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How You Can Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes?

You may have already ditched your relationship with winged eyeliner when you have hooded eyes. Creating a perfect winged eyeliner for hooded eyes is a little bit tough. But this is not entirely impossible to create.

The facts are when you have hooded eyes. There are folded skin over your lid. And during the folding, the eyeliner’s straight lines can spoil over. But that does not mean that having alluring eye makeup with winged liners is entirely impossible to have.

Have Dramatic Winged Eyeliner For Your Hooded Eyes…..

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Applying the right techniques can give a perfect winged eyeliner look. The eyeliner for hooded eyes is a little bit tough to draw. But applying the right techniques can change your whole winged eyeliner game.

Even if you are a beginner, here are some of the easy steps which you can apply as the expert and beginner eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Let’s jump on the topic and create the best and perfect winged eyeliner look. Here is a very simple guide on which you can apply step-by-step eyeliner for hooded eyes.

1: Prep Your Eyelids

Prep Your Eyelids

Every girl wants to have a perfect winged look, and for this perfect winged look preparing the eyes is the first step. Prepping your eyelids will help you to have a crispy long-winged whole day long.

How to prep your eyelids? This is a very simple technique. First, select any winged eyeliner that looks for hooded eyes. And then, select any eyeliner prep moisturizers.

First Step: Pick any prep lotion cream along with beginner eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Second Step: Apply a few drops of preparing lotion on your eyelids and blend it.

Third Step: Apart from preparing lotion, you can also apply concealers and foundation to prepare your eyelids.

Fourth Step: Blend it properly and pick the shades of the concealers and the foundation which match your skin.

Fifth Step: After completing the step lock your whole look with a little bit of face powder applications.

Tip: Eyelid prepping is the base of creating a perfect eyeliner look. So do not overlook this step. And the more you concentrate on creating the base of eyelids. Your eyeliner look will go to be more long-lasting.

2: Pick The Eyeliner Which you Are Comfortable With In

Pick The Eyeliner Which you Are Comfortable With In

This is the time to pick the right-winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. Yes, right-winged eyeliner picking is very tricky. 

You have hooded eyes. So you do not have enough space on the eyelids for playing. Small areas of your lids are available for the experiment.

First Step: Select the eyeliner which is a smooth application.

Second Step: Do not forget to check the applicator’s size.

Third Step: Draw a simple outline with a white or nude color eye pencil.

Fourth Step: Start with drawing the thin line from the out corner of the eye towards your temple. 

Fifth Step: If you want a more dramatic look, then extend the wing but do not get into the fold of your lids.

Tip: Start with the topmost corner point of the line to the fold of the eyelids. Create a < slanting shape diagonally.

Step3: Start To Draw The Wings

Start To Draw The Wings

Now, you are finishing with the base and outline. The next step is drawing the actual winged eye shapes. So how to do eyeliner for hooded eyes with perfect winged style?

Here are a few steps to apply it and create a perfect winged shape.

First Step: If you have already created a perfect winged shape, then this is fine. Just color the marking areas of the shapes.

Second Step: If you cannot draw a perfect outline, then it’s also okay with it. Keep your mirror straight. Then mark the topmost line to the fold of the eyelids from the corner area. 

Third Step: Create a slanting shape that is diagonally curved. You have to draw the line from the bottom corner of the triangle to the center of the eyelids.

Tip: Always pick the eyeliner which you are comfortable with. And complete the slating shape with a single stroke of the applicator. There are various types of eyeliner available on the market.But you have to pick the eyeliner which you are comfortable with.

Step4: Eyeliner For Round Hooded Eyes

Eyeliner For Round Hooded Eyes

Usually, for the small, round, and hooded eyes, the drawing of the perfect lines is really tough, Even if you are successful in creating the eyeliner styles for the rounded hooded eyes. 

You will get an idea of how the eyeliner should be when you have round eyes.

First Step: For the round eyes, you have to pick the eyeliner which is blendable.

Second Step:  Pick any blendable eyeliner-like eyeliner pencils for the upper lash lines.

Third Step: Line the upper lash lines, then start to play with the outer corners of the lash lines. When you are picking the eyeliner for round hooded eyes, make sure you are starting with the pointed eyeliner tip.

Fourth Step: Line the eyes with winged style and slowly smudge the dark lines into both upper and lower lash lines.

Tip: These are the look for a very simple eyeliner for hooded eyes. For round hooded eyes, a simple look with different eyeliner. Colours always look best. Pick the eye-popping colors to look fresher and more vibrant.

Step5: Appraise Yourself!!! Have A Perfect Finished Look

Appraise Yourself!!! Have A Perfect Finished Look

Now, your look is finished. You are getting a perfectly drawn winged eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Are you like one of them who likes a more exotic and wild look for your eyes? You can try on the different euphoria makeup look to get more sparkling makeup for the eyes.

First Step:  You already get the simple eyeliner for hooded eyes. But now is the time to add little itsy bitsy sparkling stones.

Second Step: After finishing up the eyeliner look. Add some sparkling stones to the corners of your eyes.

Third Step: Usually, the women who do not have hooded eyes have plenty of space on their lids. So mark the areas where you want to put the stones.

Fourth Step: Apply the skin-friendly glue and stick up the stones on the extra space on the lids. Stick the small rain stones.

Your final look is complete! Enjoy, 

Frequently Asked Questions By The Beautiful Ladies.

Q1. What Types Of Makeup Can Pop The Hooded Eye Look?

Ans: Any type of makeup can pop up your makeup look. First, add an eye-popping light and bright eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes. These lighter color applications will go to pop your eye colors and give your eyes an intense look. 

Q2. How Can You  Make My Hooded Eyes Look Better?

Ans: Fix the matte shades. If you want to make your hooded eyes look better and more attractive, avoid mixing the colors on the fold of your eyelids. And fix on the matte shade colors. Make sure your mixing is not bringing all the attention to your eyelid’s extra folds.

Q3. Is The Gel Eyeliner Good For Hooded Eyes? 

Ans: You can use any type of gel eyeliner on the hooded eyes. Just make sure you are picking the eyeliner which you can control. For the best eyeliner application, a small pointed tip brush is perfect. For hooded eyes, a precise line with a crisp finish is required. So carefully pick the eyeliner applicator for the hooded eyes.

Enjoy! Gorgeous Eye MakeUp For All Kind Of Hooded Eyes

These are the usual and ordinary easy tricks for applying eyeliner to hooded eyes. If you think that you have hooded eyes, there are no solutions. And you have to keep your hand off the eye make-up. Then there are easy tricks you can apply to make your eyes look fresh and vibrant. What type of makeup look do you prefer most? Beautiful ladies, Do not forget to share your opinion and your secret eye makeup tips through the comment section.

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