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50+ Unique Looks Side Hand Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos have always been one of the most exciting things that you can get inked on your body. They look cool and represent your thoughts in the most creatively visual way possible. Therefore, why don’t you make all your thoughts more prominent with such awesome hand tattoos for men?

To make your job easier, I have compiled this list of some of the best tattoos that you can get inked on your hands. Also, as a word of reminder, most of these tattoo ideas are for men only.

The Best Hand Tattoos For Men

The best hand tattoos for men ideas that you can get inked in 2023 are:

1. The Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

If you like traditional Indian Mehndi designs, then you can have designs like that in your hand – permanently. Don’t worry if you think it’s feminine just because women get mehndi tattoos – they will look super cool if you get the right designs inked.

2. The Hand Of Medusa Tattoo

Hand Of Medusa Tattoo

It’s said that the gaze of some of the most beautiful women will turn you into stone. Therefore, why don’t you turn others to stone by simply telling them “talk to the hand!”

Have A Look:-

hand tattoos for men Coolest Hand Tattoos For Men

3. Quoted Hand Tattoo

Quoted Hand Tattoo

Quotes are an everyday part of our lives. There are lots of good quotes that you can use as side of hand tattoos for men.

4. The Superhero Tattoo

Superhero Tattoo

Ever since we were all kids, we have been inspired by superheroes that have inspired us to be brave. Therefore, why don’t you ink your favorite superhero in your hand?

5. The Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

The deadly hand tattoos for men skull has always looked good. Its gothic nature might incite fear and respect in the minds of people.

6. The Butterfly Clap Art

Sometimes, you can get creative with the hand tattoo of your choice. For example, here you can have a tattoo that forms a butterfly when you clap your hands together.

7. The Ganesha


For the devotees of Lord Shiva and his son Ganesha, this hand tattoo can represent wisdom and kindness.

8. The Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoo

With this feather hand tattoo, you can literally represent yourself to have a feather touch.

9. The Finger Words Tattoo

Finger Words Tattoo

Many people ink the word “DEATH” letter by letter on their five fingers. In addition, it looks super cool.

10. The Bracelet Hand Tattoo

Bracelet Hand Tattoo

Sometimes, the wrist bracelet/band design can be extended to your fingers in the most creative ways possible.

11. The Letter With A Crown Tattoo

Letter With A Crown Tattoo

Since you are a king, you can simply get your initials inked on your hand with a crown above it.

12. The Lion In Your Hands Tattoo

Lion In Your Hands Tattoo

As a man, you should be proud of yourself and always roar like a lion and tell everyone who’s the king of the jungle.

13. The Tiger’s Roar Tattoo

Tiger’s Roar Tattoo

If lions are too alpha for you, then you can be the biggest sigma by getting this tiger hand tattoo.

14. The Secret UFO Tattoo

Secret UFO Tattoo

As a joke, you can tell everyone that you have seen a UFO, and then process to show your cool hand tattoos.

15. The Hand Eye Tattoo

Hand Eye Tattoo

You can tell everyone that your sixth sense is not the eye in your forehead. Instead, it’s the eye on your hand.

16. Eros Hand Tattoo

Eros Hand Tattoo

If you love to play, then you should shoot cupids arrows through your hands from now on.

17. The Creative Hands Tattoo

Sometimes, just one design is not enough. Therefore, why not ink as many tattoos as you can as hand tattoos for men?

18. The Spider Hand Tattoo

Spider Hand Tattoo

You can be the next spiderman by showing others which tattoo bit you, and where exactly.

19. The Illuminati


The Illuminati is real! For becoming a member of the Illuminati, you can etch their logo in your hand.

20. The Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo

The sun is said to be our strength. It’s so powerful, that Superman needs it to survive.

21. The Moon Tattoo

Moon Tattoo

If the scorching heat of the sun is too much for you, you can embrace the night and be cool.

22. The Aleinface


Whether aliens are real or not, you can always show solidarity with them with this alien face tattoo. Why? Because the truth is out there!

23. The Cartoon Hand Tattoo

Cartoon Hand Tattoo

Who doesn’t love cartoons? Since we all love cartoons, they can serve as great hand tattoo ideas.

24. The Clone Wars Tattoo

Clone Wars Tattoo

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you might get better at shooting if you have the face of a clone in your hand.

