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10 Famous Motherhood Tattoos Of All Time

Searching for the best motherhood tattoos? Well, you have come to the right place.

Tattoos are a form of art. Even though there are many parts of society where they are looked down upon, times are changing, and a lot of people are trying out new tattoo ideas to flaunt.

Motherhood tattoos are very much in at present. Scroll down till the end to get the best tattoo ideas for moms…

Mom Tattoos To Go For: Best Motherhood Tattoos Of All Time!

In case you are searching for the best motherhood tattoos, then your search ends now. Below are some of the best mom tattoos that are meaningful enough to constantly remind you of the love that you felt when your child was a baby!

Here are the best motherhood tattoos that you should keep in mind while getting inked:

1. Mother But In The Form Of A Flower

If you want to keep the tattoo simple yet classy, then I have the perfect idea for your first motherhood tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist to make a small flower, and instead of the stem of the flower, write the word ‘mother’ in cursive. Then, you can add some leaves like the one in this picture, or maybe not, according to your wish!

A Flower Tattoo

2. Outline Of A Pregnant Woman

Next on the list is the aesthetic line drawing of the outline of a pregnant woman. This is a great design for those mothers who have more than one child. This is because there is no need to get a tattoo separately for them. This pregnancy tattoo is easy to make and does not hurt too much. This will be a tattoo that makes you remember the time when you were pregnant and look back on those pregnancy days fondly.

A Pregnant Woman tattoo

3. The Name Of Your Child

The name of your child is a perfect tattoo idea. Whatever the name of your child is, all you need to do is visit the tattooist and tell them to get creative with writing their name. They can then choose to keep it simple or get creative with the design. Just make sure that you can understand the name of your child after the tattooist is done with their part!

Name Tattoo

4. Child Holding Finger

This tattoo idea has been making quite some rounds recently. Needless to say, the design of a child holding on to the mother’s finger is very symbolic of the journey of becoming a mother. There is no other joy that most mothers feel when their little one holds on to them, literally. So, show this picture to your tattoo artist and ask them to make this beautiful piece of art for you!

Finger Tattoo

5. The First Drawing Of Your Baby

In this motherhood tattoo idea, your child is the one who plays the most important role. After all, they are the creators of the design. So take the first painting that your child created and head over to the tattoo parlor. And Voila! As crazy as it may sound, this tattoo will forever be memorable of the artistic (or not) nature of your little one.

Drawing Tattoo

6. The Date When Your Child Was Born

Another memorable and meaningful tattoo idea for mothers is the one where you get the date of birth of your child tattooed on your arm. You can get the roman numerals tattooed like the one in this picture, with the name of your child, or simply put the date of the birth of your child.

Born Date Tattoo

7. Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoos

One of the most unique and beautiful motherhood tattoos that are making people go gaga over is the knot tattoo. Also known as the Celtic Motherhood Knot, it is a sign where you can see two almost heart-shaped lines intertwined. The lines of this tattoo do not seem to have any openings. In order to represent your child, you can add a small dot in the middle of the small heart. Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Knot Tattoo

8. Child Footprints

This is yet another fascinating and memorable motherhood tattoo that you can find on the internet. This tattoo is also a very unique design that is slowly becoming popular. Trace your child’s footprint on paper and take it to the tattoo artists. And let them do what they want to in order to make it more artistic!

Footprint Tattoo

9. Two Stars

Looking for simple and small motherhood tattoos? Well, then, you can try this one out. The idea is to draw two stars in whichever area you want to. One star that represents you will be bigger than the other that represents your child. This is a very simple tattoo idea that does not hurt much. But, at the same time, it is so meaningful!

Star Tattoo

10. Heartbeat But Mother’s

If there is something that you should totally go for when trying a motherhood tattoo, then it is the design of the word mother or mom but written in the form of a heartbeat or the pulse. It is a great way of not only remembering the birth of your child but also paying tribute to your own mother. After all, we are talking about the hood, aren’t we?

Heartbeat Tattoo

11. An Animal With A Story

An Animal With A Story

“Do you have an animal-based pet name for your baby? Chances are good that it would also make an adorable tattoo! Plus, your little bumblebee will be thrilled to see their representation on you!”

12. Simple Line Drawing

“Sometimes the more simple art is, the more powerful it becomes. Consider a line drawing that represents your bond with your child.”

13. Get Geographical

Get Geographical

“Taking some inspiration from Angelina Jolie, a latitude-longitude reminder of where your baby was born marks the place your life changed forever.”

14. Your Favorite Book

“That book that you and your little read every night despite having memorized each word would make for some truly unique and adorable ink-inpso.”

15. Mandala Motivation

Mandala Motivation

“Mandala tattoos are popular, and for good reason—the possibilities are endless. We love this motherhood themed mandala, which could be customized to reflect you and your child.”

16. Famous Artwork

“Calling all art history lovers! Do you have a painting that you’ve always adored? Could that be adapted fit on your body?”

17. Fave Photo

“Did someone capture of a photo of you and your baby in a truly authentic, loving moment? Consider bringing it to a tattoo artist who can use their talents to turn it into an artistic and totally unique drawing.”

18. A Tribute

“If miscarriage or loss has been part of your motherhood journey, a tattoo that serves as a memorial might be a beautiful way to honor your experience.”

19. Get Natural 

Get Natural

“The love between a mama and her baby is a pretty universal thing that goes beyond just us humans. You might choose an animal that you connect with, and show her snuggling with her wee-one to represent your and your child.”

20.  Get Science-Y

“This inked midwife is totally geeking out over this oxytocin molecule tattoo. Oxytocin is the hormone that makes us have contractions, let down breastmilk, and, most importantly, fall in love. It’s coursing through our bodies; it only makes sense to pay tribute to it on our bodies.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have almost reached the end of this conversation where I told you about some unique motherhood tattoos, I hope that you got the clarity that you were looking for. Here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask about motherhood tattoos. You might want to go through them to get additional information on the same.

1. Are Tattoos Painful?

⁍ Tattoos can be a little painful. However, it does not hurt too much if you visit a professional tattoo artist. It also depends on whether you are getting inked for the first time.

2. What Is The Cost Of A Good Tattoo?

⁍ The cost of a tattoo depends on the tattooist. But, at the same time, it also depends on the size or design of the tattoo that you want to get inked.

3. Can You Donate Blood If You Have A Tattoo?

⁍ This is one of the most asked questions. While a lot of people believe that you cannot donate blood once you get a tattoo, that is a myth. Make sure that you have passed the first three months of the tattoo. If the needle used for the tattoo was sterilized, then you are safe to donate blood.

Wrapping It Up!

While tattoos are considered a taboo in most parts of the society, it is a form of art that should be flaunted. You must have seen people searching for hand tattoos for men. But now is the time to follow a different trend.

One of the trends that many modern parents are following is getting a parent tattoo. Motherhood tattoos are one of the best ways in which you can commemorate the beginnings of the journey of becoming a great mother.

If you are searching for motherhood tattoos, I hope that you found this article helpful. However, if there are other ideas that you might want to try, let me know in the comment section below. I will try to include them next time. And do not forget to tell me which of these motherhood tattoos did you find the best!

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