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The List Of Best And Cool Neck Tattoos To Help You Choose

Getting inked is very exciting and fun until you come to the stage where you have to choose plenty of options. It is a very common scenario that every person faces when they decide to get a neck tattoo. If you are also confused after seeing so many neck tattoos, this article is for you. 

We have done the work for you and filtered out the best neck tattoos. You can go through this article to find some best tattoo ideas. Whether you want to get tattoos that are meaningful or tattoos that come with memories, you can get some best and most popular ones in this article. 

No matter which one you choose, make sure to carefully decide as the tattoo will stay with you for a long time. 

Top Neck Tattoos That You Can Choose 

You can choose some best tattoos at the back or the side of your neck to look cool. The nape of the neck is the most popular place for tattoos among all the other locations of the body. It is directly under the hairline bottom; it is the easiest to hide with a collared shirt or long hair. However, here are some best neck tattoos that you can choose. 

1. Bouquet At The Back Neck 

Bouquet At The Back Neck

One of the most common neck tattoos for women that you can choose is the bouquet. It is a back neck tattoo that is perfect for women and comes with a great look. It looks very good at the back of the head as it represents the above portion of the head. 

You can even make the tattoo look better if you shape the half flowers in a way that ends where the hair meets the nape of the neck. You can take the help of the tattoo maker to choose the best design that matches your hair. 

2. Butterfly Tattoo 

Butterfly Tattoo

If you are looking for cute neck tattoos, It is one of the options that you can consider having at the back of your neck. It is known to be the best tattoo choice for girls. Try to keep the design detail very low to prevent making the whole design overwhelming. The lines of the butterfly tattoo feel delicate and also add interest. You can get them done with some small colors to make them look realistic. 

3. Dragon Tattoo 

Dragon Tattoo

Keeping all the women’s tattoos aside, if you are looking for neck tattoos for men, a dragon tattoo is a common but popular choice that you will see in a lot of places. However, it might sound a bit weird to have a dragon tattoo at the back of your neck. 

However, you will be shocked to know there are many neck tattoos men that contain dragons. The shape of this mythical animal is very attractive and suits the neck, which makes it a very good neck tattoo. 

4. Words Tattoo 

Words Tattoo

When it comes to the back of neck tattoos, nothing is better than words. Words are known to be the most common small neck tattoos that are meaningful. For example, you can get the name of god tattoos at the back of your neck or engrave your partner’s name. 

If you want anything else to write, it will look very good on your neck. However, you need to keep in mind that the writing is not very long as the neck does not have much space to fit long texts. Apart from that, you can get whatever you want as girl neck tattoos or side neck tattoos.  

5. Cross Tattoo 

Cross Tattoo

If you are looking for simple neck tattoos, get a cross tattoo done on your neck. Nothing looks better and simpler than the cross. Even if you get a small tattoo done on your neck, it will still signify strength and bravery. The cross is a very powerful sign that makes you more confident. 

If you think having Jesus with you will help you withstand any pain and get going, this is the best tattoo. Compared to full neck tattoos or throat neck tattoos, it is one of the small neck tattoos for men that comes with a high impact. 

6. Blackwork Flower Neck Tattoo 

“Here’s a beautiful example of Black Work style. Although the typical solid planes of black ink are present, the skilled shading stands out. Varying tones of gray are used to achieve this desired effect.”

7. Minimal Line Work Tattoo

“When it comes to neck tattoos, any style will work. Here we have the Line Work style as seen in this neck tattoo.” 

“Black lines form the outline of the beetle with the surrounding design reminiscent of wings. Minimal style is aptly employed in the representation of the wings. Secondary details aren’t included but rather only the most basic components make up the design.”

8. Red Rose Neck Tattoo

“Rose neck tattoo is done in New School style. Similar to Old School style (think your grandpa’s tattoo), they both use bold outlines and simple colors.” 

“The primary difference is the choice of theme; example: rose vs pin-up girl. This rose tattoo sits perfectly on the neck with leaves draping both forwards and onto the back.”

9. Geometric Neck Tattoo

“The design is perfectly centered over the neck, even extending sideways onto the slopes of the shoulders. Then there’s the solid outline serving as a frame; not any frame but one that sensuously extends onto the spine. This will have all eyes.”

10. Blackwork Tattoo Front Neck

“To enhance any bold tattoo design, the black work technique of tattoo is employed. Using only black ink, an in-your-face tattoo is created. No thin black lines, no subtlety; just bold, solid planes of black ink.” 

“The design creates a focal point over the sternum. You can see how anatomy can dictata or enhance a design and vice-versa.”

11. Japanese Cherry Blossom & Tiger Neck Tattoo

“Japanese tattoos are never shy or timid and neither is this one. Boldly inked in black with some shading, it perfectly frames the neck. No accessories needed. With tigers representing bravery and a fierce spirit, I guess we can assume this is one strong lady. Hats off to her.”

12. Floral Snake Tattoo

“Position makes perfect and here it really does. The snake does appear to be slithering along the flower right up this woman’s neck.” 

“It’s a beautiful design layout utilizing the vertical space between the ear and the collarbone. Then there’s the Black Work style artfully showcased here. Heavy lines and solid planes of black ink only.”

13. Black Widow Spider Neck Tattoo

“Bold heavy black lines and accents of red define the Minimal style expertly employed here. There’s the spider’s body, legs and webs; nothing more than these basic components. This design looks museum-ready. Nothing more needed.”

14. Ram’s Head Neck Tattoo

“Great shading is on display for a ram’s head tattoo. That along with the use of fine black lines, no color and 3D provide its realism. This is Realistic style combined with Black and Gray style.” 

“Looking at the design you can see how it perfectly fits the space where it’s inked. The antlers neatly fit between the chin and collarbones while the head receives its due attention centered over the sternum.”

15. Mandala Neck Tattoo

When it comes to a mandala tattoo it is a very beautiful accessory. “Centered over the sternum it magnifies the graceful slope of the shoulders and lines of the collarbones.” 

“The characteristic repeating geometric patterns of a Mandala form a lotus flower design. Ornamental elements above and below it add a perfect delicate touch.”

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Is A Neck Tattoo A Bad Idea? 

Yes, there are some reasons why people consider it a bad idea. The neck skin is the most common reason of concern as it is very sensitive and thin. Therefore, you will be prone to damage and expose sensitive skin. Also, tattooing is done with plenty of syringes; it can go deep into the skin and cause irritation. 

Q2. Are Neck Tattoos Masculine?

Most people who are associated with gangs and criminals tend to have neck tattoos that represent strong, bold, and masculine personalities. The neck is a very painful place to ink, which shows the masculinity. 

Q3. How Painful Are Neck Tattoos? 

Neck tattoos are very painful, and the skin around the neck is also very sensitive. The neck tattoo sessions tend to give you a very uncomfortable and bad experience. There is no skin thick or fat, which makes it more painful. 

Q4. Which Tattoo Is Best For Neck? 

There are plenty of neck tattoos available that are perfect. However, which is perfect for you depends on many different things such as the neck size, your stories, beliefs, love, and others. People tend to choose different neck tattoos for them based on the situation. However, if you are looking for the most popular neck tattoo, you can get the cross tattoo done on your neck. 


Getting a neck tattoo is not as easy as you think. There are many things that you need to keep in mind before proceeding. This article will help you to get you the best ideas in detail. 

Whether you are looking for the best neck tattoos for females or men’s neck tattoos, you can get the most popular neck tattoos in the article. If this article has helped you find out the best neck tattoo you are looking for, make sure to share it with others.

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