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Top 10 Tips For How To Apply Cologne: Completed Guide 2023

A whiff of the most exotic perfume as you walk! Aha, you have already cast a spell on everyone around. But do you know how to apply cologne properly?

The cologne you wear speaks a volume about your persona. Further, if you are living in a country with humid and hot summers, cologne is a necessity to avoid unpleasant body odor.

Men tend to spray some perfume on their clothes just before they go out. But that’s not entirely correct or the most effective. So, here I am telling you how to put on cologne properly and what things you need to avoid.

How To Apply Cologne Properly

How To Apply Cologne Properly
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Cologne is an umbrella term for fragrances or perfumes traditionally for men. But did you know that fragrances can actually be of many types?

Based on alcohol concentration, colognes are of five types. 

  • EDT or Eau de Toilette (5-15%)
  • EDC or Eau de Cologne (2-4%)
  • Eau Fraiche (1-3%)
  • Eau de Parfum of EDP (15-20% concentration)
  • Extrait de Parfum (15-40%). 

As the concentration goes higher, you can expect a better trail, radius, and longevity from it. Again, “less is more” is a thumb rule in perfume application, meaning the higher the concentration, the lesser should be the quantity of use. 

So, along with how to use cologne, it’s also important to learn how much cologne to use

Having said that, I won’t make you wait longer to learn the tips. Here they are.

1. Apply The Perfume On Your Pulse Points

Apply The Perfume On Your Pulse Points
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If you look for the answer to how to spray cologne, nine out of 10 people will ask you to do the same on your pulse points. 

Pulse points are warm and thus can effectively help a cologne to emit its fragrance. Also, once you wear the cologne near your pulse points, it will last longer. So, you will be able to get a whiff of the fragrance through its entire lifecycle, including top notes, heart or medium notes, and base notes.

But what are the pulse points in the human body? These are the inner elbows, behind the earlobes, inside the wrists, and beneath your belly button.

Just spray or dab the cologne on any of these areas, and you will get a long-lasting fragrance.

2. Rubbing Is A Big No-No 

Rubbing Is A Big No-No
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Do you really want to learn “how to apply perfume men?” Say no to rubbing. I know it’s hard to follow as all these years, we have seen everyone around us doing the same.

Well, I am not asking you to get into too much chemistry. But rubbing brings changes in the molecular bond of a cologne. To put it simply, when you rub the cologne, heat is generated, and the top note of the cologne gets evaporated very first.

So, the whiff you enjoyed while testing the cologne sample never seems to be present when you wear the same perfume but rub it. 

Again, the magic of perfume lies in how you let it get fused with your natural body oil. If you rub the perfume, it will vaporize before coming in contact with your natural body oil.

3. Wear Your Perfume After Taking Your Shower

Wear Your Perfume After Taking Your Shower
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Get your timing right if you are really eager to know how to apply cologne. The pores of our skin get cleaned and opened up when we take a shower. 

The best time for the application of cologne is after the shower. However, ensure you use a good swabbing towel before wearing the cologne. Your body has to be dry and warm for better absorption and diffusion of the fragrance.

The open pores of your skin will absorb the fragrance well. Thus, it will get mixed with your natural body oil and create a distinct aroma.

4. Don’t Forget To Moisturize Your Skin

If you have dry skin or your skin has become dry at some part of the day, do not apply the cologne directly on it. You need a little preparation before applying the cologne.

You can moisturize your skin with an odorless body lotion or petroleum jelly. Thus, your skin will become supple, and the fragrance will last longer because it will get to hold onto the lotion or jelly.

5. Spray On Your Hair But Choose Your Perfume Correctly

Spray On Your Hair But Choose Your Perfume Correctly
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Yes, spraying cologne on hair is indeed a nice way to make the aroma last longer. However, colognes with high alcohol concentrations like EDT and EDP are not ideal for hair. They make hair dry and frizzy.

So, if you really need to apply cologne to your hair, go for Eau de Cologne or Eau Fraiche. And there is one more smart thing for you to try.

Apply the perfume on your hair brush or comb, and then use it for styling your hair. The application will be easier and more even. 