25. The Bionic Hand Tattoo

Bionic Hand Tattoo

It’s said that in the future, all humans will have mechanical implants. Therefore, why not get your bionic hand ahead of its time?

26. The Viper Hand Tattoo

Viper Hand Tattoo

If you want to sting like a snake, a viper hand tattoo will be perfect for you.

27. The Hand Of Diablo

Hand Of Diablo

Worshipping evil is something a goth would like to do. Therefore, you can get gothic with such hand tattoos for men.

28. The Reindeer


The face of a reindeer on your middle finger can become a style statement for many.

29. The Hand Of Roses Tattoo

Hand Of Roses Tattoo

Rose tattoos for men on hand look cool and totally fine. Do not get turned off by its feminine nature.

30. Minimalistic Hand Tattoo

Minimalistic Hand Tattoo

Sometimes, having minimalistic designs in your hand can be exactly what you need to showcase artistic simplicity.

31. The Heavy Metal Skull Tattoo

Heavy Metal Skull Tattoo

Death to all but metal!

32. The Ozzy


As a metalhead, nothing can be better than paying respect to Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness.

33. The Christ


Jesus can become your best friend if you have faith in him. Therefore, getting a cross can help you stay on his path.

34. The Intellectual Palm

Intellectual Palm

Your hand is a great place to showcase your intellectual side with darker and more thoughtful themes.

35. The Octopus


Most people will agree on the fact that the octopus is by far one of the coolest-looking marine animals.

36. The Egyptian Cat God

Egyptian Cat God

If you love cats, then be happy to know that they were worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. You can start worshipping them too with such feline hand tattoos for men.

37. Creative Momento Mori

Momento Mori

Similar to the creative hand tattoos for men, this tattoo looks super cool, as if it’s straight out of Rick and Morty. 

38. The Aztec Compass

Aztec Compass

If you want to find the golden Aztec temple full of untold riches, then maybe the Aztec compass tattoo can help you out here.

39. The PlayStation

As a gamer myself, I found this tattoo very simple and reinvigorated my love for the PlayStation controller.

40. I Am Who I Am Hand Tattoos For Men

I Am Who I Am

To become a better man, never change who you are, because that’s your identity.

41. Unique hand tattoos for men

Unique hand tattoos for men

“This unique hand tattoo is for men with a quote capturing moments. It is a simple yet cool-looking tattoo design a man can get.” 

“These side tattoo designs for men will show how much you care about every moment of your life. Also, how much do you like to enjoy and capture small moments with your loved ones?”

42. Inspiratonal hand tattoos

“This backhand tattoo design is for men who are struggling with their new startup or phase of life. You can write a quote that says – You are your only limit, remember why you started.”

43. The clock hand tattoo

“Show how much you value time with the full hand tattoo for men clock hand tattoo ideas. Here the tattoo design is pretty detailed and large.” 

“If you are fine covering up your wrist with a tattoo design and time is what you value most, this one’s for you. You can also read the quote “nothing is forever” under the clock, and that explains your personality.”

44. Joker inspired hand tattoo

“Big fan of Joker? And also love batman? Well, if yes, then this can be your go-to tattoo design for the arm. It is neither too complex nor messy to look at.” 

“The classic ‘Why so serious?’ dialogue with the batman above and his mysterious laugh at the bottom explains the tattoo well.”

45. Trendy hand tattoo

“Getting a tattoo is like giving a commitment. You’re bound by it like forever. And the things that keep everything forever are trust and loyalty. This is the perfect way to show how you value trust and loyalty in any relationship.”

46. Colorful hand tattoo

“If you are bored of regular black and gray tattoo, then try a coloreful one. Men usually prefer less colorful tattoos, but the one that goes for it is very lively.”

47. Skeleton hand tattoo for men

“Want to get a bit bold and creepy? Try the skeleton hand tattoo. This hand bone tattoo on your hand is like an x-ray of your hands.” 

“It represents you like things the way they actually are and no add-ons are needed to beautify them. The smokey effect on the bone is what sends a chill down your spine!”

48.  Crown tattoo

“Show yourself as king (who you are!) around the city with this crown tattoo on your hand. It is exactly on the middle part of your backhand. The strokes of white color to give the dimensions make it look cooler.”

