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Want to Live A Mindful Life? Here Is How You Can

Mindful living was quite the internet sensation at one point. What once started as an influencer’s way to show their perfect life soon became everyone’s favorite lifestyle.

The art of being in the present and not constantly overthinking about your future is one way to be happy~

For some, it became the only way.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing a few of the common techniques which everyone uses to be more mindful.

Afterall, it is not something you wake up with one day. It is a practiced action which will take some time.

What Is Mindful Living

Mindful living is having a reason behind your every action. It is simply stepping out of the rat race of life and having the will to reach some Peter Pan destination and enjoy what you have now.

Now, do not confuse mindfulness with being lazy.

As we all know, mindful practices in the day and age of social media wouldn’t be easy. So, if you wish to have such a life where you are attuning to Zen, keep reading the following.

Ways To Achieve Mindful Living In Your Daily Life

We have collected these from mindful manifestation coaches and even people who have started their journey and are seeing results.

1. Try Savoring Your Food

Try Savoring Your Food

What do you do when you sit for each meal?

Do you guzzle down the bits while consuming some nonsense show on television? Or, you enjoy your meal. If you aren’t enjoying your meal, then you are doing something wrong.

Either your meal is bland, or you do not take meal times.

Start giving 30 minutes to your meal time each day. Try savoring your meals till the last bite.

2. Cook Your Own Meals

Cook Your Own Meals

One way to enjoy your meal is to start cooking it. If you have never cooked before, a Michelin star presentation is not necessary.

You can begin with simpler dishes. This, inturn will unlock two mindful living charms:

  • You will start enjoying a new achievement every day.
  • The food will taste better with your hard work put into it.

Plus, rumor has it, it is an excellent de-stressing activity!

3. Go On Digital Detoxes

Go On Digital Detoxes

Being mindful has one goal!

You have to be more present.

However, with our eyes always glued to the screen, we are forgetting how to be so. Always ‘live’ but never living.

Maybe it is high time we keep these devices aside. Try going for a digital detox for a few hours every day.

4. Be An Active Listener

Be An Active Listener

You will be amazed at how different the world looks when you start hearing everyone else’s story. You will also find yourself complaining about your own life.

Listening to others archives new doors of knowledge. The kind you do not get from any book.

Afterall, a wise man always learns from someone else’s mistakes!

5. Give Back To Earth

Often, we forget to show our gratitude towards Mother Earth. The miracle is hosting every live form.

Here is how you can connect to Earth more

Mindful living and nature’s therapy at the same time.

6. Try Sustainable Living

Try Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is also a subset of mindful living. This is where your mindfulness scratches towards caring for other people as well.

Ways you can be sustainable in your own home.

  • Find ways to cut down on waste. Especially plastic waste.
  • Since you are already learning to garden, use your biodegradable kitchen waste as a form of compost. This will also prevent you from buying mass-produced fertilizers.
  • Try to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

7. Get A Pet

Get A Pet
  • This might be a little out there, but taking care of another life always teaches you how to be a little mindful.
  • So, if you have been wanting a furry friend, feline buddy, aquatic roommate, or even a reptilian companion, this is your time.

8. Consume Every Content Mindfully

Consume Every Content Mindfully
  • Do not consume the array of content which comes your way. We believe the plethora of choices from the OTT platforms are confusing people. They are watching trends, even though they are not truly entertaining.
  • So, watch content which only pleases and not to please someone else.

9. Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk
  • Do not underestimate the benefits of going for a walk.
  • In fact, the most mindful thing you can do every day is go for a walk and keep your headphones behind.
  • Look up and take a deep breath from time to time; you will find your thoughts detangling.

10. Enjoy The View

Enjoy The View
  • Whether you are on your walk or simply gazing outside, try to enjoy the view.
  • We humans have almost forgotten what it is like to monotask.
  • Therefore, today, try to enjoy the view outside your window and concentrate for a few minutes without doing anything else.

11. Identify & Detach From Toxicity

Identify & Detach From Toxicity
  • Toxicity in lifestyle is potent to mindful living.
  • Write down everything which you believe is consuming your energy without being helpful in any way.
  • It is time to delete them out of your life one by one.

20. Start Living In The Present

Start Living In The Present

A wise man once said no life seems too rewarding if you think too much about it.

  • Dwelling in the coulda, shoulda, woulda is the worst way to lead your life.
  • If having a mindful living is your new year’s goal, start today. Begin with living in the present. Accepting things the way they are, especially things which are not in your control.
  • Enjoying your life is a way to live it.

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