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What Is The Best New School Tattoo Style For You? (11 Ideas For You To Get Inspired)

Have you just got a manga tattoo done? Or does the tattoo on your hand look like your favorite comic strip? You may have just got a new school tattoo style inked on your body.

But do you know where this tattoo comes from and what makes it so unique? Let’s decode and explore some of the coolest design ideas. 

What Is New School Tattoo Style?

The new school tattoo style takes us back to the 1970s. However, today, this tattoo genre has evolved. 

This style of tattoo takes major inspiration from popular culture and media. So, it’s more like graffiti with the use of a lot of colors and bold lines. The colors used in these tattoos have an electric tone, and there is an elevation from realism. 

These tattoos are illustrative in nature. So, if you want to have one in this style, preserve it for your back, chest, or forearms. 

Who Are The Best New School Tattoo Artists?

New school tattoos, a genre going through constant changes, rely heavily on traditional tattoo art. There are debates about the origin and pioneers of this tattoo style. However, popular beliefs see Marcus Pacheco and Jesse Smith as the artists who began this style. 

Today, these tattoos are more like the depictions of your creative ideas. You can fuse the reference to pop culture with traditional motifs, graffiti, and elements from remarkable movements.  

The Best Newschool Tattoo Designs For You

The 70s was the first time for a lot of new things. Going against the stride, the entire youth wanted to have a new style in everything they wear or flaunt. 

Mike Malone, a member of the punk rock band Dead Kennedys is known to have the first new school tattoo style. He had a “bright yellow peace tattoo surrounded by flames.”

With time, these tattoos started picking references from all corners of life. So, you can say that it was the 80s and 90s when this genre really matured.

Nevertheless, it’s time to explore some cool designs! So, let’s begin! 

New Style Tattoo Designs For Men

The use of many shades and a good understanding of colorimetry are prominent in aesthetic new school tattoos. Further, there are a lot of variations in terms of the use of gradients and the intensity of the pigments. 

Also, the new school traditional tattoos take the aesthetics of the old school style tattoo a little higher. So, get ready to have a flashier body art for yourself.

Remember, new school tattoos are not similar to neo traditional tattoos. Despite the use of a lot of colors in both types of tattoos, each style represents a different genre and has unique aesthetics. 

Geometric New School Tattoo Style

Why not take inspiration from geometry for your new school tattoo style? You can go for modern or abstract geometric shapes. Otherwise, you can take inspiration from sacred geometry.

In sacred geometry, you will come across a lot of intriguing shapes and forms like the Ouroboros, Merkaba, and pentagram. You can incorporate those shapes and detail them using creative ideas.

In sacred geometry, every shape has a distinct meaning. So, having one as your body art can imply strong spiritual protection. 

Disney New School Tattoo Style

Do you adore Mickey Mouse, or are you a fan of Taz? You have got your new school tattoo style reference on point. 

Disney characters are so vivid, with each having their own eccentricities. So, get your favorite one inked with lots of colors and bold black outlines. 

Disney character tattoos will look great on your forearm. 

Comic Book Hero Tattoos

Let’s begin the DC vs Marvel war again. Whether you are a Superman fan or fascinated by the world of Batman, you can plan your tattoo based on it.

These tattoos are going to be dramatic and will look great on a broader canvas. So, get the tattoo inked on your chest, shoulder, or back. 

Crab New School Tattoo Style

If you are fascinated by marine life, a crab can be your go-to creature for a new school tattoo style. The best comic reference here I can think of is Tamatoa. This antagonist is colorful and can grace your chest or shoulder as an aesthetic body art. You can even pick it as your spine tattoo

Illustrative New School Tattoo Style

What does the new school tattoo style do? It takes inspiration from reality or comic characters and creates a magical ecosystem through the designs. 

So, the best tattoo artist will always create an illustration based on the core theme. It can be a simple bird against the backdrop of a jungle or the picturesque view of the Sun rising. Let creative ideas flow!

Peacock New School Tattoo Style

Are you looking for something inspired by nature? Or do you want a design that exudes a regal charm? 

You can both in the form of a peacock tattoo design. This majestic bird has colorful feathers. So, you can have body art featuring all the shades from the rainbow. 

Peacock also symbolizes many great qualities, like strength and confidence. So, it can be your tattoo for positive manifestations.  

New School Tattoo Style For Women

Why not make your tattoo a celebration of feminine energy? Let your vivacious self get portrayed through the tattoos inked on your body.

Do you need some inspiration about the designs? Here are a few for you. 

Snake New School Tattoo Style For Women 

A snake is the symbol of creation and continuity of life. As a woman and the creator of life, it must be an apt tattoo for you.

With the incorporation of a lot of colors, it will look great on your forearm, hip, and thighs. 

Medusa New School Tattoo Style

Medusa, as the woman with serpents in her head, is a strong symbol of feminine power in the patriarchal society. Being a strong woman, she had to go through hardships. However, till today, she is worshipped as the symbol of persistence.

With creative inspiration drawn from eclectic sources, your Medusa can have a lot of colors, honoring the high spirit of life. 

Personalized New School Tattoo Style

Why not have a quirky idea of your own and transform it into a new school tattoo style? It can be about your name, the name of your loved one, or some motivational quote that keeps you going. 

If done right, it can be a great example of graffiti on your body. 

Bird New School Tattoo

Birds are graceful, and these lively creatures of the world bring happiness. Birds also have symbolic meanings.

For instance, a hummingbird means joy, good luck, and recovery. An owl, on the other hand, stands for wisdom and omniscience.

So, get the most colorful bird tattoos on your forearm, chest, spine, back, or hips. 

Girl New School Tattoo

Why not celebrate the wonderful woman or girl you are? Speak up your mind and heart and stand tall as an individual with a girl new school tattoo.

Let no one shed your wings. 

Final Words 

New school tattoo style adds wind beneath the wings of your creative ideas. From spiritual symbols to the most in-trend pop culture, you have the widest spectrum as your reference point. The beauty of these tattoos lies in how they reach an elevated plane and help you work on your imagination. 

So, explore the design ideas I have shared and pick one that suits your aesthetic choice and the colors you want on your body. Or do you have any other tattooing ideas in your mind? Don’t forget to share!

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