49. Geometric hand tattoo

“If nothing suits you well, consider exploring tattoo designs for men to find the perfect fit. The tattoo has designs of animal skulls and geometric designs around it. This shows how well-protected and secure you are to keep yourself away from any vulnerabilities.”

50. Deathly Hallows tattoo

“Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? Do you call yourself a Potterhead? If yes, then get this colorful and pleasing deathly hallow tattoo on your hand. The symbol is a representation of an invisibility cloak, resurrection stone, and elder wand.”

51. Tribal Hand Tattoo For Men

One of the best side hand tattoos for guys is tribal tattoos, which have deep symbolism and express a lot of things with the etching of simple lines. 

These tattoos can be the perfect symbol of valor, your solidarity toward a particular tribe, and, most importantly, your identity. In addition, sometimes, these tattoos become the extension of your achievements. 

So, explore different tribal designs before you get a hand tattoo for yourself. 

52. Paper Tattoo For Men 

Do you want to explore how a particular design looks on your arms before getting permanent and the best side hand tattoos for guys? You can check out a paper tattoo. 

These tattoos will stay on your skin for around two to six days. The removal process for these tattoos is also quite simple. 

53. Rose Hand Tattoo For Men 

Associated with romance and love, roses are one of the best side hand tattoos for guys. This majestic, floral design is especially popular among men who want to flaunt a hipster style. Further, men love rose hand tattoos due to their sheer versatility. 

From the one detailed with beautiful motifs to rose designs in black or fused with some goth elements, you have a lot of options to explore. 

What Are The Best Tattoo Pre-Ink Polishing Tips? 

I can fathom the excitement when you are about to have your first tattoo. However, from preparing the design on paper to bringing it to life on your skin, there are certain things you need to take care of.

Here is a comprehensive guide to make the journey from sketching to inking smoother.

Communicate Your Vision Clearly To The Tattoo Artist

When you have a tattoo design on your hand, it’s a permanent body art you are flaunting. So, talk to your tattoo artist about the design and overall aesthetics you want. Also, the artist will create an image on the paper before inking it on your skin. 

If you need to make changes at this stage, be clear about it. 

Have A Collaborative Approach

Don’t shy away from sharing your concerns with your tattoo artist. It can be regarding the design or anything related to your skin condition or something you may find trivial but with the potential to affect the design or your tattooing experience. 

Your tattoo artist has the experience. So, the entire process should be a fusion of their experience and skills, as well as your vision. 

Have A Positive Mindset 

You may feel nervous while getting your first tattoo inked. However, if you have a tattoo artist who knows their job and works within a hygienic setup, you will not have to be afraid of the outcome.

Listen to good music, munch on some healthy snacks, and maintain a positive mindset to enjoy the entire tattooing experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are my answers to various questions asked by people regarding hand tattoos for men:

Q1. How Painful Are Hand Tattoos?

Ans: Hand tattoos are pretty painful. This is because the skin in your hands, fingers, and toes is very thin and sensitive. Therefore, whenever you get pierced by the tattoo needle, it will cause quite a lot of pain.

Q2. Do Hand Tattoos Last Forever?

Ans: While almost all tattoos should technically last forever, hand tattoos are by far the easiest to start fading soon. This is because you wash your hands frequently, using soaps and hand sanitizers. While they will not fade away completely, they will start fading the fastest.

Q3. What Jobs Don’t Allow Hand Tattoos?

Ans: Most governmental and administrative jobs don’t allow their employees to have hand tattoos. Even if you already have tattoos on your hand, you should wear appropriate clothing to cover them up. This also goes for healthcare professionals, police officers, lawyers, and teachers as well.

Q4. How Much Should A Hand Tattoo Cost?

Ans: The cost of tattoos depends on the size of the tattoo you are getting. Therefore, if you want smaller and simple hand tattoos for men, then expect it to cost around $50. If you want bigger and more elaborate hand tattoos, then expect them to cost around $300.


Hand tattoos for men will always look cool if you choose the right designs from my list. They all look cool, with a style statement as well. In addition, they all represent an idea, that you might follow or like.
If you have any other hand tattoos for men ideas that you wish to share, then plea do so in the comments below!

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