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What Are The Cold Plunge Benefits On The Mental Health Of Introverts? (Can It Alleviate Stress And Anxiety?)

Have you seen the viral cold plunge videos on TikTok? Everyone is soaking in icy cold water and sharing the videos. Further, the trend has crossed 1.1 billion views on TikTok. So, what are the cold plunge benefits? Does it really help in alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression? Is it beneficial for introverts?

Here is an attempt to find answers to all these questions.

Cold Plunge Benefits On The Mental Health Of Introverts

As introverts, we often feel cooped up in our emotions. To put it simply, introverts often fail to vent out the emotional turmoil going on within us. The piled-up emotions often make us suffer from stress and anxiety.

So, let’s find out if and how a cold plunge can be an easy solution to all these problems.

Benefits Of Cold Plunge: Does It Really Help?

Benefits Of Cold Plunge

People taking the challenge of a cold plunge have reported positive results. They have stated how they feel better and that there is better mental clarity after a cold plunge. Further, some studies have shown the benefits of cold water or cold seawater baths on mental health.

So, despite the absence of any study to prove the efficacy of a cold plunge, it can be a good way to aid your mental well-being. There have also been trials regarding the benefit of cold water on mental health, and most of them have recorded successful results. However, more studies and trials are needed to reach any conclusion.

Why Can You Enjoy Cold Water Plunge Benefits On Your Mental Health?

Why Can You Enjoy Cold Water Plunge Benefits On Your Mental Health?

Are the cold plunge tub benefits just placebo effects? No, a plunge or soaking in cold water can impart many health benefits, especially in how it can impact the secretion and functionalities of many hormones.

Many people say that they feel more alert after taking a cold water plunge. This is because the cold water boosts the secretion of cortisol and noradrenaline.

Further, after a bath in the cold water, there will be a boost in the secretion of dopamine, which is a mood-stimulating hormone. So, you feel a sudden high after the cold water bath.

Benefits Of Cold Plunge Pool Experience In Dealing With Stress

You can easily relate to this situation. You feel worked up or stressed after a particular event. Then, you apply splashes of cold water to your face and neck. Do you feel a little relaxed?

Similarly, when you put your face into cold water, the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system becomes active. So, you feel stress-free.

In addition, chronic inflammation is associated with depression. A cold water plunge can relieve inflammation and is an effective treatment for depression.

Cold Plunge Benefits In Alleviating Anxiety

As introverts, we are constantly engaged in inward conversations or dialogues. We keep questioning ourselves and trying to figure out whether we have been proper in the things we have said or expressed. Often these conservations or the self-criticism in our mind become negative.

As a result, we feel anxious. Among the most common cold plunge benefits is the alleviation of anxiety.

A cold plunge or the jolt of cold water drives your body into a stress response mode. As a result, there is a rapid increase in your heartbeats, and your blood pressure will also shoot up. Now, as you complete the cold water plunge, your body gets into the rest and reset mode. Your breathing slows down at this stage.

So, you have an amazing feeling, especially if you have spent a long day filled with anxiety and stress.

Cold Water Plunge AS A Grounding Technique 

Did you know that cold water plunge is one of the most popular grounding techniques? As you take a cold plunge, you become more focused on the present, and you have better clarity about the things you need to do at present.

This is especially important for introverts who struggle to vent out piled-up emotions. As a result, they have a tendency to hold on to the past.

The grounding techniques, by making you present at the moment, allow us to deal with anxiety. So, cold water plunge benefits definitely include the alleviation of anxiety.

Cold Water Plunge Benefits For Alleviating Depression

In depression, you don’t feel excited about even the things you used to enjoy the most. Your favorite food fails to excite you, or you don’t feel like continuing your hobby anymore. This condition is known as anhedonia.

To cope with this situation, you need to add a little stress to your body. One of the major cold plunge benefits is adding physical stress to your body. In this way, it can pull someone feeling depressed out of anhedonia.

However, more studies and research are needed to establish the role of a cold water plunge in dealing with depression.

Is It Safe To Take A Cold Water Plunge On Your Own?

Is It Safe To Take A Cold Water Plunge On Your Own?

Yes, you can take a cold water plunge on your own to enjoy cold plunge benefits. However, you need to be a little careful about the safety measures. Especially if you have a history of cardiac issues, you must have a prior consultation with the doctor before taking a cold plunge.

Further, if you are taking a cold plunge attempt in a pool, make sure that the water level of the pool is shallow enough so that you can stand properly. Moreover, make sure that the water is not very cold. A temperature of 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for taking a cold plunge and enjoying its benefits. 

In addition, if you are not someone eager to take a dramatic cold plunge but want to enjoy its health benefits, you can take a cold shower.

Final Words

To enjoy the cold plunge benefits, you must remember that less is more for you. So, while taking a dip, make sure that the water is shallow and the temperature is not very low.

As you take the cold plunge, it will impact the release and functionalities of different hormones in your body. As a result, it helps you to cope with stress and anxiety better. Are you planning to take a cold water plunge anytime soon, or have you taken one already? Don’t forget to share!

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