more than just the gel polish.  

5. Apply Glitter On Tips

One of the main reasons why maintaining a nail can be difficult is due to its growth. However, the application of the glitter on the tips can help a lot. Glitters can hide the growth of the nails.

You can consider this hack fit for the experts who are well accustomed to applying gel polish on the nails. If you are a beginner, you would need some time to grasp the entire process.

Nail glitters are available in the market in different price ranges. You can count on the products that are available in the medium price range. In case you are cool with the expensive glitters, you can choose them too. In fact, the best way to look for nail glitters and buy them is by searching on e-commerce websites. 

6. Keep Your Nails Safe While Cleaning

If you are too much concerned about how to remove gel nails at home, you should not keep your nails safe while cleaning. Ah! That was surely a lame joke. Remember that overexposure to water can always ruin the gel polish on your nails. 

So, you should always wear rubber gloves during the cleaning process. Make sure to take care of the gel nails as you do to your neck tattoos

7. Count On The Top Coat

When you are applying the gel nails, make sure to apply the topcoat on them. It is yet another product that can keep your polish intact for a long time. You can buy a topcoat from the leading e-commerce websites as it is quite affordable. The only thing you need to check is the brand.

Removal Process

Now, as you know all the hacks, it is time for you to know the removal process. Check out the following points for rightly removing the nail gel. 

  • Wash you nails thoroughly. 
  • Apply the remover on your nails. 
  • Remove the extension from your nails. 
  • Wrap the nails with Aluminum foil. 
  • Check if your nail is clean.
  • Make sure your nails get proper hydration. 
  • Save your nail cuticles from any type of injuries. 
  • Apply new nail gel after some days. 
  • You can consider this as the right way how to remove gel nails. So, you can try it all by yourself.

Some Gel Nail Hacks You Can Try For Yourself In 2023  

You will find a lot of options if you want to explore gel nail designs for this season. So, be as creative as you want.

Here, I have brought some exciting ideas for you.

Gel Nails With Heart Shapes  

If you want to flaunt your feminine side or ooze some romance, you can go for heart-shaped gel nails. To get the design on point, you will have to use a simple neutral shade for the major part of the nails and the heart shapes around the tip will be done in pink or cream color.

To get a shiny finish for the nails, you can use a glaze top coat.

The Reverse French Nail Art For Your Gel Nails  

If you are not sure how to adorn your gel nail, reverse French can be a great option. To get this nail design, you will need to paint your nails in a white shade. Then, you can use your black nail paint to create a distinct design.

You can try the classic Ying Yang design or black dots on white paint to get the style right.

Dual Tone Gel Nail Style  

How about getting your gel nail styled in a dual tone? You can take two approaches while getting your nails painted. First of all, you can go for a complete contrast of shades. This can be more like a combination of pink and yellow or green and white.

You can even take an ombre approach with your gel nail paint. It’s like creating dimensions with different shades of the same color. This effect becomes more prominent with darker shades like blue, pink, yellow, or brown.

Nail Freckles  

If you want to glam up your nails, you can go for nail freckles. You can pick the glittery ones, keeping your nails dazzling.

Final Words

Applying gel polish on nails can be one of the most exciting things to do. So, you can indulge in it and enhance the outlook of the nails. The best you can do is get quality products and rush to an expert for professional help. 

Finally, if you have applied gel polish on your nails, you can let us know about your experience. To do that you need to click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. How Should Girls Take Care Of Their Nails? 

Ans: There are a lot of nail care products that girls can use to take care of their nails.

Q2. What Are The Steps In Basic Manicure?

Ans: The steps of basic manicure start from cleaning the nails and end at applying the second coat of the color.

Q3. How Do You Make It Look Like You Have Gel Nails?

Ans: To get the perfect gel nails, you can apply the coat to your nails.

Q4. What Are Some Nail Hacks?

Ans: Some nail hacks are:
Application of the nail care oil. 
Hydrating the nails up to a necessary level. 
Application of the remover in the correct manner.

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