Nails Art For Summer

Nails Art For Summer: 23 Summer Nails Ideas You Must Know In 2023!

Are you in search of the best summer nail ideas? If yes, then you have reached the right place.

The winter is almost over, and the first month of the year 2023 has passed by, like, whoosh! And believe it or not, very soon, you will be planning to hit the beach and enjoy the summer sun. While we try to make sure that we look prim and proper in the fashion game, there is one thing that we should definitely not ignore. And that is the nails.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn about the best summer nail ideas that you should try in 2023…

Best Summer Nail Ideas To Try This Year: 23 Ideas That You Need To Know!

Even though nails are one of the smallest and the most insignificant parts of the body, women pay a lot of attention to their nails. And that is because of a lot of reasons. First;y, nails can be an indicator of the overall health of the body. And at the same time, nails (short or long) are nothing less than an asset in the fashion industry.

Here are some of the best summer nail ideas that you can try in the year 2023 to glam up in the game. Take a look at these:

Pastel Nail Art

The first one on this list is pastel nail art design. Take a look at some of these to get some ideas for your summer nails:

1. Multi-Colored French Tips

Multi-Colored French Tips

The first one is to get some french tips down but in multi-colored pastel nail polish. This is not only simple and easy to do, but also makes sure that you look great in almost all outfits.

2. Pastel Ombre

Ombre has always been great when it comes to nail art designs. And it holds true even when it comes to pastel nail designs. Try this out for summer 2023 and let your nails do all the talking!

3. Squiggly Lines On Pastel Nails

Squiggly Lines On Pastel Nails

You can either match your nails with your outfits or just have fun. The idea is to make inverted colors and squiggly lines so that you are able to make your nails pop.

4. Playful And Easy

Playful And Easy

If you are planning to get some of the best and the easiest nail arts for summer. Then it is best to do whatever you want while keeping a clean line. Be playful and creative at the same time. And that is all you need to do!

Cute Summer nail Art

We can never quite forget the cute summer nail ideas, can we? That is the reason why you need to take a look at these to get some of the best ideas for summer:

1. Fruits


Summers are all about the exotic fruits that you don’t get any other time. If that is something that you wish to have in your nails, go for it! Take a cue from these fruity designs for summer nail art.

2. Clouds


Clouds are pretty at all times of the year. But when it comes to summers, they become extremely popular in the form of nail art designs. The color of the sky can be either blue or yellow as per your choice.

3. Smileys


Searching for the cutest nail art for summers. Well, here you have it. Make your nails smile as you like. And paint them as you want to. From creepy smiles to psychedelic miles, the choice is vast!

4. Hearts


Last one in this list is the heart design idea. This is common but regardless, it is one of the best designs when it comes to summer nail designs. The color of the hearts can be anything that you want.

Flowery Summer Nail Art

Next comes the floral summer nails. Check this out to know what you should get done!

1. Daisies


Daisies are one of the most common symbols for nail art during summers and that is the reason why you must try them out in 2023 summer. The color or the style can be anything that you want. And that is why it becomes all the way more fun!

2. Sunflower 


If there is any one flower that comes as a symbol of the summer season, then it has to be the sunflower. They are bright and yellow and everything that you can think of is related to summers. So, make sure that you get these done.

3. Unique Flowers As Dividers

This one is easy to do and is the best option for you if you are not someone who is into flowers a lot but still wants to try them out.

4. Acrylic Florets

Acrylic Florets

“Acrylic nail ideas summer” is one of the most trending searches on the internet when it comes to nail art. If you are someone who likes to have acrylics on their nails, these cute and unique floral nail designs might just be what you want.

Minimalist Nails For Summers

Next on the list is the minimalist design for nail art. Check these out to know exactly which ones are in style when it comes to minimalist summer nail ideas:

1. Eggs On Nails

Eggs On Nails

If you are thinking that it is a weird idea to get eggs painted on your nails, wait till you try them on. They look cute and funny and are great as a summer nail art design. And hey, when you are hungry, remember not to eat them!

