Reals And Dupes: Best Hermes Slides To Have In 2023!

Reals And Dupes: Best Hermes Slides To Have In 2023!

Are you searching for some of the best Hermes slides? If yes, then this article is just the right one for you!

Hermes is one of the most popular and one of the oldest brands that has been around since 1837. It started as a family-run and socially responsible company that now has more than three hundred stores across the world in over forty-five countries.

One of the most popular items from the brand is the Hermes Oran sandals or slides. If you want to look for the best Hermes slides, then you have reached the end of your search. Keep reading till the end to learn more and finally add to the cart…

Hermes Slides That You Must Have In 2023!

Hermes Slides That You Must Have In 2023!
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In case you want to splurge a bit and are in search of some of the best Hermes slides, then I have you covered. Take a look at some of these choices for Hermes shoes. And hey, these are the original ones!

1. Rose Flash Hermes Oran Sandals

Rose Flash Hermes Oran Sandals
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The first one on this list is the fluorescent pink Hermes slides that can turn anything that you are wearing into a stunning outfit. The shoe is covered with small white detailing that gives it the finish of a leather skin.

Price: $1,800

2. Orange/Rose Hermes Oran Sandals

Orange/Rose Hermes Oran Sandals
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The Orange/Rose Hermes Oran sandals are some of the best shoes that you can have. It is bright and colorful and definitely one that needs to be in your wardrobe. Of course, you can pair it with an all-black outfit to make the shoes do all the talking!

Price: $750

3. Blanc Hermes Oran Sandal

Blanc Hermes Oran Sandal
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If you are not a big fan of bright and fluorescent colors, then this is the one that you need to have. You do not need to be worried about it getting dirty. Just wipe it with a cloth, and there you go— ready as new!

Price: $750

4. Jaune Topaze Hermes Oran Sandal

Another one from the Hermes slides collection is the bright yellow Oran sandals. With its iconic H cutout in the front, you can make sure that you are able to let the jaws drop as you strut the streets!

Price: $750

5. Rose Du Désert Chypre Hermes Slides

Rose Du Désert Chypre Hermes Slides
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If you are looking for a very soft and furry sandal to wear, then this is the one that you should definitely go for! With a rubber sole and woolskin, this is the sandal that you need to have when you want to feel like you are walking on the clouds. On top of it, this will be able to keep you warm due to its insulating material. Ideal for winter, isn’t it?

Price: $970

6. Noir Egerie Hermes Sandal

Noir Egerie Hermes Sandal
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Probably one of the cheapest Hermes slides in this list, we have the Egerie Sandal from Hermes. However, unlike the others on this list, this one is not made of leather. This not only brings down the cost of the shoe but also makes the sandals waterproof! Now tell me, is that not the best of both worlds?

Price: $295

Hermes Slides Dupes That You Must Have In 2023!

Hermes Slides Dupes That You Must Have In 2023!

Now that you have read about the original ones and checked the prices of the best Hermes Slides, you might be having second thoughts about whether or not to take part in this trend. 

Well, if you are a bit taken aback by the prices of the shoes, I have a list of the best Hermes slides supes for you. They look exactly like the Hermes sandals but come at half the price of the original sandals.

Take a look at these Hermes Slides dupes and look-alikes:

1. Steve Madden Greece Hoku Sandal

The first one on this list of the best Hermes slides look-alikes is the one from Steve Madden. The white sliders from Steve Madden are a very close replica of the Hermes Oran sandals in Blanc. So, if you are planning to get yourself a white Hermes sandal, then this is the one for you!

Price: $50

2. Sam Edelman Women’s Bay Slide Sandal

While it is not the exact dupe of the Hermes Oran Sandal in the shade of Gold or nude, it is still a very close one. While the real Hermes sandal comes at a price of over six hundred and fifty dollars, the dupe from Sam Edelman comes at a price that is three times less.

Price: $76

3. Amazon Essentials Flat Blended Sandal

Another one from the list of Hermes dupes is the Flat Blended Sandals from Amazon Essentials. While they are available in a lot of colors, if you want to get a dupe of the Hermes Blanc slides, then you should get this one in white. They are waterproof and externally flexible.

Price: $26

4. Stratuxx Kaze Womens Flat H-Band Slide Sandal

Next on the list of the Hermes Slides look-alikes are the T-fushia shade of the Stratuxx Kaze Women’s Flat H-Band Slide Sandal. It is almost the exact look-alike of the popular hot pink Hermes sandals. It is breathable and soft— a perfect combination for it to become your favorite daily wear.

Price: $34

5. Italian Shoemakers Francie H Band Flat Slide Sandal

Last on the list, we have the Italian Shoemakers Francie H Band Flat Slide Sandal. It is one of the best dupes for the black Hermes slides but at a much lower price. This sandal is not made from leather. Rather they are rubber sliders with padded insoles, which makes them comfortable for all-day wear!

Price: $40

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have almost finished reading this article, it is time for you to read some of these questions that readers ask about Hermes slides. Then, take a look at them to gain other information.

Q1. Are Hermes Slides And Slippers comfortable?

Ans: The shoes that you get at Hermes are some of the most comfortable shoes that you will ever get to wear. One of the most important reasons for that to happen is because they are made in such a way that makes them best for everyday wear.

Q2. Are Hermes Slides Expensive?

Ans: Hermes shoes and slides are one of the most expensive sandals that you can get. They are made in Italy and are made from leather that is primarily from calfskin. This is what makes them expensive.

Wrapping It Up!

Based in Italy, Hermes is a world-famous brand that deals with products that are primarily made from original leather. However, each and every item, from the bags to the shoes, are made of either calfskin or goatskin. And this is what makes them some of the most expensive brands out there in the world of fashion.

In case you wanted to know about the Hermes slides and were trying to look for one of them, I hope that this style blog has been of help to you! If there is something else that you would want to know about, let me know by writing it down in the comment section below.

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