Make Corn Dog Recipe At Home

Have You Tried This Easy Corn Dog Recipe At Home? (Know How To Make It)

It’s tough to avoid the lure of the Korean corn dog. This cheesy delicacy just creates a blast in my mouth every time I have it.

These corn dogs are an elevated version of the Korean hot dogs you have. The coating of the batter and the finishing touch of sugar make it one of the yummiest street foods to have. The balance of sweet and salty taste is just on point!

A household name in Korea, China, and Japan, it now has a handsome fan base in the USA. Also, you can easily make it at home.

Do you want to know the recipe and about some of the best places to have this delicacy? Here’s a foodie’s guide for you.

How To Make Korean Corn Dog At Home   

Have you ever thought about what makes a Korean corn dog different? America also has its corn dog, and that’s quite popular. Trust me! It’s all in the batter. Especially the crispiness the rice flour batter gives! You need to have it to know the difference.

There are thousands of recipes for this street food on the internet. You can follow any one of them. But here, I am sharing how I make it at home.

So, let’s start the prep without much ado.

Ingredients You Need To Make Korean Cheese Corn Dog   

You don’t need many ingredients to make this popular Korean street food. Here are the items you are going to need.

Hot Dogs   

See, you can make hot dogs at home. If you want a recipe, you can follow the video below.

However, I use readymade hot dogs to cut the cooking time and hassle. I use chicken hot dogs to reduce Korean corn dog calories a little (Usually, you consume around 300-500 Kcal when you have a Korean corn dog). You can also use beef hot dogs.



I use rice batter (yeasted) for the coating. You can also use a thicker batter made with sugar, flour, milk, and eggs.


It’s going to be a cheesy affair, right? So, I need a generous amount of mozzarella cheese for this recipe. I use mozzarella because it has less moisture and ensures the best cheese pull.

Mozzarella For Best Cheese Pull In Korean Corn Dog


Panko, A Japanese Breadcrumb

I use panko for coating for the extra fluffiness and crunch. Also, the irregular shape of the grains offers the best street food vibe.

Sunflower Oil   

Sunflower Oil   

I use sunflower oil at a temperature of around 360 degrees F for frying the corndogs. I use it for its neutral taste.

However, you can use alternatives like soybean or canola oil.

Powdered Sugar  

Powdered Sugar  

I need powdered sugar for sweetness and some extra crunch.



I am a big-time foodie. So, I keep both the condiments ready to dip the corn dog. You can choose one or both to enjoy your snacking time.

Making Korean Corn Dog  

This yummy street food gets ready in less than 30 minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Assembling It Right  

Assembling It Right  

I cut the hot dogs into halves and put them into skewers. Also, I place cheese cubes between the halves of the hot dogs.

I keep the hot dog and cheese assembled in the fridge for a while so that they are cold and well-set.

Coating The Hot Dog  

Coating The Hot Dog  

I use a yeasted rice flour batter and add a pinch of salt and sugar to it. Take care of the consistency of the batter at this stage.

The batter should be thick enough to coat the hot dog, but it should be manageable, ruining the texture and taste of the snack.

Once the hot dog is nicely coated, I give it a good roll in panko for the crunch and bite.

Frying It  

Frying It  

I warm the oil on medium heat and use an instant-read thermometer to ensure the oil temperature is around 360 degrees F.

Then, I deep fry the corn dogs and place them on the wire rack.

You have to fry the corn dogs for around 2-3 minutes. It will turn out nice and crispy with a unique golden-brown color.

That’s it! You have the best Korean corn dog. Now, it’s time to gorge on it. Dip it into your favorite mustard, mayo sauce, or some tangy ketchup to savor every bite. Sometimes, I love to have corn dogs with the hottest sauces. The heat complements the sweet touch of the snack.

And if you want to make more of it, keep French fries ready.

Or, if you want to have the best corn dogs at a local food joint, I have curated some locations for you.

Places To Have Korean Corn Dog In Houston  

Places To Have Korean Corn Dog In Houston  

If you are in Houston and looking for a “Korean hot dog Houston location,” you will be glad to know you have plenty of options.

A friend of mine just asked me to get some suggestions ready for him. So, I was going through the Yelp page.

There, I came across some cool locations with excellent reviews from the visitors.

True Dog Houston at 6100 Main Street, Houston, is a nice place to have corn dogs. You can have the best beef and tofu corn dogs here.

Another place to have this delicacy in Houston is Two Hands Corn Dogs at Bellaire Food Street. If you are a fan of the rice flour coating like me, do hit this place for the best experience.

Places To Have Korean Corn Dog In Chicago  

Places To Have Korean Corn Dog In Chicago  

Are you looking for the best Korean corn dog in Korean corn dog caloriesChicago locations? Seoul Stick at 1571 N Milwaukee Ave is the place to visit this weekend.

Having the corn dogs here is like relishing the best experience of Korean street food.

Also, if you are anywhere near 2411 N Clark St, make it a point to have corn dogs at Kong Dog. They also make brilliant chili Doritos.

Final Words   

Korean corn dog or Gamja corn dog always gets an edge because of its chewier texture. I also love that balance of sweet and salty taste.

The crispiness on the batter outside and the melting cheese and moist hot dog inside create a flavor blast.

I love making these corn dogs at home, as I can store the deeply fried ones in the fridge. Also, I can add my little twists according to my taste.

When I have to serve them later, take them out and turn them in the air fryer for around 6-8 minutes at 350 degrees F.So, are you a Korean corn dog lover like me? Do you make it at home or have a favorite joint to enjoy this delicacy? Don’t forget to share.

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