6. Respray Only When You Need

I have already said that “less is more” for a cologne, irrespective of its type. So, you should only respray the perfume when absolutely needed.

Not every type of cologne lasts for the same span. For example, a standard EDT will last two to three hours, and an EDP will linger for four to five hours. 

7. Apply The Perfume From A 3 To 6-Inch Distance

Apply The Perfume From A 3 To 6-Inch Distance
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You should always hold the perfume bottle at least three to six inches away from your body while spraying. This is important so that you don’t apply too much cologne to your body or clothes.

Also, when you apply the perfume from the right distance, your cloth will absorb a lesser concentration of the fragrance/perfume oil. So, it will be less prone to damage and staining. 

8. Don’t Go For Misting

It may be a very fascinating idea and very romantic too! But trust me. It does not work when you spray the perfume in the air and walk through it thinking your body and clothes will absorb all the aroma.

The spray either gets evaporated or falls directly on the ground. So, very little or nothing is left for your body to absorb. 

9. Be Careful When Spraying A Cologne On Your Cloth

Be Careful When Spraying a Cologne On Your Cloth
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DO NOT apply much perfume on your clothes, even if it seems very tempting, and the high capacity of clothing fibers to absorb and hold fragrances. If you are over-applying the perfume on your clothes, you are surely inviting its damage. Especially silk fabric gets easily stained with perfume.

So, if you really want your clothes to smell well, choose the inner lining for spraying the perfume. Thus, the outer layer of an outfit will remain protected and subtle diffusion of the aroma will continue to happen with your movements.

10. Apply Perfume On Your Tissue Paper To Make Your Entire Closet Smell Nice

It works! Use tissue paper for lining inside your dresser drawer. Spray your favorite perfume on the tissue paper. Tissue papers absorb fragrance easily and make it last longer.

So, with the application of the spray on the tissue paper, all your clothes and the entire wardrobe will keep smelling well. 

Bonus Ideas On How To Apply Cologne

Now, you are all set to apply cologne the right way. But I thought of sharing some bonus ideas so that you just don’t smell good but the best.

A Second Opinion Always Helps

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to fathom whether the cologne you have picked is nice. You can also be confused about if it is worn right or not.

So, go ahead and ask a friend or your partner. It takes nothing to ask how your sillage is smelling. And on a funnier note, if you are smelling great, you can be showered with some steamed-up romance for that moment. 

Know How To Apply Solid Cologne

You are familiar with colognes packed in bottles and spraying them. But you may come across different cologne types, and here I am talking about the solid, waxy colognes. 

We usually rub these solid colognes on the skin as a skincare product. But if you want to wear it the best way, you have to target the pulse points like other colognes.

Here is an easy trick for you! Apply a sliver of solid cologne to your wrists, back of your earlobes, or neck and see how it works. For the first time, be a little careful about how the fragrance lasts and how the notes change over time.

This will help to wear the solid perfume better for the next time. 

It All Begins With Choosing The Right Cologne

Before you know and apply cologne the right way, you have to pick one that’s just perfect for you. We often make the common mistake of choosing a cologne just based on how its sampler smells. That’s important, and I am not asking you to avoid the lure.

But there are some other crucial factors for choosing the right cologne. You have to be sure that it goes well with your lifestyle. Simply put, if you have to remain outdoors for long hours, you will need to procure one that has a long-lasting fragrance.

Another thing you need to consider is how the fragrance works with your body chemistry. 

You know, men’s colognes are complex. It will not remain the same for long hours. 

The raw materials in a cologne determine how long it will last. These raw materials can be naturally sourced or synthetic ingredients, and they are diluted with alcohol for making the colognes.

Wrapping Up! 

Everyone wants to smell good. So, it’s important to choose a cologne that has a nice aroma with a long trail. You also need to learn how to apply cologne properly and be confident in the fragrance you are wearing.

I have discussed the top ten tips on applying perfume correctly; you can try that for a better experience with your favorite fragrance. Also, don’t forget to share your input on how to wear the cologne just the right way.

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