2. Lines And Dots

Lines And Dots

Running out of time and are in search of the perfect nail art for minimal appeal? Well, this one is the truest minimal nail design that you can try. Just with dots and lines, you can make your nails stand out in the crowd and in volumes!

3. Focus On Cuticles

Focus On Cuticles

While a lot of people try to pay a lot of attention to the tip of the nails, not a lot of focus is given to the cuticles. Well, there are a number of ways on which you can style your nail art in and around the cuticles. Take a look at these images, for example!

4. Animal Prints

Animal Prints

Animal prints can never go out of style, can they? That is the reason why you must try some of the best animal prints when it comes to the nail art for summer ideas.

Bonus: Other Summer Nail Ideas To Try In 2023!

Did you think that the list was over? Not so soon! Here are some of the other notable designs that you can try when it comes to the summer nail ideas. Check them out before you leave!

1. Persimmons For Summers

2. Watermelon


3. Beach Inspired

Beach Inspired

4. Tropical Nails

Tropical Nails

5. Citrusy Nails

6. Pinteresty Summer Nail Art

7. Blueberry On Nails

8. Iridescent Chrome Nails

“Want to level up your glazed-donut nails for summer? Opt for an iridescent pearly chrome powder with flashes of pink, blue, and purple, says nail artist Miki Higuchi. It’ll glow under the sunlight, giving “mermaidcore” energy, like Halle Bailey sported at the 2023 Oscars.”

9. Cyber-Dot Nails

“If you’ve seen the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier dress that these nails are modeled after, you’re a real one—and you’ll also be unsurprised to find the inspo has made its way to your nails too.” 

“The look is very colorful and trendy, which makes it perfect for summer,” says nail artist Higuchi. Bonus points if you try a multicolor finish similar to the dress for the full effect.”

10. Sheer-Blush Summer Nails

“Sometime, the most maximalist nail is actually super minimal,” said nail artist Jin Soon Choi. She further said, “I think sheer-blush tones will be popular because they highlight how healthy your nails are, especially if you’ve been loading up on cuticle oils and nail strengtheners lately.”

11. Strawberry-Glazed Donut Nails

Nail artist Kameron Lange said, “I think pink nails are trending partially because of the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, being in the red/pink family and also the Barbie movie coming oit this year.”

“Add chrome powder on top, and you’ve got a shiny, sparkly take for summer 2023, she says. To get the look at home, paint on a pink base color (try a bright-pink like Gucci Glossy Nail Polish in Valentine Fuschia, or a muted blush like Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Blushed Petal), then lightly brush on the chrome finish with a silver chrome powder, suggests nail artist Areia Nguerebanda.”

12. Denim Nails For Summer 

“Have you also purchased a long denim skirt and wode-leg jeans lately? Thought so. Try a gray-blue polish for summer 2023, which can look like distressed blue jeans. And for an even more realistic finish, paint on a matte top coat to give it a true denim look.”

13. Tropical Summer Florals

“I’m, personally, planning to manifest a beach vacay this summer with a tropical-floral design like the one above. I’ll def go for airbrushed flowers too for an even stronger Y2k vibe, but I might try painted flowers if I have enough time and confidence.”

14. Bright Gradient Nails

“Already sent this inspo to my bestie for my next nail design because it’s so colorful and cheery. I have so many options to choose from whenever I head to the nail salon (I mean, did you see all the looks above?), and I’m essentially considering this gradient a mix of ‘em all.”

15. Bold Red Nails 

“If you’re down to just go back to basics this summer, just paint two coats of a bright, cherry-red nail polish and layer on a shiny top coat. Hailey Bieber recently swapped her go-to chrome nails for this look, which means everyone is about to be asking for this shade in the salon.”

Wrapping It Up!

While it is true that you cannot skip any part of your body when you are trying to achieve great heights in the fashion game, there is one part that often gets unnoticed. And these are the nails. People who are in this industry know how important it is to take care of the nails as they can speak volumes for your attire.

Nail design ideas for summer are one of the most searched items on the internet. And if you are someone who has been searching for some of the ideas that you can try in the summer, I hope that you found them all in this style guide!
In case you were in search of the best summer nail ideas, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are any queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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