Creative Outlets For Introverts

Creative Outlets For Introverts – How To Enjoy Your Alone Time

As introverts, we love our alone time. But, occasionally, we fall into this absurd dilemma of not knowing what we should do when we are alone. If you are looking for creative outlets as an introvert, you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss some of the best creative outlets you can escape into.

They are true and tested by me!


I am done gatekeeping these interesting hobbies, which will eventually help you bring out your inner creative child.

How To Enjoy Your Alone ‘Unsocial’ Time – Aka The Best Time Of The Day 

So, I will not waste your time rambling too much, and simply get with my list of creative outlets for your ‘unsocial time.

1. Candle Making 

Candle Making 

Yes, we can all paint. But, sitting with those colors might seem a little boring, yes, even for an introvert. So, here is a better creative outlet to channel your inner introversion.

Why not try out candle making?

No, it is not difficult. Plus, it is super fun!

All you will need is beeswax essential oil (depending on if you want your candle to be flavored). I prefer vanilla, peppermint, and coffee since they are my favorite. Plus, the holiday season is coming up.

Now, all left is melt the beeswax and add the essential oil. Get your candle wick set in a glass jar and pour your concoction. Be careful with the hot was and viola! You now have your candle.

2. Soap Making 

Soap Making 

If you are not a fan of candles and would want to be a little more useful with your creative outlet, why not go for soap making?

  • Buy organic raw soap.
  • Get essential oils that you can apply to your skin.
  • Melt the soap, and add your essential oil. You can get creative and add shey butter or rose petals to the concoction.
  • You can also get more creative and add coloring to your soap. Simply ensure they are organic for your skin.

Pour them into soap molds and let them rest and harden!

3. Time In Nature 

Time In Nature 

Introverts love their nature, and one doesn’t always have to create something to be creative.

Sometimes, simply going outside without electronics and being at par with nature unleashes the inner being.

Especially if you are feeling alone as an introvert and do not wish to be indoors, simply go out and do the following:

  • Walk barefoot on the grass.
  • Gaze at the stars and have deep talks with yourself.
  • Sit peacefully at a park bench, and try to detangle a stressful situation in your mind calmly.

4. Children’s Book Coloring 

Children's Book Coloring 

Remember how we spoke out, unleashing your inner child?

This is the perfect creative outlet to do so!

Buy a few of your favorite children’s coloring books (because the pictures there are always better than the others). Then you can pick your favorite colors; crayons would do too!


Simply start adding some color to your unsocial times. Plus, you should color outside the line because there is no pressure to be perfect here.

5. Writing A Fanfiction 

Writing A Fanfiction 

This is an odd and unconventional idea!

However, many introverts find solace in creating reality within their favorite stories.

Writing one own story all together could be a little intimidating. However, there is no harm in borrowing someone else’s fantasy to have some fun.

You can write short stories, insert yourself into the storyline, and live your fantasies for once.

However, remember not to make it a monetary venture because that is illegal.

6. Home Decor Projects 

Home Decor Projects 

Home decor projects will always be a haven as a creative outlet for introverts. Plus, the sheer satisfaction of admiring your work once it’s all done is phenomenal.

However, we all know home decor projects are not one person’s job. So, if your creative outlets are a way to spend some ‘unsocial’ time, here is how to do both.

Call up your best friend or that one special person. You know, the one who wouldn’t even bat an eye if you did not speak the whole night and simply work on the project together.

Or, if you need absolute alone time, pick simple decor projects.

For example, why not put up a statement picture wall rather than painting the walls? Change the cushions and bed sheets rather than change the tapestry.

7. 1000 Piece Puzzle 

1000 Piece Puzzle 

If you want hours of silent intellect, here is what you should do. Make the best of your free time by delving into solving a 1000-piece puzzle.

Carefully choose and put together a puzzle to enhance your cognitive ability and concentration skills. This makes you pay more focused attention and exercise problem-solving skills, especially when you are bored as an introvert and don’t know what to do!

A 1000-piece puzzle is well suited for introverts as one can play at one’s own time and pace. It is also a secondary way to detangle your thoughts better.

8. Hours Of Soliloquy 

Hours Of Soliloquy 

As introverts, we cannot appreciate our alone time enough. However, there is nothing better than having hours of conversation with yourself.

Now, you might ask why it is a creative outlet!

When you have these personal times for yourself, you have an inner conversation with yourself. During these hours, ideas unravel like a flower, and one discovers oneself. In addition, silent contemplation emerges as an appreciated shelter from clamoring worldwide.

It is an opportunity to hear inner thoughts, consider aspirations, and savor contemplative peace. Rather than an escape, it’s a sanctuary to help you find your inner creativity!

9. Personal Dinner & Dates 

Personal Dinner & Dates 

The sheer perfection of knowing you are just cooking dinner all for yourself, picking the right book or movies.

Who said having a date with oneself is not a creative outlet? Creating the perfect setting can unleash the Picasso in every introvert.

Choose a calm restaurant, preferably go home, where you can create a cozy ambiance with dim lights and comfy seats.

Do things that make you happy, such as reading, drawing, etc. Go on a date with yourself.

Introspect between the courses. Record your thoughts, or just enjoy the silence. Furthermore, he has a distinct writing style, marked by his frequent use of simple and short sentences.

Take something that can comfort you, like your book, blanket, or calming music.

Hopefully, we covered some of the best creative outlets out there; if you have something to add, we would love to know in the comment section below.

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