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Almond Nails – 10 Famous Almond Nails Ideas To Follow In 2022

When it comes to nail fashion, there are different types of shapes and shades that women can choose. However, the almond nails always remain a top choice. This is a nail design that is so named because it resembles the shape of an almond.

Well, if you are looking forward to changing your nail fashion in 2022, you can give this shape a try. You can either file your natural nail properly to get the shape or buy extensions. Just make sure your nail has a wide top and lean tip.

For now, you can go through some trendy design ideas that can complement your almond nails the best. Try one of them soon and it can be a whole new nail fashion for you in 2022. However, before you start with the list, check out a few points to consider while developing the nails.

Points To Consider Before Developing Almond Nails

Points To Consider Before Developing Almond Nails

You need to consider the following points before developing the almond shaped nails. Have a look:

  • Your Pre-existing nail shape
  • Condition of your natural nails
  • Need for an artificial nail extension
  • Type of design you are about to make
  • The accessories necessary for your design

So, once you reach the conclusions of these points, you can easily take a step forward to keep designer almond nails. 

Fifteen Trendy Almond Nail Ideas To Follow In 2022

The following list consists of fifteen almond nails designs ideas. You can pick one according to your choice. Have a look:

1. Daisy Almond Nails (Soft Pink Shade)

Daisy Almond Nails (Soft Pink Shade)

Daisy is a flower that symbolizes tranquillity and innocence. Now, you can incorporate daisy designs into your nails. All it needs is the ability to paint a daisy flower on your almond nails. 

Nevertheless, for the base coat, you can use the soft-pink shade. It can always give your nails a classy look.

2. Ombre Almond Nails (Rose Red Shade)

Ombre Almond Nails (Rose Red Shade)

Do you have short almond nails? Well, if so, you can try out the simple ombre effect. The best you can do is take the rose-red nail polish and mix it as per the gradient with white. 

This nail design can be the best compliment to casual and floral outfits

3. Glitter Almond Nails (White And Purple Shade)

Glitter Almond Nails (White And Purple Shade)

If you are that fashion-conscious teenager and ready to shape your nail like an almond, choose to add glitters to it. Remember, the white and purple glitters can magically give your nails an outstanding outlook. 

4. Tip Almond Nails

Tip Almond NailsTip Almond Nails

The idea of making a tip on your nails that resembles almonds is always brave. It is surely the simplest idea you can apply. All you need to do is just to make the tip of your nails more prominent by filing. As a finishing touch, you can add some nude polish over it.

5. Cloud Style Almond Nails (With Ombre Shade)

Cloud Style Almond Nails (With Ombre Shade)

If you are an expert and know how to shape almond nails, try applying cloud art to it. This is a tricky design and you might need some knowledge to put it on. Moreover, you need to put an ombre shade on your nails. So, the best you can do is rush to a professional nail designer this year. 

6. Glossy Almond Nails (Deep Burgundy Almond Nails)

Glossy Almond Nails (Deep Burgundy Almond Nails)

Any glossy polish on the nails looking like almonds can be outstanding. Well, you can choose the deep burgundy polish if you want to play boldly. No matter whether your almond nails are short or medium, this design can always be alluring. 

Now the deep burgundy color can go with gothic fashion and bold outfits. So you can choose this nail art according to your preference. Finally, to make it glossy, you need to put on a coat of nail designing gel.

7. Decal Style Almond Nails (The Emerald- Gold Combination)

Decal Style Almond Nails (The Emerald- Gold Combination)

Hey! How about adding some golden decals on the nails that look like almonds. Well, you can add artificial nails to enlarge them and put the decals perfectly. Now, do not forget to give a green base coat to your nails. 

Always remember that green makes an excellent match with gold. You can apply this design idea to your nails if you are up for some party

8. Star Design Almond Nails (Any Shade)

Star Design Almond Nails (Any Shade)

Have you recently learned how to shape nails almond? Have you already changed it? Are you confused about the design to add? Well, come down a bit! You can add the star design to your nails.

The best color combination for this design can be black and white. You can try out the design with both black and white bases. This can also go well with the French nails

9. Floral Style Almond Nail

Floral Style Almond Nail

If you have nails that look like almonds, you can go all floral! Yes, it sounds amazing, right?

There are different floral design ideas for the nails but you can try the white tip design. 

In this case, you can keep the tip part of your almond nail transparent while polishing the rest of it. Afterward, you need to add any floral design to the transparent part. 

10. Classic Red Almond Nails

Classic Red Almond Nails

Nails shaping like almonds, either big or small can automatically develop an alluring outlook if you add the classic red polish. If you are into simplicity, this can be the right choice for you. 

The classic red polish might seem nothing in terms of designing complicacy but it can support fashionable and formal outfits. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. Are Almond Nails Still In 2022?

Ans: Yes, the almond nails are still in-trend in 2022.

Q2. What Is The Popular Nail Shape For 2022?

Ans: Almond and Ballerina are two popular nail shapes to try in 2022.

Q3. Are Almond Nails Classy?

Ans: Yes, there are a lot of designs in the case of the almond nails that are classy. 

Q4. What Should I Ask For Almond Nails?

Ans: You should always ask for a slender tip in case of almond nails.

Final Words

Keeping almond nails in the present era is not a big deal but adding proper design to it is really one. If you have gone through the entire list, I am sure that you have chosen the best design for yourself. 

You can always visit a nail artist if you are not in the condition to paint your nails on your own. However, make sure she has proper experience for the work. Yet another thing you need to keep in mind while adding nail designs is the type of dress you wear.

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